MetaShooter: The first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse

NFT Sale

Breathtaking PLAY-TO-EARN Hunting Metaverse


In order to be whitelisted and qualify for MetaShooter INO on RoseonPad, you need to complete all the tasks via Gleam.

Completion before 10:00 Jun 16th (UTC).

Project Information

MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse. MetaShooter joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can experience realistic hunting in the open world and develop many activities with monetization opportunities. MetaShooter is built on Unreal Engine using Nvidia and SpeedTree assets in order to achieve sharp dynamics and graphics.

What players can do?

  • Experience real hunting: Play in tournaments, multiplayer, and with stunning visuals with VR compatibility
  • Hunt & Earn: Receive token rewards by hunting trophies, winning tournaments, and more.
  • Customize & Upgrade: Buy, upgrade hunting equipment and customize your hunter
  • Develop: Buy hunting lands, build towers, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income
  • Explore the open World: Experience various environments, stunning visuals and realistic dynamics

MetaShooter is providing Arcade and Strategic type of gameplays, team is developing a high end product on blockchain and its targeting not only p2e gamers, but also actual gamers. MetaShooter is planning to go for mass adoption and to transfer actual Web 2 gamers to blockchain world. One of the plans is to introduce classic gamers to p2e benefits with provided gameplay modes by MetaShooter.


NFT Information

Name: MetaShooter Prime Mystery Box

Amount: 400

Price: 100 BUSD

The MetaShooter Mystery Box features NFT hunting equipment as well as accessories to help you on your thrilling adventure. Each NFT has in-game utility, a limited supply, and a unique design. In this way, the issued NFT’s rarity and value will be well preserved. With Mystery Boxes, participants will experience the first series of in-game NFTs, each of which will be completely unique & irreplaceable.

Items will assist players to progress in the game and monetize more effectively compared to the others. Each asset has its own advantages and specialities, depending from asset rarity and type. NFTs have the option to be traded and sold. NFTs will be available in three distinct rarities with different winning chances (%): Common (66,67%), Epic (29,45%), and Legendary (3,88%).

In addition, players will get fantastic perks such as: Hunting season passes, land whitelists, and invitation keys to the Alpha version!

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INO Timeline

Allocation Round Start Time

August 17th, 09:00:00 UTC

Allocation Round End Time

August 20th, 13:00:00 UTC

FCFS Round Start Time

August 20th, 13:05:00 UTC

FCFS Round EndTime

August 24th, 16:00:00 UTC

Distribution timeline

August 25th to August 27th