Working Outside Your Comfort Zone: My Journey In Roseon

Working Outside Your Comfort Zone: My Journey In Roseon

Before applying for any course or university, we’d often hear statements like ‘Follow your dreams’ or ‘Choose a career that will get you rich’. This might be the outlook majority has, but life is full of surprises. As for me, I am Elle, a senior university student and about to graduate this year. I am currently employed at Roseon as an Administrative Associate and Social Committee Manager. Can you guess what I studied in university? Communication? Public Relations? No. I major in English Linguistics and specialize in Teaching Methodology. Sounds fun, right? Who knew I would work in the crypto and blockchain industry instead of being a full-time English teacher? But I’m here, in Roseon – a technology company in the crypto and blockchain industry. Then, how am I doing here?

Let me first walk you through our office. We have a kitchen on the ground floor, which gives me a homey feeling. At lunchtime, we frequently eat and talk together, and we occasionally organize birthday parties for our members here. Moving up to the first floor, our CEO’s office is to the left, and Admins’ office space is to the right, where I sit and work. The second floor has two rooms, one of which is a multi-function room where our members could nap or hold meetings. We also hold our English class and social events there. The other one is the Business Development and Marketing Room. On the third floor, there is an Art Room where our talented artists and designers work, as well as a Development Room where our excellent developers work.

I started working for Roseon last April 1st. My very first project was organizing the company’s one-year anniversary trip. We went to Mui Ne and stayed in three beach-front villas. We had many activities together, such as team-building activities, dancing, singing and drinking nights that strengthened our bonds and brought us closer together. It was an incredible experience for me. That was the first time organizing a big event so I made mistakes. However, instead of being sad or demotivated, I was grateful to have chances to learn from them. I learned how to communicate with all the members so that no one would lose track of what’s going on during the trip. I also realized that we need to have a better schedule fixed with the driver so no one has to wait for long.

Recently I’ve been working on connecting with university student clubs and youth organizations. We want to make blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to young people, and we want to add great value to the young generation by sharing knowledge of various topics such as blockchain, crypto, technology, fintech, and even marketing. We are currently planning a podcast episode with RMIT Vietnam Fintech Club, which I am very excited about. Keep an eye out!

As I mentioned before, I have a background in English teaching, so I am in charge of teaching it to staff who want to improve their skills. We hold English classes at least once weekly at the office, usually every Friday afternoon.. There are about 8 students, and we always have a good time while studying. I believe the best way to learn something effectively in the long run is to make the process as enjoyable as possible. I reckon it’s quite successful because students desired to increase the learning hours from 1 hour to 1 and a half hours. I’m overjoyed because I can help people to improve their skills and see them become more confident in communicating in English every day. In addition to English class, we have gym sessions every Monday and Thursday. We decided to do this because of the positive benefits exercise brings. According to many studies, regular exercise can boost self-esteem, improve mood, help relax, and lower symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. We are concerned about our employees’ mental and physical health. I also organized a painting activity in which we painted 3D models of our virtual character, Roselynn. Anyone who feels the need to unwind can go to the multi-function room and paint one. What’s more, monthly I organize a birthday party for our beloved members to celebrate the day they came to this world. Also, sometimes we go out for dinner gatherings and karaoke to have fun together. This is how we serve our members. We believe that investing in our members and providing good service to our employees is crucial to the growth of both the employees and the company.

Just like plants grow well when the soil is wet, I believe dedication is what keeps us growing.

That sums up my life at work. Joining Roseon represents a turning point in my life. I do not know what I want to be or will be in the next two years, but for now, I know that I am following my heart and taking small steps towards a happy and meaningful life (and stressed out too haha). And at our company, I have been given opportunities to work with dedicated people, learn new things, challenge myself, and grow as a person.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Litepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Recap: Live Audio #1 Telegram: AMA with Roseon Core Team

Recap: Live Audio #1 Telegram: AMA with Roseon Core Team

Last May 27th, we held a live AMA session where Roseon Core Team members, Mr. Allan Ta – Founder & CEO, Ms. Lynn Nguyen – Business & Development Manager, and Ms. Danie Le – Marketing Manager, answered questions from the Global Telegram community.

Here’s the list of the questions answered during the session:

Q: The cryptocurrency market is in a downtrend, so does the Core team have any plans to develop Roseon during this period?

Allan: Maybe Danie can share how good our app is. Even though our price and the market is really down, what are we doing from a Marketing perspective?

Lynn: Yes, please share what’s going on in our app. Some updates about our upcoming plans.

Danie: Hello guys, so I will share with you some updates. After 1 year of launching, we have 120k downloads for both iOS and Android. We have 54k KYC users. We have a lot of updates coming soon and more details will be released in the coming days.

