Roseon Finance Pushes for a Larger Decentralized Gaming Environment in Vietnam, Partners with Nakamoto Games

Roseon Finance Pushes for a Larger Decentralized Gaming Environment in Vietnam, Partners with Nakamoto Games

While many would consider blockchain primarily for financial activities, the technology has been tapped into other industries and uses. One of the areas that is particularly gaining traction is the gaming side. Blockchain games have become very popular due to their ability to include the unique financial features of the technology and at the same time provide entertainment.

Nakamoto Games is one such platform that is turning the tide with its innovative features. Roseon Finance is proud to discover this gem and is partnering up to help propel its services.


Play to Earn on Nakamoto Games

At first glance, Nakamoto Games seems to be just another run of the mill blockchain gaming platform, one of thousands that are popping up on the internet these days. But the platform is very different from other decentralized gaming ecosystems.

Rather than have one or a couple of blockchain based games that give people the opportunity to make money while entertaining themselves, Nakamoto Games is on a path to become the largest store of decentralized games. A place where anyone can join to play a plethora of games that are available. At the same time, the platform has a dedicated section for developers where they can launch their games on the platform. The concept is very similar to what mobile platforms such as Android offers on their Play Store.

Games on the Nakamoto platform are created on the Play to Earn (P2E) model. Unlike in traditional games where you have to pay to access premium content or advance in the story, the P2E takes the opposite direction with paying out to players as they progress in the game.

At the heart of Nakamoto Games is its native NAKA token that is used within all games. The more you play, the more NAKA tokens you can earn. The tokens can be used and collected from any games that will be hosted on Nakamoto. The tokens you end up spending on games for power ups or other features are collected in a pool and distributed among top leaderboards. In light of the decentralization concept, the token will also serve as a governing option where the token holders will decide the future additions and the direction of the platform.

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Roseon Finance

Made famous with its ability to offer crypto and DeFi services in a manner that is easy to understand and operate, Roseon Finance has been making waves in the industry. With a common man in sight, the platform carefully developed its all inclusive app that focuses on making it easy for anyone to enter the world of DeFi and cryptos.

The beautifully made app, with its soft color scheme and eye pleasing design is backed by a powerful engine that takes care of all the investments made. With expanding pools and more tokens being added into the Roseon ecosystem, the app has quickly become the favorite of many.

Roseon Finance also offers different investment schemes which are broadly categorized in two sections. People looking for methods to supplement their income but not having enough to make the big decisions can opt for a guaranteed return investment that sees a fixed interest being generated against their staked tokens. For the brave of heart, there are high return pools that offer a greater rate of interest, but carry risks of investment losses.

All in all, Roseon Finance app has been created to cater for every kind of person who wishes to partake in the crypto economic revolution.


Roseon Finance Meets Nakamoto Gaming

For many Roseon Finance and Nakamoto Games will seem to be totally different directions, with one on a mission to make it easy to make an earning through cryptocurrencies and the other platform dedicated to providing entertainment.

True to some extent, peeling the layers will reveal that both platforms offer the same financial freedom that is expected of any good crypto platform. Roseon gives financial freedom through investments and Nakamoto offers a whole new revenue source through entertainment and gaming.

With this synergy in mind, both platforms have partnered up. Roseon Finance will help Nakamoto Games to establish a community within its home ground of Vietnam, enabling players and developers both to access Nakamoto. In a leadership role for Vietnam, Roseon will be Nakamoto’s ambassador to the country.

Roseon Finance will also be hosting different staking pools for the NAKA token, each with a different payout yield.


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Roseon Finance Users can Now Harness the Power of Predictive AI, Thanks to Flourishing Capital

Roseon Finance Users can Now Harness the Power of Predictive AI, Thanks to Flourishing Capital

Roseon Finance continues its efforts to provide the best of cryptocurrency and DeFi services to its users. This time around, the all-inclusive and easy to manage DeFi aggregator has teamed up with Flourishing Capital to harness their advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that ensures you get the best possible crypto exposure.

