As FIFA World Cup 2022 is approaching, we’re kicking off Football Carnival Campaign to celebrate the most impressive moment this year, which is collaborated with BNB Chain, Bitkeep, Space Misfits, Space Falcon, Sakura, Universe Islands, Hydraverse, Sportspace. Football Carnival is the series of 6 World Cup-themed mini events to during the Qatar World Cup for users to participate in this quadrennial sports event.

The participant will get a chance to win a bunch of tokens and exclusive NFTs from Roseon and our partners.

Carnival Period: 09:00 (UTC), November 16th – 09:00 (UTC), December 20th

Total $10,000 prize pools await during the campaign!


Follow Roseon Twitter and Roseon Community to join interesting activities launched during the World Cup (World Cup 2022 Schedule)

 Campaign 1: World Cup 2022 Prediction

Campaign Period: 00:00 UTC Nov 18th – 0:00 UTC Dec 18th, 2022

We run a series of guessing score event  for each match in Roseon Community:

  • Event 1 – World Cup 2022 Champion: Predict the winner (champion) of FIFA World Cup 2022 (in Gleam)

Rewards: $500 worth of prizes for 40 lucky winners (including 600 Rose points to be shared –  Exchange Rose points for tokens in Game Center -> Spin2Win; 1 Space Falcon NFT for the fastest correct answer).

Register with Gleam:
NFT will be distributed on ~Jan 1st, 2023

  • Event 2 – Group Winners: Predict the winners of each group via our event post

Rewards: $600 worth of prizes for 30 lucky winners (Including 450 Rose points to be shared for top 30 fastest correct answers – Exchange Rose points for tokens in Game Center -> Spin2Win; 10 Hydraverse NFT for Top 10 fastest correct answer; 1 Space Falcon NFT for 1st correct answer)

How to register: Reply to this telegram post the winner (Top 1) of all groups in World Cup 2022 before 6:00 UTC 28 Nov 2022, in format “Winner group A – Winner group B – … Winner group H”

How to claim:
– Send the email address of your Roseon account & comment link to Telegram admin @Elnino_Nguyn before Dec 10th, 2022.
– Rewards rose points will be distributed on Dec 15th via Roseon app, NFT will be distributed on ~Jan 1st, 2023.

  • Event 3 – Group Stage Matches: Predict the score of World Cup 2022 matches (Round of 16 – Finals) via our daily event post.

Rewards: $600 worth of prizes for  52 lucky winners  (Including 520 Rose points to be shared for top 52 fastest correct answers of 26 matches in World Cup 2022 – Exchange Rose points for tokens in Game Center -> Spin2Win;  10 Hydraverse NFT  for  10 lucky answers with correct winner & score;  1 Space Falcon NFT for the fastest correct winner & score).

How to register: Comment your answer in Telegram daily post

Rules: Read here

Turn your notifications on, the details of each match will be announced in our community.

Rewards distribution : Rose points will be distributed on Dec 15th via Roseon app, NFT will be distributed on ~Jan 1st, 2023.

Join Roseon Community

Celebrate World Cup 2022 with us and Win a share of $10,000 Rewards

Campaign 2: Bobblehead Ball – Soccer Game Tournament
Period: 0:00 UTC November 28th – 0:00 UTC Dec 9th

BobbleHead Ball is a soccer game testing how you use your ‘head’. Win the 1v1 matches with some of the most iconic personalities in the crypto space and prove that you are one ‘step’ ahead the rest by scoring the most goals!

Download Roseon App HERE and play Bobblehead Ball on Game Center.

Whoever earns the highest total score within each week in this campaign period (0:00 UTC November 28th – 0:00 UTC Dec 9th) will be in the top 6 Weekly Leaderboard. Every week, we will announce the weekly leaderboard on Telegram Announcements.

The top 6 users who have highest scores  weekly will be qualified for Bobblehead Ball – Weekly Championship Round (live at 13:00 UTC Dec 3rd & Dec 13th at our Telegram Channel) to share the rewards pool. 