To sum it up for June:

  • Kickstart the whitelist for beta testing of our 3rd mini-game, Goblin’s Attack. We will support 1000 users for this campaign.
  • Game Store where users can purchase Mystery Loot Box and win various NFT characters and items
  • Unlock 150 levels of Zombie Warriors, our 2nd mini-game that’s already live on our app
  • New farming pool (Beefy integration)
  • Fiat on Ramp integration with Banxa where users can directly purchase tokens using Apple Pay or their credit card.
  • VIP Upgrade with 3 new levels

Lynn: What about the launchpad? Are we slowing down on the launchpad?

Danie: Right now it’s a bear market and a lot of projects decide to postpone their launch. But we are still in discussion with various projects from DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, Move2Earn. At least for June 16, we will have an IAO from Elf Matrix, a promising Play-To-Earn game inspired by the classics like CryptoKitties and Pokemon.

Lynn: Thanks Danie. I believe we’ve shown that even during the bear market, we still work and build our products behind the scenes. This just shows how we take the business seriously.

Q: In dealing with developments in the metaverse world, what strategies have the team prepared to compete in the metaverse world?

Allan: That’s a tough question. 

There’s a couple of steps that we are going to do to achieve the metaverse. The first step is that we’re going to transition the app from centralized into a web3 app. That will be Step 1. Once we complete the web3, that’s when we can build the metaverse.

Right now, as you can see, the ‘metaverse’ is not ready. There’s not a lot of adoption with the metaverse yet. Even if we were to build and spend a lot of money and effort, a lot of people are not used to it and are not using the metaverse. So we still have time and we plan to do it. But we plan to do it slowly and carefully. 

We plan to continue building the mobile app. As you can see, we’re doing a lot of stuff on the mobile app and we’re going to start building the web3 app soon.

The reason why we’re doing web3 is because we recently had a poll and the majority voted for that. So we are listening to you. We kind of re-shuffled our roadmap to meet the demand. We are doing this while still building on the mobile app. Once the web3 app is ready, we will move on to the metaverse.

This is a long journey and there’s no rush. There’s a lot of metaverses in the market but there’s not enough adoption.. 

Lynn: So we’re not in a rush to complete it. But do you think if we wait, we are staying behind a lot of projects.

Allan: No, because we’re still building a lot of things at the moment and all of those will be ported into the metaverse anyways. So we’re just doing the non-3D version first, then comes the 3D version.

Q: In the GOBLINS ATTACK whitelist, I find MetaStrikeHQ partnered. So I want to know what kind of role MetaStrike partnership will play? Does the Goblin’s game need NFTs to play? What is the role of NFTs in the Goblin game and how to buy NFTs for the game?

Danie: So if you already follow us for a few months, during those months you should have seen our partnership with MetaStrike which has been there for a long time. We incubated them, and launched their project, had some token staking and is continuously part of a co-marketing initiative with MetaStrike. The Goblin Attack beta whitelist is part of this partnership as we want to acquire more gamers and create hype for our 3rd mini-game.

So does Goblin Attack need NFT to play? Users don’t need to pay for the NFTs as they can play freely using Rose Points. Our Game Store will be released next week. User can use Rose points or ROSN token to buy Mystery Loot Box and unlock various NFT characters. Each character will have different skills and abilities.

Lynn: The MetaStrike team is actually based in Hanoi, but right now they are in Ho Chi Minh city and we share the same office. Everyday we have a lot of fun and we share a lot of building knowledge with each other.

Q: In your recent update, I noticed that there is a burn mechanism for $ROSN every month. What revenue percentage is used for buying-back and burn of tokens and what factors determine the amount of $ROSN to burn each month? Will token burn continue in perpetuity?

Allan: We are making some revenue but as the bear market approaches, not only our token, but all of the global crypto market has tanked. Our revenue has reduced a lot. So there are two things that you guys need to know. We take some revenue and we burn them. We actually burn part of our supply. So when our revenue is very small, we burn some of the revenue, but the rest is burned through the supply.

For the last 2 burns, we burned through our supply. But moving forward, we will burn both revenue and supply. But in the end, mathematically, there will be less tokens and therefore, the price has a greater value every time we burn. And the plan is to do this every month for the next months. That’s the plan and we will continue to do it.


Q: This is a great app! I found that this would be a great way to help my friends who aren’t very technical invest in crypto, farms, etc. So I guess my question is will people be able to purchase crypto directly through the Roseon app soon? I found that I still had to trade tokens on pancakeswap then send them to my Roseon address. Are you looking at ways to simplify this process?

Allan: The answer is yes. June 1st. We’re releasing our Fiat on-ramp. This means that you can buy crypto in our app directly now.

Danie: One more part, we actually have our own in-app Swap feature where you can exchange from any tokens on Roseon. So like Allan mentioned, we will have Fiat on-ramp soon. Users can use credit cards to buy specific tokens like BUSD or BNB, and then they can swap these in the Roseon app. I believe this will help a lot of non-crypto users to get into the crypto space.

