SolChicks - The Leading Play-to-Earn Fantasy Game on Solana

Whitelist Open

In order to be whitelisted and qualify for SolChicks IDO on RoseonPad, you need to fill the whitelisting form. The form is available at the link below.


You will need to complete all of the following steps within the whitelist form:

1. Register Roseon Mobile App
2. Complete KYC Level 2
3. Stake or Hold at least 1,000 ROSN in Roseon App
4. Follow our Twitter: Roseon and SolChicks
5. Like and retweet our tweet.
6. Join our Telegram: Roseon and SolChicks
7. Submit the Whitelist form and wait for the whitelist result on December 3rd.

Completion before 10:00 December 2nd (UTC)

How to participate

All users of Roseon ecosystem must complete KYC requirements and be at least KYC Level 2 or higher in order to participate. RoseonPad comes with 2 rounds, the first round being for Roseon VIP Level 2 (or greater) users while the Public Round will be open to all Roseon users.

Participate in RoseonPad IAOs: a step-by-step guide

VIP Round

Users in the VIP round must be VIP Level 2 or higher and have completed at least KYC 2 in the Roseon App and must be whitelisted.

  • The higher VIP level, the higher the pool weight and the more tokens can be purchased.
  • Pool Weight is used to calculate the amount of available tokens for each level of VIP.
  • Your VIP level is indicated in your profile page in the app.
  • VIP level is computed on the last day of the previous month and is valid until the last day of the current month.
  • All unsold tokens from Round 1 will be carried over to Round 2 and so on.
Level Guaranteed Allocation Whitelist Requirement Pool Weight
Whitelist Random Must hold 1,000 amount of ROSN before IAO & complete social tasks 5
VIP 2 Yes Social tasks 10
VIP 3 Yes Social tasks 30
VIP 4 Yes No 50
VIP 5 Yes No 80

If the pool has 100,000 tokens $CHICK, and we have the size of participants:
5 VIP 5, 10 VIP 4, 20 VIP 3, 50 VIP 2, 100 Lucky users in the whitelist
The combined of weight will be: 5*80 + 10*50 + 20*30 + 50*10 +100*5 = 2,500
Each share (ticket) can buy:100,000 / 2,500 = 40
Each VIP 5 can buy: 40*80 = 3200 token
Each VIP 4 can buy: 50*40 = 2000 token
Similar to others VIP level

How to become VIP users


Public Round

This round is open for all users who have completed at least KYC 2. The round will remain open until all tokens are sold.


Project Information

Project Name: SolChicks


Project Key Metrics

IAO Price 1 $CHICK =  0.05 BUSD
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) December 3rd, 09:00:00 UTC
Allocation Round End Time (UTC) December 3rd, 13:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) December 3rd, 13:05:00 UTC
Sale End Time (UTC) December 3rd, 16:00:00 UTC
Max Purchase Per Order in FCFS Round 20 BUSD per order (unlimited order per user)
1st Claim (UTC) TBA
Initial Market Cap $9,000,000
Initial Token Circulation 180,000,000
Vesting Schedule (Public) 25% TGE unlock and then 25% every month (3 months)
RoseonPad  4,000,000 CHICK



Best of all worlds? Axie meets League of Legends? Cute chicks on a multiplayer online battle arena? Solchicks is the latest addition to the growing list of blockchain games available on the Solana network.

Solchicks incorporates all the best NFT, pet management, and MOBA mechanics into one. Unlike most available games that only allow minting, breeding, and battling – how we take care of and customize our Solchiks can directly affect their performance in the game. A fair system on matchmaking assures the players that they will only fight Solchicks with the same level tier.

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