💸 Final Round list: 

🏆 Rewards pool: $1400 worth of NFT prizes – Top1 (x2): 3 NFTs 80 Rose points, Top2 (x2): 2 NFTs 70 Rose points, Top3 (x2):  1 NFT 50 Rose points, Top4-6 (x2): 40 Rose points; 15 Roses for 5 lucky users who watch the final round. Lets join and support the players.

*The rules for the Weekly Championship Round will be announced later.

Rewards distribution : Rose points will be distributed on Dec 15th via Roseon app, NFT will be distributed on ~Jan 1st, 2023.

Campaign 3: Collect to Win

Period:  0:00 UTC November 18th – 0:00 UTC January 1st

Earn Rose Points and participate in Spin2Win to win more prizes. Any user who collect all 5 different “free NFTs” (in Roseon Kicks NFT Collection)  from Spin2Win game  will receive $500+  worth of tokens and bonus in NFTs from Roseon, Space Falcon, Hydraverse, Sakura, Space Misfit, Sportspace.

5 NFTs in the collection: Roseon Dynamic, Roseon Legacy, Roseon Revolution, Roseon Supremacy, Roseon Marvel. You will receive random 1 of those 5 “free NFT” in Game Center -> Spin2Win

Total winners: 6 winners
Rewards: $400 in tokens & NFT bonus / user

We will collect result of all users and distribute rewards ~14 days after the event ends.


Make sure you download and have your Roseon app account.

Campaign 4:World Cup Designs & Fanart Event

Use partner’s mascots, logos and media kits to create the best memes & fanarts with World Cup theme, and share across social media channels with hashtag #RoseonFootballCarnival #WorldCupArtContest

🕔 Campaign Period:
 Nov 22nd, 00:00 UTC to Dec 22nd, 00:00 UTC

How to register:
1. Create postive artwork/videos about World Cup content/ event referral using mascots/ characters of any event sponsors in the list 

2. Share your work to Twitter/ You tube with brief introduction about the project and your idea.

– Dont forget to add hashtag and share the campaign link in your post:
#FIFAWorldCup  $ROSN #RoseonFootballCarnival #Free2Play ;
Roseon World Cup 2022 Carnival Series:  (💰Total $10,000 prize pools) 

3. Submit the link of your work at:

| Final result: 

🏆 Reward Pool:

– $1000 worth of prizes in tokens, NFTs and Rose points.
– Top 8 designers/ video creators: $160; $130; $100; $60: $60; $50; $20; $20; NFT bonus + Rose points.
– Your ranking will be based on 30% of views/ like/ retweet ratings + 70% from the team evaluation.
– Rewards will be distributed on: To be announce
– Roseon reserves the right to disqualify any low-quality content, copyrights violations &  participants who show any sign of fraudulent behavior immediately.
– Using designed image of other person is prohibited.

Event will be canceled if there are less than 3 participants!


Campaign 5: Deposit Campaign

Period:  0:00 UTC November 18th – 0:00 UTC January 1st

Users deposit any of the tokens from Roseon and our project partner to your wallet in Roseon App, with the minimum value of $100 worth of below tokens, and hold until end of campaign.

List of token: BUSD, BNB, ROSN, SAK, UIM, SMCW, HDV, FCON.

Your transactions will be recorded automatically.

🏆 Rewards: On Jan 3, Roseon will host the livestream to announce winners result. 8 lucky winners will receive $300 worth of token and bonus NFTs each.

Campaign 6: Trading Competition

The trading activity will be announced in December (This event has been canceled due to market condition).

And more activities with our partners will be announced on social media channels and community.


Prizes Pool

$10,000 prize pools includes:

  • Roseon: $1,000 worth of ROSN, 5 UniCone NFTs and Shop Voucher
  • Space Falcon: 20 NFTs and $300 worth of FCON
  • Hydraverse: 100 NFT worth of $3000
  • Sakura: $1,000 worth of SAK
  • Space Misfit: $2,000 worth of SMCW
  • Sportspace: $1,000
  • Universe Island: $1,000 worth of UIM and 10 character NFTs ($100 each)


Google Play:

App Store:

Web app:



Roseon is your one-stop crypto lifestyle app with LaunchPad, DeFi and Play-To-Earn Games. We got selected as one of the Top 9 stars in BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam.

Roseon is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web, and soon, with our very own metaverse. Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

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