Allan: We will also integrate with Apple pay, so if you have an iPhone, Apple ID and Apple pay, you can actually buy crypto on our app on June 1st. So this is a feature we are releasing.

Lynn: That’s great news. Actually our swap now only supports BSC and ETH, but in the future, we might support Solana swap as well.

Q: Mostly all the project has Metaverse concepts and has 2 tokens in the project one is governance and other is game token and both are tradable. Do you plan to list ROSE or plan to bring in new game tokens in the market?

Allan: We are working on that. Eventually the Rose point will be a token. We are still planning everything, timing all these things properly, we’re building the web3 and are waiting for the market to get better.

But yes, there is the intention for Rose Point to become a new token. We also have plans to have a governance token as part of our token system.


Q: Many projects look great only on whitepaper but are facing a lot of difficulty when trying to implement. How does Roseon overcome all these obstacles in development?

Allan: If you’re a user of our app. You will see that we have overcome all development obstacles in development. We have built an app, it works. And there’s actually 120K users. Anyone can download the Android or Apple app.

We built what we promised originally for our mobile app, except for one, the NFT marketplace. But we have added so much more like games, a launchpad; and now we’re building web3 and we’re building a metaverse. Everything can be done, it just takes time to do them. It takes planning. Sometimes we need to listen to the community so whenever we do a poll and that poll runs for a whole week, we will collect all the information. Then we have to readjust our roadmap to change to what the community requested for.

We saw no obstacle, we actually kept building, and are still building. Well I guess time is an obstacle.


Q: NFT or DeFi, or any game projects always has risks for pump and dump. How can we be reassured that we won’t get dumped once we reach a good price like $LUNA.

Allan: First of all, we are a licensed app. For us to be licensed, we have to undergo KYC and AML with the licenser. We have to do a lot of check-ups. My name is on the company files and I am the one who is licensed for this app. I’ve been in crypto space for a long time. I’ve been here since 2016 or 17. I don’t intend to pump and dump.

But the situation of $LUNA is different because the product that they are building is algorithmic. When they created this project, there were already a lot of people who doubted the methodology behind that. That was the downfall of $LUNA and $UST. More of a technical issue. But for us, we don’t have a stable coin. I have not committed any crime as of today, and I don’t plan to. So the trust is with me and the license.


Q: What is your strongest advantage that will make your team successful?

Allan: I think our advantage is we build quite fast. We’ve been building since we started and we’re continuing to build. The team is at 30 people now and we have half of those on Marketing and Community.

The other advantage is we’re trusted. A lot of people like and want to work with us. Even as a launchpad, we have not scammed anyone yet. We don’t plan to. We have not scammed any token and we launched them successfully. Now the result of the token is because of the market. But we have not had any complaints from any of our partners. We have about 50-60 partners to date and that’s a lot of work we do on the Partnership and Marketing team.

Not only are we a trusted brand, we build and will continue to build this awesome app. I think a lot of people want to work with us. Everyday we receive requests for projects who want to work with us because we’re a very clean cut company. We don’t do anything funny.

Q: I have two questions: 1. About the web3 in the question you just answered, are moving from a central to a web3 kind like Pancakeswap/Ape Swap. So by web3 do you mean we are going to be a decentralized exchange? 2. If I am holding $ROSN, I want to know and understand about the revenue streams of the company. How many revenue streams do we have to keep the company running even in the bear market.

Allan: These are very good questions that come from somebody who is an entrepreneur or knows about how businesses work. 

To answer your question about web3, our original roadmap is a CeDeFi app. CeFi is centralized, DeFi is decentralized. We kind of changed that into a centralized app with a decentralized wallet. So we will give you the ability to manage your own wallet like Metamask, instead of Roseon managing it. So as if you were using Roseon as a Metamask, you can use Roseon, stake with Roseon, play games with Roseon with Metamask. 

So yes, it will do the DeFi stuff like Ape Swap, Beefy and Pancake Swap. But it will also allow you to manage your own tokens instead of us managing. That’s to give people the power back. We want to give you the option. In this new world, it’s about giving power to YOU, to the USER. so why not give you the power to manage your keys.

Now about the revenue streams. In a bull market, we make a lot of revenue. Including the launchpad. We make a lot of money from the launchpad, from the swaps, staking, farming. We’re going to make revenue from the games and from the NFTs. So these are going to be the two new revenue streams. 

Behind the scenes, we are also working on a B2B business. What we’re doing is we’re selling a white label consulting services to new crypto businesses so we can help onboard them. Any project that wants to build a similar app as us, we can help them. That’s another revenue stream we have decided to go with. That way we can increase our revenue so that this company will last forever.

