Update: We have paused the Genesis Pools campaign to focus on testnet. We will resume the LP pools after testnet.

Roseon is excited to announce the launch of its Genesis Liquidity Pool (“LP”) which will start on April 18, 2023. After a successful IDO and a token migration from Binance Smart Chain to Arbitrum, Roseon Exchange is offering a unique opportunity for crypto investors to participate in a limited-time event and earn high rewards, the Genesis Liquidity Pools. The Liquidity Pools require the participants to provide liquidity by depositing USDC to earn rewards in ROSX, these rewards are vested for six months.


Genesis LP Overview

  • Deposit: USDC
  • Rewards: ROSX, vested for 6 months
  • Number of Pools: 4 pools
  • Start Date: April 18th, 2023 – 9 AM UTC 

Genesis LP Schedule

Pool Name Pool Limit Rates (ROSX/ROLP)
Virginia Rose $0 – $500,000 USDC
VIP and RoseonPass holders have priority access
French Rose $500,000 – $2,000,000 USDC 2
Damask Rose $2,000,000 – $4,000,000 USDC 1.5
Beach Rose $4,000,000 – $6,000,000 USDC 1

(Updated on April 24th at 9 AM UTC)

Example: You deposit $1000 USDC into the Virginia Rose Pool, the system mints 1000 ROLP, your rewards will be 3000 $ROSX based on a reward rate of 3.

Calculation: $1000*3 = 3000 ROSX

Rewards Redemption

The redemption of ROLP for USDC will be disabled during pre-launch. Genesis ROLP holders can redeem ROLP at any time post-launch. Furthermore, investors must note that the vesting period for the Genesis Liquidity Pools Reward is six months. There will be a snapshot of ROLP balance every month to determine the ROSX airdrop.

Note: Genesis Pool LP will be locked for 1 month (until Nov 16th). Reward for Genesis Pool LP will be distributed after 1 month, at the end of each month.



Balance of ROLP ROSX Projected ROSX Remain


3000 1400 1400

(Table 1)




ROLP Balance % Retaining (compared to last snapshot) ROSX Projected ROSX Airdrop ROSX Remaining
End of month 1 3000 100% 1400 233.3 (=1400/6) 1166.7
End of month 2 2100 70% 816.69 163.338 (=816.69/5) 656.352
End of month 3 1400 66.67% 437.59 109.398 (=437.59/4) 328.192
End of month 4 1400 100% 328.192 109.397 (=328.192/3) 218.795
End of month 5 1400 100% 218.795 109.397 (=218.795/2) 109.397
End of month 6 0 0 0 0 0


(Table 2)

Overall, the Roseon Exchange Genesis Liquidity Pools are a unique and exciting opportunity for investors to earn high rewards by investing in various pools. With the customized pools, investors can select the pool that suits their investment budget and risk appetite. With limited-time pools, investors must act fast to grab the opportunity and participate in the Genesis LP event. Join us on April 20th and get ready to experience a new level of investment opportunities with Roseon Exchange.

Roseon Genesis LP access:

  • NFT holders and VIP users: 48 hours early access – Start from April 18th 9AM UTC
  • WL users: 24 hours early access – Start from April 19th 9AM UTC
  • Public Genesis LP – April 20th 9AM UTC

Genesis Pool FAQ

How long will the USDC provided for Genesis LP be locked for?

USDC provided in Genesis LP will be recorded for approximately 6 months. Exact start dates will be provided soon.

If you withdraw a portion of your USDC during 6-month reward distribution period of Genesis pools, your ROSX reward decreases proportionally to the amount originally committed (as an example in Table 2)

If you withdraw ALL of your USDC (remove liquidity) during 6-month reward distribution period of Genesis pools, you will forfeit ALL of your REMAINING ROSX rewards.

ROSX rewards are vested monthly for 6 months.

Snapshot will be taken monthly.

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