After making a series of developments over the last few years, Roseon has come up with something interesting for its users again.

This time it is a Metaverse!

In recent times, major companies are transitioning from Web 2 to Web 3 because of the immense potential of Web 3

Roseon shares the same vision as the big players, and we want to leave no stone unturned in order to give our users the best experience

In this blog, we will discuss about the Metaverse and the benefits it can bring to our users.

Let’s dive in:

WeeeLand Social, a theme park social sandbox game

A fantasy world where users can socialize, play games, enjoy virtual rides, or create a theme park in a rich 3D metaverse experience.

Think of it as a theme park where you can play 3D games, collect rewards, ride the most treacherous roller coasters, and record NFT moments at world-famous monuments.

A 3D virtual theme park game that will transport you to the park as if you were there while you were sitting on your couch.

WeeeLand Social is the name of this fantastic theme park, and the castle within it is claimed to be Roselynn’s home. See background story of Roselynn.

What can all users do?

Using the Sandbox Gameplay, you may purchase lands, build major landmarks and virtual rides, develop games, or create customized theme parks or missions to explore the enormous open world.

You can enjoy free rides, complete Quests, play amusement park games, or make money by playing our partner’s games with the Arcade Gameplay.


Avatar, Rides, and Quest Maker

You may build a personalized digital avatar in minutes using the Digital Avatar Creator. Allow your creativity to go wild with the many dress and accessory options available, and even adjust their skin tone to match your own. This avatar may then be used to sell or present oneself in WeeeLand Social.


How user can socialize?

A theme park without functionalities would be too boring and dull.
Here we have taken care of your socialization with the  4 key features listed below that’ll help you socialize:

1. WeeeMoments

The Metaverse would be a lonely world without social interaction. We want WeeeLand to be a social experiment; every moment of your life may be captured and stored in WeeeLand for eternity.

WeeeMoments allows you to save your and your friends’ valuable memories in the form of NFTs.

Visit a renowned landmark in WeeeLand, snap a virtual photo, post it on WeeeMoments, or watch other people’s moments and like, follow, or add them as friends.

2. WeeeTeam

Team collaboration with group chats will never be dull. The more, the merrier, though. You may start group chats with your friends, exchange images, communicate with them, and invite them to accompany you on a virtual roller coaster ride or a Quest in the WeeeLand games.

3. WeeeFriends

Have you ever felt isolated in a crowd?

Are you having trouble making friends? The digital era is here, and with WeeeFriends, you may interact with pals in the Metaverse or through a gaming Quest.

4. Companion App

The collaboration with Roseon to bring its games to the 3D metaverse and to expand the usage of the Roseon mobile wallet as a companion app to WeeeLand Social.This application will support cross-platform gameplay, allowing single sign-on and play on the various ecosystem platforms. Users may effortlessly move across platforms with the same user profile thanks to single sign-on.

There’s much more to discuss, but we’ll create an in-depth guide soon.

How does this collaboration benefit Roseon App users?

  • Rose Points gained in the Roseon App may be transferred and utilized in WeeeLand and vice versa.
  • Roseon users may sign in to WeeeLand with their Roseon credentials, and their profile, points and assets can be transfered between the two platforms easily.
  • All Roseon NFTs may be used in WeeeLand games.
  • ROSN tokens will be utilized in WeeeLand to enhance assets, characters, and special events.

Why and When is the launch happening?

WeeeLand is a social experiment, created by the Roseon development team. We wanted to build something that was fun and that is created by ourselves. Mainly to continue to support the Roseon story and its community. Also, the timing of this launch is to celebrate Christmas and New Year Holiday, we will be kicking off the demo launch with a Chirstmas Hunt on December 21st.

Join for this hunting season and claim daily gifts!


About WeeeLand Social

WeeeLand Social is a fantasy world where users can play games, enjoy virtual rides, socialize or create their own theme park in a rich 3D metaverse experience. Roseon Mobile App will be the companion app for WeeeLand.

Website | Discord | Telegram | Youtube

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Litepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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