This is a detailed guide explaining the process of how to participate in any RoseonPad IAO (In-App Offering) for Allocation round and FCFS round.

There are 2 rounds for any INO projects:

  • Allocation round usually for users who have level 2 to level 10 VIP-tier, and whitelisted users who participate in whitelist campaign.
  • FCFS round (First come first serve round) for all Roseon users who complete KYC (Sumsub or from KYC Level 2)

Identity verification (KYC) is required for all users who would like to join any INO projects at RoseonPad.

  • Download Roseon Mobile app: LINK
  • Buy $ROSN at PancakeSwap | Gateio | Kucoin | MEXC or Fiat and Swap features on the app
  • How to upgrade your VIP level? Kindly read here: LINK
  • Cannot get VIP level 2? You can apply for Whitelist level at Roseon Projects page: LINK
  • Users register for KYC Sumsub at Profile -> Identity Verification (1-5 days)

* Apply for level-2 KYC at Profile and complete requirements for whitelist level at Roseon Projects web page at least 72 hours before Sale is live

Step1: Log in and select IAO Project

First and foremost, kindly note that RoseonPad happens only in Roseon mobile and is not available on Roseon website. If users cannot log in Roseon app, kindly ask for support at our Telegram channel (

  • Level-2 KYC is required for any IAO participant. Users register for level-2 KYC at Profile -> Identity Verification (3-5 days)

Head over to RoseonPad page in Roseon mobile app. You can find all IAOs, including upcoming, live and completed projects and you can find all the up-to-date information about upcoming IAOs, too!

Users can see the list of Upcoming and Live projects at the RoseonPad page in Roseon mobile application. Upcoming projects are shown in the “Upcoming” section, users can read descriptions of the project.

Live-for-sale project appears in the “Live” section and begins at the “Get ready” stage. You can click on the project to see details of Project IAO information including Token price, selling duration, etc.

Live-for-sale project has four stages: Get ready -> Allocation -> FCFS -> Completed.

At the “Get ready” stage users cannot deposit. Users are allowed to buy tokens during the “Allocation” round and “FCFS” round solely. Purchased IAO tokens will be claimed automatically at the 1st Claim (UTC) time and following vesting date.

Step2: Deposit currencies into wallet balance

We recommend users to deposit buying tokens into your wallet balance to prepare for Allocation Rounds purchase, at least 36 hours prior to the start of an IAO. If there is any error or pending transaction, we can support you immediately before the IAO starts.

It depends on supported currencies of each project so users must deposit BUSD, USDT or BNB etc to buy IAO tokens.

🔸 The Guide for Buying and Depositing Tokens into Roseon Wallet at here.

🔸 You can also use swap function to get the fiat currencies, guide for swap is here.

Kindly choose the correct network to deposit tokens into your personal wallet address in Roseon app. After you deposit your balance will be updated, make sure you deposit enough tokens to buy IAO.

Step3: Buy IAO allocations

We advise you to be at the RoseonPad section around 5-10 minutes prior to the start of any IAO.

The Allocation round starts first, the FCFS round starts after. Only users in Whitelist or has level 2 to level 7 VIP-tier can buy at Allocation round.
FCFS round is for all level 2 KYC Roseon users. All unsold tokens from the Allocation round will be carried over to FCFS round.

🌹 How to buy allocation

For any round, to buy allocation of IAO tokens ($ZOMFI), users must deposit supported currency ($BUSD in this case) from the balance of your Roseon wallet into the IAO pools. The deposit cannot be higher than your Max Allocation and higher than wallet balance. (When the deposit transaction is executed, your purchase cannot be redeemed).

The amount of allocation you buy = Your deposit/ Token price
Allocation weight is calculated based on size of participants:


🌹 Allocation Round

Condition of participants: Whitelist level, or level 2 to level 7 VIP-tiers.

Buying duration: usually 4 hours (since the start of Allocation round)

Allocation per user: Limited

Congratulations users who have joined our VIP2-7 level and users who got whitelisted. You will get equivalent “Max Allocation” for IAO tokens ($ZOMFI for example) based on your VIP tier in the current month and your whitelist result (if you apply for the whitelist level and get whitelisted). “Max Allocation” is the maximum amount of IAO tokens ($ZOMFI) you can purchase.


🌹 FCFS Round

Condition of participants: Any level-2 KYC users who hold at least 1,000 ROSN on Roseon App.

Buying duration: The round will remain open until all tokens are sold, or at the end of sale time (UTC)

Allocation per user: Unlimited

Step4: Claim IAO tokens

Users who have successfully purchased IAO tokens, will get their claims automatically based on the Project Vesting Schedule (Public). You can check the 1st Claim (UTC) time and vesting schedule at or in the “Completed” section of RoseonPad.

Head over to the “Completed” section in RoseonPad. You can find finished IAOs there. Click on the IAO project you have participated in, you can track your next claims date.

Your purchased IAO tokens will be sent to your Roseon wallet automatically. Kindly check your balance in the “Wallet” section.
If you need support with claiming tokens, kindly reach us at our Telegram channel (

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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