Along with blockchain, certain cutting edge technologies like AI are hailed as the 4th industrial revolution. These are fundamentally changing the way we live today and combining the powers of these two is inevitable. This is why Roseon Finance is partnering up with Flourishing Capital as it allows the already holistic Roseon app to give more benefits to its users.


Flourishing Capital: Stay Ahead of the Market

Let’s face it, we are humans. We require sleep, food and can only work for so long before we are tired. Even at the top of our game, we can only do so much due to our limited physical and mental abilities. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is very different. A complex collection of machine learning and synthetic neural programming, it can operate 24 hours a day, reach out and get a far greater input, crunch the numbers faster than us humans and is able to make better predictions.

This is the very reason that Flourishing Capital has made use of AI to give its users the crucial edge they need in a crypto and DeFi market that never sleeps. Taking in over 100 data points from an array of centralized and decentralized exchanges, the AI analyzes different market conditions, past history, patterns and other indicators to predict market conditions and automatically adjusts the users’ crypto portfolio to ensure maximum ROI possible.

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Roseon Finance: It’s All About the Users

Roseon Finance believes in not only making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone but in the best way possible. This is the driving phenomenon behind its evolution from a simple wallet service to now an ever-expanding holistic app. The Roseon Finance App is as easy to operate as any traditional finance one, letting practically anyone start their crypto journey within only a few minutes.

Roseon makes it possible for its users to leverage DeFi, with both guaranteed minimum returns or high yield options by staking, farming and investing in different pools. While a Roseon user interacts with an easy and pleasing interface, the app takes care of all the complexities behind it. This means the users are free from the stress of understanding and navigating the DeFi landscape that can be too strange for many.

This has allowed people from all walks of life to take a plunge in the crypto and DeFi sector and start generating profits passively, creating a whole new income source.


Roseon Finance and Flourishing Capital Join Hands

Flourishing Capital is all about leveraging AI to capture the best that the crypto market has to offer in a neat and continuous manner. Roseon Finance strives to offer ever new investment and profit-making opportunities to its users. This naturally means that both platforms have a lot to benefit from each other.

The partnering gives a number of opportunities to Roseon Finance app users, such as staking $AI to earn more $AI and $ROSN to earn $AI rewards.

Apart from this, $ROSN token holders will be able to partake in a dedicated vault that will be created by the Roseon Finance team. The vault will integrate the top-notch AI services of Flourishing Capital, allowing users to use the already progressive portfolio manager that will now be able to use the deep learning mechanism of Flourishing Capital AI to invest, trade and stake user coins according to their preferred risk profile – all without the need of the people to worry about on how to go about and manage their portfolio.

Furthermore, the AI will constantly rebalance the portfolio to ensure that Roseon Finance users’ investments have maximized profit potential while reducing the market exposure risks to as low as possible.

The AI works in a deep learning model, where it learns over time. As more users join the vault and more market data is collected by the AI, it will make even better predictions. This means that as time passes, users will be having a safer exposure to the different DeFi and trading markets with ever more profitability chances.



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Roseon Finance is Set to Stamp Out False Crypto Information, Thanks to FOMO Chronicles

Roseon Finance is Set to Stamp Out False Crypto Information, Thanks to FOMO Chronicles


Roseon Finance was created with an aim to help the ordinary man get into the cryptocurrency world with ease and not worry about the complexities involved. This involves creating an atmosphere where not only the users are able to understand the basics but are given the most financially secure services ever.

The crypto world, however, is full of misinformation, from what are cryptocurrencies to misleading financial advice, scams and con artists. The meteoric rise of the digital coins has attracted people from all over the world and unfortunately, bad actors too.

This is where the partnership with FOMO Chronicles comes in.


FOMO Chronicles: Manga and Stories to Educate

FOMO Chronicles is a renowned NFT and storytelling platform that uses the Japanese style of graphics to create visually appealing Manga comics. Unlike the regular Manga with different and varying stories, the FOMO Chronicles revolves around cryptos, NFTs and DeFi in order to combat misinformation.

