KIP Protocol

Node Sale

Backed by Animoca, KIP PROTOCOL is the Web3 Base Layer for AI. It is the world’s first decentralized RAG network.


In order to be whitelisted for KIP Checker Node Sale on RoseonPad, you need to fill out and complete all the tasks as mentioned in the form before 09 AM UTC, May 14th. The winners will be selected randomly. We will notify the whitelisted users via email.

RoseonPass NFT Holders also need to fill out the form to be whitelisted.

Form link:

Project Information

Backed by Animoca, KIP PROTOCOL is the Web3 Base Layer for AI. It is the world’s first decentralized RAG network.

It empowers owners of AI models, apps & data to rapidly deploy in Web3, and to transact & monetise with full property rights.

KIP Protocol is the official AI partner for Animoca’s Open Campus, and has signed multiple other prominent clients: incl , Tier 1 Web3 VCs, Govt Research Institutes and Universities.

Founded by a group of respected AI researchers and tech practitioners, KIP is the mission critical Web3 Base Layer for AI.


▫️ Deep AI experience: Commercially active since 2019
▫️ Winner of the 2023 Chainlink Hackathon (18,500+ participants)
▫️ Most complete decentralised solution that tackles ‘the connectivity problem’, ‘money problem’ and ‘the ownership & security problem’ comprehensively.
▫️ First Web3 platform with an innovative on-chain decentralised RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) solution
▫️ More than 200 notable KOL investors
▫️ On-ground activation capability in Africa, Vietnam, Latin America & Middle East

Checker Node Information

KIP checker nodes perform a crucial role, but focus on software rather than hardware.

They actively monitor and verify that all applications, models, and data providers on the KIP network deliver exactly as promised.

Minimizing risks and latency for a seamless user experience.

The Checker Node License: an ERC-721 NFT – Represents authorization to operate a verification node on the KIP Protocol network.

✨ Why KIP Nodes?
– Highly credible AI team with prominent clients and partnerships.
– Key component of world’s first on-chain decentralized RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation).
– Attractive FDV compared to peers.
– Very short rewards withdrawal cycle with no cliff.
– Simple to set up and start earning.
– NFT transferable timeline is competitive, only 6 months locked up.
– Many Upcoming Airdrops and Rewards for Nodes Buyers.

KIP Checker Node Rewards Calculator: HERE


Node Sale Infomation

  • Node Type: Checker Node
  • Total supply: 50,000 nodes (33 tiers)
  • RoseonPad: 78 nodes
  • Checker Node License: ERC-721 NFT
  • Blockchain: Arbitrum

Node Sale Timeline

  • VIP users and Whitelisted users will be able to participate in Allocation Round.
Price per node 1 Node = 642 USDT_BEP20
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) May 15th, 09:00:00 UTC
Allocation Round End Time (UTC) May 16th, 09:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) May 16th, 09:05:00 UTC
FCFS Round End Time (UTC) May 17th, 09:00:00 UTC
Max Purchase Per Order

10,272 USDT_BEP20 per order (unlimited order per user)

1st Claim (UTC) TBA
RoseonPad 78 nodes