You will see the roadmap keep growing and new things are being added. We plan to do a new roadmap each year so that when we finish our roadmap, we have a new one ready. We want to continue building this company. We plan to become one of the biggest app in Asia. That is our current goal. To become the biggest mobile crypto app, or WonderApp, in Asia. We will not stop until that happens.

Q: How can the founders educate their investors to understand that there is more to the project than the price?

Allan: About the price, as the founder of this company, I look at the price everyday. But I don’t only look at our price, I look at Bitcoin, I look at everything. These are not the greatest moments in crypto. I’ve been in this space since 2016 and we are in the worst moment in crypto today.

Crypto has been doing very well, and has gained the adoption that we have worked so far since the beginning of 2012. We’ve been working so hard to make crypto easily adapted. The industry has done very well. But today’s market, the macroeconomics, the whole market is struggling right now. That is causing fear. Crypto is still an investment vehicle, so when there is fear, people are going to sell. They will get into a cash position, that is what’s happening today. Everyone is holding cash, and everyone is in fear.

But we have not stopped working, we are doing our own marketing. Not yet spending on any marketing because the results from a couple of campaigns. We have tried some campaigns to move our price up but people sold off. When we saw that, we knew that was not worth the money. We cannot spend any more money to send the price up, only for people to sell and exit. It’s not profitable. We have to stop spending money.

We are doing our own marketing, doing stuff like live AMA. You can see that we are active in the community and we will continue to support you guys to keep you engaged and happy. But at the same time, do not spend too much money. We are saving money for the real marketing once the market becomes green. When we promote and get KOLs onboard and spend more money on marketing. With marketing there will be more brand awareness and people will realize that we are very undervalued, and they will buy-back. When the market looks confident.

But right now, you can spend $150K on marketing and it will not do anything. Nobody is buying $BTC. Nobody is buying $ETH, so why will anyone buy $ROSN? Same reason. Just hang on tight. We’re here. We’re still building and promoting internally. Once the bull market comes, we will come out stronger and we will bounce back.

Q: Have you thought about reducing withdrawal fees in the future?

Allan: We have to find a balance between making revenue, and not making revenue. If we give our services for free, we don’t make money for the company. Therefore we cannot build stuff and cannot give stuff away. Sometimes the token price is very volatile. We review all of our fees, including withdrawal weekly. Sometimes when you’re in between that period and there’s a huge price fluctuation, and you will notice the discrepancy in the price.

If you are patient and notify us, we will make the appropriate change. Our prices are in tokens and sometimes they just go crazy. They either go up or crash down. If you guys report it to us, we will make the right change. We are very fair with our fee structure. We are very competitive on our prices. It is only on those off moments that those fees seem bigger than you think you are.

But keep in mind that we have to make money for this business to be successful and to last long. We are doing a lot for the community. To offset, we are extending our VIP to a higher level. We are going to open up bigger VIPs. This is a great opportunity to join as a VIP because our prices are so low. The higher VIP you are, the more benefits you get. We are going to do a lot for our VIP members moving forward. You will see that there are a lot of benefits.

Q: When can I buy $ROSN on Binance?

Allan: We are not on Binance yet, I’m sorry.

Binance usually charges $3M on listing. That is just the fee. We also have to have a very active and supportive community. So not only is the cost huge, that will come from us. We will also need your help to make it happen. If you go on social media, talk about us and tag Binance, then maybe they will notice.

But there is still that $3M fee. From a business proposition, does that make sense for us today in this bear market. It does not. When the market is greener, maybe yes. Right now if we list on Binance, our price will only continue to fall.


Q: Can you give me a reason for holding $ROSN for a long time and what’s a killer feature?

Allan: Why would you want to hold our token? It’s because we continue to expand the utility of $ROSN token. There’s 2 reasons why people buy a token – for investment or to use our ecosystem.

So right now, if you’re a VIP and hold a lot of tokens, you get discounts, rewards and play games. You will be able to do all these engagements to earn Rose points, to then participate in more games, and buy NFTs by next week. There’s a lot of play to earn and engage to earn features on our app. That is the utility.

And again, our token is very low right now so from an investment perspective, it’s a good time to hold more tokens and level up your VIP. Especially if you believe in the project for the long term.

Q: Why do we need KYC as a user? And can you tell us more about the transparency of the project as to what it will do next, especially after what happened with Terra Luna.

Allan: Let me answer the 2nd question first. I am always on Telegram and Discord to talk to you guys and answer questions. We don’t hide anything and update you guys. We take your feedback, do surveys, plan and update quarterly. If there’s any concerns, we always try our best to answer them in a timely manner. When people are questioning about the fees, when people are questioning about the app, once those things are shared and get our attention – we will answer. We don’t hide anything.

