General Update

The market is recovering and this is a chance for us to grow, increase user engagement and build a strong community. Q3 is a magnificent period for Roseon as we have reached significant achievements, and we continue to improve performance as well as put effort for the next targets.

Between June and July, we have increased our Roseon App user registration by 200% growth (approx 15,000), and tripled our community size.

Additionally, we brought more benefits to Roseon users by launching LP Staking Program, Dual Reward Programs, and recently, Fixed Savings.


We are so proud to announce our highlights of achievement recently:

  • Total install: 22,000+ downloads on both Android and iOS

New Pool

LP Staking

People love staking and earning all the time. This is the reason that last month we launched ROSN/BNB Pancake LP Pool with a dual rewards program to support the ROSN token liquidity and give back to its loyal community members. With this program, liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens in Roseon Mobile and earn double rewards. Article

Dual Rewards Program

On July 20, to celebrate our collaboration with Yellow Road, Roseon listed the $ROAD token and introduced the Dual Rewards Program. Users can easily take part by staking $ROAD tokens in our app to earn $ROAD and $ROSN. The pool was 37% subscribed. Article

Fixed Savings

Fixed Savings is Roseon Finance’s latest product that allows users to stake and earn interest. Each user can stake their crypto assets to Fixed Savings and begin making fixed returns.

We launched new pools: $ROSN New Savings and $CAKE New Savings, with fixed high returns. Users now can stake anytime in our app.


To catch up with the NFT trend during the last quarter, we announced our newest NFT collection on opensea: Roseon Kicks. During upcoming quarters, we will spend more effort to adopt the NFT trend better and create more NFT collections for users.

Community & Partnerships

Community and partnerships are the backbone of Roseon. The team has been working hard and spending a lot of efforts on Marketing in the last quarter. Here were some of the community activities and partnerships that took place in July:

  • $ROSN has been listed on Blockfolio, Klever, Coin Monitor, Crypto Compare.

The team organized online events to help users learn crypto knowledge:

  • On July 3, Roseon hosted the first workshop “Yield Farming with Roseon Finance” for Vietnamese community.

Ambassador Program

The founder team has realized the importance of social network and social engagement. Therefore, we decided to reinforce our Ambassador team, enhance members’ communication and build a consensus on missions and visions. On July 2nd, over 40 Roseon Ambassadors from all around the world gathered to hold the first meeting. We talked about upcoming partnerships, new features and shared the roadmap with the ambassadors. We launched the Ambassador contest to spread awareness about Roseon, and acquire new users.


Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 in Vietnam, things will be slower than usual. But we will try our best to deliver new features and release new pools. Here are some of our upcoming plans and targets to achieve for the coming months.

  • Integration with Polygon to reduce transaction costs (mid August)

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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