It’s not often when two platforms find that they are great not only independently, but can complement each other’s if they combine forces. For us at Roseon and the wonderful team at Spinel Labs, this just happened in a way we never imagined possible.

We are lucky to have discovered each other during the BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam. Both platforms are in the top slot and karma brought both teams together to find out that there is a lot we can benefit from one another. Today, we are immensely happy to announce that both Roseon and Spinel Labs have formalized an agreement that sees the platforms working mutually towards expansion.

Both Roseon and Spinel Labs were in the top 9 BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam, an intense competition where several projects vied for the top slot. Roseon and Spinel Labs were chosen for their acute focus on giving priority to user experience. With Spinel Labs and Roseon making the cut, it goes to show how both platforms are user-centric and sincere in their mission of providing bleeding-edge services to the masses.

Synergetic Existence

As a one-stop crypto lifestyle app, Roseon has gained traction as an established platform, with close to 200K registered users. It breaks down barriers to entry and at the same time provides ease of services and exposure to different world-class projects and their assets.

Spinel Labs is also a Web3 platform. But it offers a different approach. Spinel Labs offers people a chance to build their own Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) without the need of having complex coding knowledge. What it does is that it connects different people from all parts of the world. Users can operate DAOs (called Squads in Spinel Labs’ ecosystem) to operate anything, from communities to fundraisers to investments and even governance.

For Roseon, this creates an opportunity where it can act as a service provider to Spinel Labs’ users. With access to Roseon, Squads can add in investors and fund managers – even gain access to the different projects running on Roseon to back.

On the other side of the coin, Spinel Labs can provide Roseon users with opportunities beyond the projects running on Roseon itself. They can join Squads to make more investments, fund different startups and even take part in governing Squads themselves.

The Way Forward

The Roseon/Spinel Labs agreement will see a number of activities that both platforms will deploy to not only support cross-platform users but to attract a larger audience that is currently not on both ecosystems:

  • Combined Marketing Activities: Each brand brings its own value and potential user base to the table, attracting future users to the other platform, becoming more than the sum of their parts.
  • Roseon Integration on Spinel: Spinal Labs will support Roseon by listing it in their app store, opening avenues for Roseon users.
  • Spinel Labs on Roseon: Roseon will offer the different Spinel Labs’ solutions to projects and platforms wishing to enlist on Roseon. This will expand the outreach of Spinel Labs.
  • Squad Tokens on Roseon: With Squads able to mint their own tokens, the large user base and IDO nature of Roseon gives Spinel Squads the perfect opportunity to list their tokens on the Roseon launchpad services.


About Spinel Labs

Spinel Labs is an ecosystem that provides Web3 Organisations with better solutions to unlock their limitation.

Spinel Finance – a product of Spinel Labs democratizes Web3 by creating a human-centred experience by providing a comprehensive on-chain infrastructure to create, and manage a DAO or any other Web3 organisation. Spinel Finance offers multi-sig treasury measurement, fundraising, expense management tools, as well as voting and proposal mechanisms. Spinel Finance focuses on achieving a minimum viable DAO community to have a healthy engagement and build a strong active community.

Spinel Labs also provides services including tasks and bounties management, P2P incubation, and NFT Studios for Web3 Organisations. Spinel Labs team is expanding their platform into an ecosystem as a professional and friendly UX ground for Web3 Organisations to build on.

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Discord | Facebook

About Roseon

Roseon is your one-stop crypto lifestyle app with LaunchPad, DeFi and Play-To-Earn Games. A few days back, we got selected as one of the Top 9 stars in BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam.

Roseon is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web, and soon, with our very own metaverse. Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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