It’s all because we are licensed. We are required by the licensor to follow the law. This law is to make sure that everyone in the app has an identity. That is why we have to KYC. Binance, you have to KYC. MEXY, Huobi – there is KYC. Even on Uniswap you have to KYC. We have to make sure that there are no suspicious types of people using our app for the wrong reasons like criminal acts.


Q: What will be the use case of buying or selling NFTs from your campaigns?

Danie: We already have a lot of campaigns and rewards to giveaway NFTs. So to share how we prepare the NFT, at the start we only had a few people and maybe just one 3D artist for doing the NFT. Recently, we started hiring more artists and at the moment we have around 6 people on the Creative team. We started giving away some NFTs because we believe they will have a lot of value in the future.

As for the utility, right now it’s just a gift to our users. But in the future, we will implement more use cases such as whitelist spots for our upcoming play-to-earn mini-games. Holders can also get whitelist slots for IAO. Last, they can get Rose Points and more details will be shared later. But for the sake of the AMA, I will share that you can get at least 50 Rose Points just from holding at least 3 different Roseon NFTs in the app.

We will also have the NFT marketplace and the metaverse upcoming so there will be even more utility. So just keep the NFTs in your app.


Closing Remarks

That covers the recap of the Live AMA session and we are planning to continue holding one monthly. In the meantime, for any other questions, feel free to join our communities on Telegram, Twitter and Discord to continue the discussions.

Download Roseon WonderApp

Google Play:

App Store:

Web app:


About Roseon World

Roseon World is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web (WonderApp), and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook


Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Roseon World Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary, The Journey of An All-in-once Crypto Mobile App

Roseon World Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary, The Journey of An All-in-once Crypto Mobile App

The Journey

Time flies fast, especially when you’re focused on your goals and the product you want to develop. We set out on this journey to create an ‘on-the-go’ mobile application that will bridge the best features of CeFi and DeFi. Our launch of the Roseon Finance application (later rebranded into Roseon WonderApp) is the fruit of this effort.

Within the week of our app launch and hosting our first staking pools, $1.1M USD was locked in the application. Our token was also listed on KuCoin,, and MEXC. To fulfill our users’ need for a complete CeDeFi application, we also launched the Swap and Bridge feature on the application in Q3 2021. We are the first mobile application to apply CeDeFi in one ecosystem as we are directly integrated with PancakeSwap. Binance only announced its first DeFi project with them last March 2022!

After completing our initial roadmap after only 5 months in operation, we added GameFi and metaverse into our developments as of Q4 2021. Around that time, we also announced Lavender Capital as our venture capital investment arm. Lavender is wholly focused on incubating and providing advisory services to numerous blockchain startups, especially those focusing on GameFi, NFT, and metaverse applications.

In November 2021, we added RoseonPad, a mobile-first launchpad. Less than 2 months after launch, RoseonPad held more than 10+ successful In-App Offering (IAO). VIP 2-5 users holding or staking $ROSN were given the first access to the sales. At the same time, the rest of the community had a chance during our whitelisting and First-Come, First-Serve (FCFS) round.

We have successfully launched +23 projects, including public IDO and Private Sales. Some of our most successful IAOs were Metastrike, CALO, FADO Go, and Sugar Kingdom.

In Q1 2022, we underwent a rebrand. We renamed our mobile application Roseon WonderApp, an all-in-one crypto application that supports our users’ cryptocurrency journey from end to end. At the same time, our business name is now officially Roseon World. We chose this name to showcase that our features are not limited to CeDeFi only but have expanded to NFT, GameFi, and metaverse developments. 

We also launched our Engage-To-Earn program where our users can earn loyalty points, Rose Points. They can use these points on our mini-games such as Spin2Win and Zombie Warriors to earn tokens, NFTs, or gifts.

Although we have been preparing for it since late 2021, we officially announced our metaverse project in March 2022. Roseon WonderLand is a rose-colored world manifesting Roseon’s features into a fantasy-filled metaverse. This development aims to give our users an enhanced experience while still providing an all-in-one solution to their crypto investment needs.

Two more games will be released in Q2 and Q3 of this year: Goblins Attack with 3D graphics and Bobblehead Ball, a football-themed game. We will also add a PVP feature on Zombie Warriors where users can bet either $ROSN or Roses and fight against other players. The winner takes all!

Despite the ongoing bear market for the past months, the Roseon team continuously builds its products. We are developing our next mini-games, adding partners for our Spin2Win prizes, Savings, and Farms. We also completed the NFT integration on WonderApp just this month.

The core team is also present in the community through our live appearances. On May 1, 2022, we attended the 1st NFT, Metaverse, and GameFi Convention in Manila, Philippines. Our CEO – Allan Ta, and BDM – Lynn Nguyen, presented to the 1,000+ attendees what Roseon is all about. The event was also streamed on Binance Live in real-time.

