In a world where soccer is one of the most popular sports, Roselynn wants to become the legend of football. She practises every night and day until her legs hurt. And now she is in the big leagues. But there is only one thing in her way to prove herself to the community and her friends. Roselynn has to defeat each of the masters one by one.

Join +20,000 daily players in this exciting soccer game, get out on the field, show off your skills and win tournaments in-game!


Bobblehead Ball is one of Free-To-Play games within Roseon Gaming ecosystem, which is a thrilling and fast-paced 1v1 soccer game where you can challenge your opponents. It requires you to make 10 goals before officially winning the match. There are 7 preset players: Funny Monkey, Glorin, Shiba Ken, Dowon, Sato, Vita and Bob. The characters in the game are uniquely drawn and are based on famous crypto people: Satoshi, Vitalik, Bored Ape, Do Kwon, CryptoPunk. Each opponent has certain characteristics in the game, some are slower, others are faster, some score their own goals more often, and others score well. You can discover them all by playing with each one. Choose the character you want to play against!

Bobblehead Ball is very straightforward with only 5 controls. Two for moving in a direction, one for jumping, one for kicking upwards and one for kicking straight. Use different combinations to gain more points against your opponent. Some combos make it easier for you to score points. For instance, when the ball is in the air, it is easier to line up your character and kick the ball where you want it to go. The ball may bounce off the pole depending on how hard the ball was kicked. You can also use your head and body to push the ball around. In Bobblehead ball there are no rules, which means while the ball is rolling or in the air, you can punch and kick your opponent. There are many ways to score goals in Bobblehead ball but, the only way to find out is by playing the game.

Some of our users found out some tips:

  • When each round starts and your opponent gets the ball first, wait for them to kick the ball so that you can either block or catch the ball and make your shot.
  • If the ball is rolling or going into the other net, Punch your opponent so that they can’t move as quickly to block the ball.
  • Use combos can be helpful because you can hit the ball harder and eventually have better control with the ball’s movement.
  • Each day you get 5 free plays and for each victory, you can receive up to 3 Rose Points.
  • When playing against these characters, you have more control of the game by having the ball in your possession more often.


Bobblehead Ball is an easy-to-play football game with a simple and intuitive interface. I like to play defensively and wait for the opponent to make a mistake and score. In this game, you have to be very quick in your movements and know when to hit the ball. I participated in the tournament organized by Roseon and won prizes.

-Roberto. B


Bobblehead Ball is a simple game to play whenever you’re bored. It is straightforward to get the hang of because there are only 5 controls. The game is super fun and I love that I get to choose my opponent. The game runs pretty smoothly and the graphics are good for a phone game. I like how they give us free plays every day because it’s an easy way to get more roses each time I play. The loading time could be a bit faster but otherwise, it’s a great game.


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