Token Sale

Introducing Me3, a pioneering platform that integrates Live Events, Gaming, Sports, and Esports engagement with the dynamic world of digital asset ownership.


In order to be whitelisted for ME3 Private Sale on RoseonPad, you need to fill out and complete all the tasks as mentioned in the form before 09 AM UTC, February 3rd.

Form link:

The winners will be selected randomly. We will notify the whitelisted users via email.

Project Information

Me3 ecosystem offers a suite of user-friendly products and unique functionalities that enable the seamless onboarding of new users into the world of Web3. Flagship solutions include Keysmith, a rapid user on-boarding solution and non-custodial wallet and web app, a novel “support to win” mechanism that enables participation in E-sport and Web 2.5 Games, and Me3’s white-label offering, which is being integrated with ASEAN’s largest Web 3.0 platforms and gaming ecosystems.


Private Sale Infomation

  • RoseonPass NFT Holders will be whitelisted for the Private Sale (we have sent a form to collect your RoseonApp email via Discord group: -> verify with Collab.Land bot to gain access to private channels)
Private Sale Price 1 $ME3 = 0.007 USDT_BEP 20
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) February 5th, 09:00:00 UTC
Allocation Round End Time (UTC) February 5th, 21:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) February 5th, 21:05:00 UTC
FCFS Round End Time (UTC) February 6th, 21:00:00 UTC
Max Purchase Per Order 1,000 USDT_BEP20 per order (unlimited order per user)
1st Claim (UTC) TBA
Initial Market Cap $216,000
Initial Token Circulation 1.8% of max supply
Vesting Schedule

10% TGE, following by 10 months linear vesting

RoseonPad 7,142,858


Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Me3
  • Ticker: ME3
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $ME3

Token Utility

  • Earning through Staking: Stake tokens, earn a 50% share of platform fees.
  • Fee Discounts for Token Holders: Better odds and opportunities for holders.
  • Governance Participation: Token staking grants decision-making power in the ecosystem