To become an all-one solution to our users’ crypto journey, we are helping them learn various topics related to the blockchain and NFT Industry. We post educational articles on our blogs and hold live learning sessions. Some topics we’ve held are:

  • Introduction to the NFT Industry
  • How a VC invests in projects
  • How to build a strong community in Crypto

Roseon’s core team loves talking to the community. We’ve hosted monthly Live AMAs with Founding members, provided users with the latest updates, and answered all their questions.

Marketing & Community

After a year of operation, we are proud to say that our community has grown tremendously!

WonderApp now boasts 120K+ downloads on Android and iOS, with 54K+ successful KYC and 5,000 daily active users (DAU).

We have 150,000+ combined followers on all leading social media platforms: Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook. When we decided to add GameFi into our development, we knew that we needed to cater to the platform they are most familiar with – Discord.

We also maintain our website with news and articles relating to crypto, GameFi, Metaverse, and NFTs. Our monthly traffic reaches up to 35K visitors and is as good as any crypto media site in the market. Like our user base, most of our traffic comes from Turkey, Southeast Asia, India, the US, and the UK.

(Source: Google Analytics)

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are a major part of our marketing plan. We have onboarded more than 100 KOLs in our network since we started our marketing efforts last year. We are also proud to be one of the first crypto projects to introduce a Virtual Influencer. Roselynn is a meta-human/elf governing our metaverse project – Roseon Wonderland. To promote her as a prominent character in the NFT space, we collaborated with Space Falcon, MetaStrike, and LiteNight to produce a playable NFT collection in their respective games.

After rebranding, Roseon World was featured on +120 media sites, including Yahoo Finance, Finanzen, Morningstar Hong Kong, and Dow Jones. These reached a combined audience of over 300K people!

A big community comes with a big responsibility. We run weekly campaigns with monetary, NFT, or merchandise to keep the community engaged. We also offer 24/7 assistance via our Discord channel, Telegram moderators, and our only support email: [email protected].

We hope that everyone will be with us when we take our next steps.

This year, we will target mass adoption for non-crypto users to complete one of our goals – making crypto accessible, easy, and fun.

Investors & Partners

Aside from our community members, Roseon also had the support of our investors and partners on our journey.

At first, we raised more than 2 million USD for seed and private rounds with top Blockchain funds. These investors support our mission to simplify the world of CeDeFi. The goal is to provide mobile access to our users with capabilities and functions of DeFi, wherever and whenever.

We are proud to have partnered with more than 55 reputable projects. We are a one-stop solution not only to our users, but also for our partners. Since their inception, we’ve helped incubate their projects, and helped launch their tokens to the community via RoseonPad. For existing successful projects, we offer partnerships by providing them with staking options and NFT collaborations.

  • 21 savings pools and 14 farming pools with 18 million USD TVL
  • More than 42 Token Launches
  • More than 9 NFT Collaboration partners

Company Growth

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then the people build the business.” – Zig Ziglar

When Roseon took its first steps, there were two great leaders who paved the way – Allan Ta, the Founder and CEO, and Tri Do, our Project Manager. After our successful IDO, more brilliant entrepreneurs joined the company. This includes Francis So, ex-HSBC Macau Executive.

With the core team’s expertise and leadership, the company now boasts more than 30 employees from various departments. We have also established an in-house creative art team to show that we are focused to accomplish the integration of NFT, GameFi and metaverse into our features.

Our employees from Vietnam, Canada, Australia and Philippines showcase that we are a global company.


What’s Next?

To support our new goals and target milestones for 2022, we have established an official creative team. We are adding more team members to other existing departments such as Development, Marketing, and Business Development. 

We want to fulfill our 2022 roadmap and release the following features:

  • Additional games for our Game Center – We already have 2 more games in development, a co-op/PVP bomber called Goblins Attack and a football-themed mini-game called Bobblehead Ball. Aside from these 2, we also plan to release racing, farming, and tower defense mini-games.
  • Game Shop – Another entry to our GameFi and Engage-To-Earn features, we will integrate NFT features into our mini-games. Via the upcoming Game Shop, users will be able to purchase Mystery Loot Box and win various NFT characters and items.
  • NFT Marketplace – We will also release our marketplace where users can trade their owner NFTs, including those from the Game Shop. 
  • Fiat On/Off Ramp, including Apple Pay – Mass adoption is easier achieved when users don’t have to use P2P or external exchanges to convert their fiat money to their chosen cryptocurrency. We are working together with Banxa to integrate this feature in WonderApp. 
  • Roseon WonderLand – we want to produce a metaverse that will showcase our existing features while also providing a fun-filled world with virtual rides and landmarks. Our features, including the CeDeFi ones, NFT, and GameFi developments, will be fully integrated into the metaverse. 
  • Roseon WonderLaunch – A decentralized counterpart to our mobile-first and centralized RoseonPad. WonderLaunch, at first, will be a web-based launchpad where users can participate in token or NFT sales by simply staking their $ROSN. No monthly holding or staking amount (VIP tiers) will be required.

