A Roseon World and WeeeLand NFT Collection

Unicone is an NFT collection (also a future NFT game), consists of 1940 NFTs of young kids with cones stuck to their head. These innocent children reside in Cone Town, the most magical town in WeeeLand Social Metaverse. Weeeland is a product of Roseon World.

Welcome to Cone Town, well at least that’s what people call it. It all started when there was a massive snowstorm and many people got a lump of weird-looking snow stuck on their heads. These snow lumps looked like ice cream cones and weren’t going away. 

They’re called “Cone People” and were made fun of because of their ridiculous looks. The “cone” kids were homeschooled because they were too embarrassed to go to school.

This went on for quite a while, until one day some brave kids decided to show support by putting a non-melting synthetic ice-cream on their heads. They described the feeling as “liberating” and to everyone’s surprise it became a trend. They started calling each other “coneheads” and laughed about it.

Little did they know that on that fateful day, while preparing for a magical winter feast in WeeeLand, a dwarf from WeeeLand accidentally dropped some magical snow that caused all the ice cream cones on their heads to fall on the unsuspecting people of Cone Town. Queen Roselynn of WeeeLand was informed of the incident and decided to make up for the cone people by creating a special place for them in WeeeLand named Cone Town (surprise surprise). It’s the most magical and most importantly the most inclusive place in the world.

1,940 total to be minted and sold

300 Cones
VIP Discount
1,707 Cones
Official Sale

Cone Town Racer Game Demo

What is the difference between Special and Regular Cones?

The costumes and backgrounds in the Special Cones NFTs are themed and made for Special Cones only. Additionally, Special Cones holders will enjoy a lifetime in-app fee discount of 25%, and their Special Cones game character will have a special skill designed only for their class.


How can I buy this Collection?

You can buy this via RoseonPad and other Marketplaces which we will announce soon. BUSD will be accepted.


Where can I sell this UniCone NFT?

We recommend you to hold these NFTs for their utilities. However you can sell these on secondary marketplaces (TBA)


Which chain is this collection minted on?

So far we will mint it on BNB Chain