Continuum World: a new & exciting NFT and crypto farming “Play 2 Earn” game coming in 2022

NFT Sale 

Continuum is an idyllic world composed of sky islands with a natural futuristic environment where you can collect plenty of resources.


In order to be whitelisted and qualify for Continuum World INO (NFT Sale) on RoseonPad, you need to complete all the tasks via Gleam before 10:00 (UTC), September  6th.

Project Information

Continuum World is a Free-2-Play & Play-2-Earn MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game where players can explore the wonders of the new world, construct various buildings and collect resources. In addition, players can also level up their characters, compete with one another, socialize among themselves, and earn the game’s own $UM Token.

The game takes place in a world called Continuum, which in many aspects resembles the Earth, however, it also has its own distinctive characteristics such as floating islands and unique flora and fauna. A UMi (characters of the game) colony is being established and its objective is to survive and thrive by exploring the wonders of Continuum and utilizing its abundant resources.


NFT Information

ORIGIN UMi boxes contain limited NFT from ORIGIN Edition. These clothing items can be equipped on the Editor to enhance your UMI. Equip more than one of the same collections to obtain additional bonuses.

ORIGIN Edition sells 6000 UMi boxes which are bronze, silver, and gold in this INO on RoseonPad. Each type of box has a different amount of limited units. Silver and Gold have more chances to contain high rarity items. And Each clothing item belongs to a rarity level including uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary



Name Bronze Silver Gold 
Price ($UM) 2,500 UM 5,000 UM 12,500 UM
Quantity 3000 2000 1000
Utility Enhance UMI at Bronze level Enhance UNI at Silver level Enhance UMI at Gold level 




INO Timeline



Allocation Round Start Time September 7th, 09:00:00 UTC
Allocation Round End Time September 10th, 13:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time September 10th, 13:05:00 UTC
FCFS Round EndTime September 17th, 16:00:00 UTC
Distribution timeline September 18th to September 20th