About Roseon World

Roseon World is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web – and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Meet the Marketing Team of Roseon World

Meet the Marketing Team of Roseon World

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product and service fits them and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker


The Marketing Team is responsible for promoting Roseon’s business and mission. Working behind the CEO, the marketing team also acts as the company’s public face. Coordinating and generating all marketing materials and communicating with prospect partners, investors, and customers must be done while presenting a positive image of the firm.

Some of the Marketing Team’s roles includes, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting the brand image and developing strategies to maintain this
  • Conduct and study customer trends
  • Communicate with the other teams to synchronize the product and partner releases
  • Develop and maintain brand website
  • Create images and messages for circulation
  • Launch customer campaigns to encourage activity in the community 


We are proud to showcase some of the people working in pushing Roseon World towards its goals:

Marketing Head – Danie Le

As the team leader, Danie is in-charge of finding the synergy between her team members. She is the one to decide the tone and direction of all marketing initiatives and campaigns that Roseon will take. A fully integrated strategy drives the team’s effort that the Marketing Head will come up with.

“We push each other to think big, differently and work hard everyday even when the market is not good. Crypto users take only 5% of the world, and we want to use our product to make crypto become accessible to everyone.”

Head of Community – Dada Zhuang

“From Holder to Roseoner”

One of the very first members in Roseon family, Dada is now working as the Head of Community. She leads her team of Community Managers/Admins in liaising between the communities. Her team serves as the first level of support in assisting and guiding our users with their concerns. 

Content Writer – Anne “Cat” Atayan

Another community member turned family, Cat, has provided her experience as a long-time gamer in developing the story of Roseon WonderLand and incorporating the upcoming games into the vision. Aside from content writing, she is also in-charge in handling Roseon’s social media accounts and providing updates and announcements to the community.


Aside from the team members mentioned above, we also have the set of Community Admins and other teams such as Partnerships and Business Development working hand-in-hand with the Marketing team towards its goal!

We hope that this short introduction has given our community insight into who the faces behind Roseon World are!


Don’t forget to follow us for more updates!

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Roseon World Q1 2022 Newsletter

Roseon World Q1 2022 Newsletter

It seems like 2021 is just yesterday, but Q1 has already ended. Despite the erratic bear market, Roseon’s developments and activities are pushing towards our goal to become the #1 crypto & NFT app in Asia.




More than simply being a CeDeFi app, Roseon’s development is now moving toward becoming an All-in-One Solution to our users’ crypto needs. This will include NFT, GameFi, and metaverse aspects.


  • Rebranding of the mobile application to Roseon WonderApp
  • Launch of the Engage-to-Earn system where users can earn loyalty points called Rose Points
  • Launch the first mini-game: Spin2Win, where users can redeem 5 Rose Points for a spin. NFT, more points, and partner tokens can be earned as rewards
  • Our VIP tier system received an upgrade. VIP 6-7 will be honoring our biggest holders. They will enjoy the best launchpad allocation and discounts WonderApp has to offer.



  • To assist our users in their KYC series, we have launched an infographics series to guide them from the how-tos down to what documents to submit.
  • Start of the 2-week beta campaign for Zombie Warriors. Aside from earning extra Rose Points from clearing stages, our beta testers also had the chance to win more rewards from our weekly leaderboards.
  • Officially announcing our metaverse project – Roseon WonderLand, we’ve been featured on 100+ global news sites. The article featured WonderLand’s background story and also our expanded ecosystem.


Although our development has expanded to include NFT, GameFi, and metaverse, our core value is still a community-first project. 100,000+ download worldwide, and 52,000+ KYC users by March 2022, we have decided to open Discord channel for us to listen the voice of our members in every product, better support our users and chat with our VIP members.

To keep our community engaged, we have launched several activities and campaigns, which include:

  • Learn and Earn – earn tokens just by simply being the first to answer our set of questions
  • Game Nights – both on discord and telegram
  • Roseon Lottery is an easy luck-based campaign where the community picks a 4-digit number. If chosen, they can win $ROSN tokens and exclusive Roseon merchandise!
  • Q&A with the CEO/Founder – a live session where the community asked questions about Roseon’s development and current status.
  • Referral campaigns – monthly invitation initiatives both to become WonderApp users and be part of our communities. For Q1, we’ve had Oculus Rift and tokens as rewards so far.

Aside from our community, Roseon’s growth is also thanks to our partners. We’re thankful to have formed and maintained several partnerships this quarter.