At the same time, the platform supports artists, projects and other platforms that are safe and protect crypto enthusiasts. FOMO Chronicles already has rolled out graphic manga novels that describe typical issues that crypto users, both new and experienced, face and the struggles they have to go through.

Each edition of the FOMO Chronicles is itself minted as an NFT and will be available for people to enjoy the beautiful graphics and a wonderful storyline. At the same time, the stories will help people to understand and educate themselves against the issues and malpractices that are rampant today.

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Roseon Finance: Cryptos for All

Roseon Finance is a platform that is dedicated to making cryptos accessible to all. The holistic platform makes it easy for people from all walks of life to take part in the crypto phenomenon through its user-friendly yield aggregator app.

With an interface that looks like any traditional app, Roseon Finance does away with the complex and confusing interface that many crypto apps have. At the same time, the team has developed a powerful crypto handling in the background that takes care of all the tedious staking and farming options.

Roseon Finance also has an NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell rare art and other items that are encoded in the unique tokens. The NFTs can be bought and sold to further create a revenue stream for Roseon users.


Roseon Finance and FOMOChronicles Partnership

What FOMO Chronicles offers and the services provided by Roseon Finance, though at first glance different, have a lot in common. Both are working towards making it easy for people to delve into cryptos, specifically NFTs and DeFi to establish a new stream of passive income for themselves. Roseon’s ability to make it easy and FOMO’s mission to combat fraud and misinformation is a match in this regard and both have benefits to offer each other – and ultimately their users.

To this effect, both platforms have announced that they are partnering up. The partnership includes a commitment by Roseon Finance through investing in the growth and expansion of FOMO Chronicles so that they can keep on producing high-quality content.

At the same time, Roseon Finance will also have a separate Manga storyline on FOMO Chronicles. The story will also include the official Roseon mascot which will be integrated with the FOMO Chronicles game.

To commemorate this important collaboration, we will organize FOMO & Roseon Finance Gleam Giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a free FOMOChronicles NFT. Winners will be selected from a pool of participants in the Gleam lottery, and each winner will also receive an airdrop of 3500 $OTAKU.

NFT Fans United

Like you, we want to do our part to one day see blockchain and NFT become as mainstream as the internet. But to accomplish this, we must weed out those who slow down this process due to selfish and malicious ambitions. Our partnership helps us to achieve this goal, while at the same time creating a series of valuable NFTs that also provide utility for those who hold them.



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The Referral Program: Earn 5% commission every time your friends farm on Roseon App

The Referral Program: Earn 5% commission every time your friends farm on Roseon App

It’s the feature that you’ve been waiting for: Roseon Referral Program. You’ll be able to earn 5% commission in the rewarded tokens every time someone you invite farm on Roseon App.

The Referral Program Explained

  • You will receive a 5% commission of management fee in the rewarded tokens for each time your friends who you invite farm their assets on Farming Pool on Roseon App. For example, if your friend farms and earns $MFO, you will receive 5% of the management fee in $MFO by end of terms or when they unfarm.
  • Your referrals must pass L1 Identity Verification, and are qualified to join the farming pool.
  • Once the pools which they farm on end of terms or when your friends unfarm, you will receive rewards in the rewarded tokens directly in your Roseon accounts within 24 hours.
  • The people you refer to must be new Roseon users.

How to Refer a Friend

  • Log in to your Roseon account, complete Identity Verification Level 1.
  • Go to Profile, choose Referral, copy your unique invitation code and share it with friends.
  • Once they create a Roseon account, they must use your code and fill in the Invitation code field.
  • You can see the number of referrals on the Referral section in the app.

We’re keen on seeing you use our Referral program, and remember, the more friends you invite, the more rewards you’ll get!