RoseonPad Partners

  • MetaStrike – January 11 – 100,000 $BUSD raised
  • Space Falcon – January 22 – 100,000 $BUSD raised
  • Sandwich Network – February 8th – 200,000 $BUSD raised
  • FadoGO – February 9th – 200,000 $BUSD raised
  • Etermon – March 14th – 90,000 $BUSD raised
  • GAMI – March 16th –  200,000 $BUSD raised
  • MetaFighter – March 17th – 150,000 $BUSD raised
  • Wizardia – March 18th – 50,000 $BUSD raised
  • NomadExile – March 20th – 100,000 $BUSD raised


We welcome two (2) new family members this quarter. Although they aren’t new to the community as both

  • Abii – Head of Partnerships

Working together with the Marketing and Business Development teams, Abii is mainly in-charge of building strong business relationships with Roseon’s current and potential partners. If it’s a project you want to see launched on RoseonPad, then Abii is your guy.

  • Dada – Head of Communities

Already a community member since Roseon took its first steps; Dada previously served Roseon as one of its KOLs. Now working with a team of community managers, her team serves as the principal liaison between Roseon and the community. Her team will be the one to moderate and support our users across all channels.


Q1 is just the start of Roseon’s huge plans in moving into the metaverse – Roseon WonderLand. We have released an updated roadmap to showcase our goals this year. Here are some updates our users can expect in the upcoming months:

  • NFT integration on WonderApp, including NFT sales (INO) and Marketplace
  • Full release of our 2nd game – Zombie Warriors
  • Beta testing of our 3rd game – Goblins Attack
  • Development of our 4th game – Racing (official name yet to be announced)
  • Land Sale for WonderLand

About Roseon World

Roseon World is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web (WonderApp), and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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Zombie Warriors: Shoot Your Way To Success

Zombie Warriors: Shoot Your Way To Success

Roseon’s 2nd mini-game – Zombie Warriors, will officially start its beta phase on March 15th, 2022. Zombie Warriors is a type of hyper casual game that offers our users instant gameplay with its simple mechanics. Following our Engage-to-Earn principle, users only need a few minutes to finish a level and earn Rose Points – moving away from the long grinding hours that most P2E games require.

  • Testing period runs from March 15 th to March 31st, 2022
  • Only the Free Playable Character is available to use. 
  • Up to 20 levels will be released.

During the beta testing phase, we will also run the ‘Shoot Your Way to Success’. Users will compete for a separate leaderboard where the top users will share a reward pool of approximately 700 BUSD.


Creative Route

  • Submit screenshots, fan art, memes or any digital image content on social media. (1 point)
  • Share on social media (Facebook, Twitter or other SNS) any digital content with the hashtags #RoseonWonderApp #ZombieWarriors. Make sure that the settings are set to public. (2 points)
  • Create and share game video content on hosting sites (YouTube, Tiktok) with the hashtags #RoseonWonderApp #ZombieWarriors (5 points)

Competitive Route

  • Rush through the levels and aim for the top! Share a screenshot of your milestones while using the hashtags #ChallengeAccepted #ZombieWarriors #RoseonWonderApp
  • Level 5 (1 point)
  • Level 10 (1 point)
  • Level 15 (3 points)
  • Level 20 (5 points)

Submit your entries on this GOOGLE FORM.


The Top 10 Players each campaign week will receive the following rewards:

  • Top 1: 100$ BUSD
  • Top 2 – 5: 30$ BUSD/user
  • Top 6 – 10: 200 ROSN/user

Campaign Week: 15th – 22nd March, 2022

Announcement: Kick-off Announcement (15th March) – Closed Announcement (22nd March)

Reward Distribution: 31st March

Campaign Week: 23rd – 30th March, 2022

Announcement: Kick-off Announcement (23rd April) – Closed Announcement ( 30th March)

Reward Distribution: 31st March


  1. The campaign is limited to 1,500 whitelisted users only.
  2. Each user can only use a picture/video ONCE. Multiple usage will render the user disqualified.
  3. Each user can only claim the level achievements ONCE. Multiple submissions of the same level will render the user disqualified.
  4. Make sure to follow and complete all tasks required on the gleam campaign to be considered for the leaderboard.
  5. Any other fraudulent acts including, but not limited to the use of bots will render the user disqualified.
  6. Rewards will be sent directly to the users’ in-app wallet.
  7. By submitting any and all image and video materials to the gleam campaign, the user gives Roseon World the right to use said materials for marketing purposes in the future.


Google Play:

App Store:

Web app:



ROSEON WONDERAPP is a one-stop solution to all your crypto investments’ needs, available on Android and iOS. The WonderApp boasts a user-friendly UI for its features such as swap, bridge, yield aggregator, and managing the users’ digital assets. Its recently launched RoseonPad – a mobile-first centralized launchpad focused on new and emerging crypto projects.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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