Download the Roseon Mobile App

About Roseon

Roseon App is a licensed, mobile-first one-stop crypto investment app. Our Key Features include: Multi-chain LaunchPad (BSC, SOL, ETH, MATIC), Staking & Farming, NFT Gallery & Marketplace, Game Center.

Roseon is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web (WonderApp), and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

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Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Litepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Decentralized Derivative Platform Mobius Finance and Roseon Finance Announce Partnership

Decentralized Derivative Platform Mobius Finance and Roseon Finance Announce Partnership

The advent of decentralized ecosystems by blockchain was heralded as the next version of finances, economics, and trading, especially with the ability to exchange assets without the need of middlemen. Second-generation blockchains like Ethereum enabled different platforms to create their own versions of tokens and use them in their ecosystems. Over time, other blockchain systems with similar services arose. This is where the current problem lies.

Decentralization today comes with fragmentation, unfortunately. Thousands of coins and tokens running on different blockchain systems are not compatible and therefore, cannot interact. To trade between two tokens of different ecosystems, traders are forced to use centralized exchanges, which defeat the purpose of having decentralization.

Mobius Finance is an advanced decentralized trading platform that overcomes this issue through the issuance of derivative assets, creating synthetic tokens that represent the original in a 1:1 ratio, allowing anyone to issue these derivative tokens on the trading platform, regardless of the original chain.

With Roseon Finance dedicated to making it a breeze for anyone to start their crypto and DeFi journey, the platform has shown a keen interest in the offerings of Mobius Finance and has teamed up with it.


Mobius Finance

Mobius Finance achieves chain agnostic derivatives through the issuance of synthetic tokens in its ecosystem, known as mAssets. The mAssets can be collateralized through the use of its internal stablecoin, the moUSD. The creation of mAssets isn’t limited to crypto tokens. Anything that can be traded, including off-chain financial instruments such as stocks and commodities, can be tokenized and a derivative asset created this way.

In the long run, Mobius Finance will be able to offer multiple collateral services, enabling users to use different assets to collateralize and issue derivatives within the trading environment. To counter the risk involved in market instability or other unforeseen circumstances, Mobius will be employing a built-in auction clearing mechanism that would liquidate pools and burn the synthetics and sell off the collaterals to ensure there is liquidity available at all times. This will be further ensured through the use of price oracles that will ensure that prices of derivatives are always matched against their underlying assets, ensuring zero slippage.

While Mobius believes that the use of the Ethereum ecosystem is the best option to reach out to the maximum of users possible, it does understand that the current network is too slow and transactions expensive to make it feasible. To that effect, Mobius Finance will be deployed on the Ethereum second layer solution, the Polygon Network. Polygon is an independent blockchain that works on top of Ethereum, offering extremely fast transactions and carries a near to zero transaction fee, making it the perfect choice.

Follow Mobius Finance Twitter and Telegram.


Roseon Finance and Crypto Outreach

Roseon Finance is driven by its core aim to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrencies and enter the realm of a whole new innovative finance mechanism. Making DeFi, NFTs and all crypto services available to the masses, the app achieves this function through the use of a traditional user interface that many people are used to. The eye-pleasing app is designed to make people comfortable and not get overwhelmed with the different options and complexities of crypto investments. At the same time, all of the tedious actions are taken off the hands of the users and handled by the app at the back end.

Roseon Finance team understands and knows that there are risk-takers and people who would only prefer to play it safe. To this effect, the app offers two different investment methods, one with a guaranteed interest payout for the people who just want to open up a new line of passive income, while there is a high yield option for risk takers that offers much more income against the investment, but runs a higher chance of price fluctuation.


Roseon Finance and Mobius Finance Partnership

With its mission of bringing in more tokens and coins that show the potential of growth and eventually offering profits to its users, Roseon continues to make partnerships with different platforms and integrate their tokens in its staking pools.

The Mobius Finance derivative trading platform is the latest addition and Roseon Finance is proud to announce that users will be able to stake in $ROSN/$MOT pools to farm yields. Details of the staking pools will be announced soon.



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