Product Department

CMs Department (Mr. Longgoo): We will have the Head of each department to join the today AMA. The founder has some unexpected meeting with crucial. We appreciate your time and participation. We have many loyal users here. Let’s start with Mr. Tri, Head of Product Development department. 

Product Development (Mr. Tri): Hello you guys, I’m Tri – Head of product of Roseon. So far, we’ve just got in the top 10 of Roseon Web3 Accelerator. In the next version we wil integrate with Celer bridge and we will support BEP 1155 NFT (BSC). The Zombie Warrior will have PVP mode in the upcoming weeks, users can use points to bet and earn Rose points. Leaderboard could be added to the app together with PvP.

We also have a plan to create #digital_identity_NFT, users can use our NFT and set it on your profile to get life-time NFT. If you hold and use digital identity NFT, you will get fee discount forever. We also integrate Solana swap in the app. We have a voucher system which will be available in the next 2-3 months. The vouchers are diversified from food voucher, merchandise voucher. Lending service will also be available for users to experience.  That is the short-term update for 2022 and early 2023. 

For a long-term development, we will have a social platform in the app and analytics tool for trading and investment. The Wonder Land takes more time than we expected so we may focus on building the most-effective app now. However, we are still working on Wonderland in the backend. After the Wonderland has been integrated successfully, we will migrate our available features to Wonderland and the metaverse begins. We may have some obstacles during development process but we will try to achieve as many milestones as soon as possible following the roadmap.

CMs Department: Thank you Mr. Tri. I believe that Roseon will become a super app soon with mult-chain support, gaming, defi, social activities etc. Loyal users obviously will get a lot of returns if they stick together with our development process as they can accumulate early rewards over time, get recognized by the team etc via our marketing and communities’ events. Ms. Danie will explain more about this.

Marketing Department

Marketing Department (Ms. Danie): As you know Roseon has been selected as the top 10 in BNB Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam, over 150 competitors in the event. This is one of our great achievements so far. We got a lot of support from Binance beside funding, they help us to acquire more users and provide strategy for us to catch up with the upcoming trend in the late 2022. They will also support us more on partnership and promotion in the upcoming time.

From the Marketing side, we got 100 thousand KYC-ed app users and more than 10 thousand daily-active users. By 2023, we try to achieve around 1 million users’ registration. We almost finalize the Marketing strategy for the upcoming months. We also trying to encourage and attract more traditional users to the app. The new mission of Roseon App is to simplify crypto journey for any users. Newbie in crypto market who is willing to learn about crypto can use Roseon app to understand and experience many segments in the crypto market. Our vision is to bring cryptos and blockchain into mass adoption via Roseon ecosystem. That’s why in the upcoming month, there will be a lot of activities including Trading Competition with bigger prize, rewards for new users, etc with support from BNB Chain. We also kick off more Marketing to attract traditional gamers. Specially, a very big events for the WORLD CUP will occur during November.

Our team has contacted and partnered with many local universities in the country, our very first step to bring cryptos and blockchain into mass adoption. We will share with them knowledge and guidance about the crypto market.

Partnership Department

CMs Lead: Ms. Lynn – Head of Business Development will explain and share with you more information about our partnership status over the past few months and in the next months.

Business Development Dept (Ms. Lynn): Yes, it is a good time to build so we have expanded our partnership over the past few months. In term of staking and farming, we have reached 30 new projects and we are still working our way up to close at least 10% of them to bring more yield to our users. With support from BEP-1155 NFT, we quite believe that we can bring more investment opportunities to users as well. In term of games, we are discussing with many game studios to expand our game portfolio in Game Center. We are also developing our own game, which may be linked with the upcoming NFT collection. As Danie also mentioned, we are looking to work with the top local universities to create a series of Crypto Educational Workshop over the whole country. With the support of BNB Chain, our plan will penetrate the market in the upcoming time, I believe so. Thank you!

CMs Lead: Yes, we are expanding our network in the area and trying to attract more first-time users like students. I believe it will work well as they belong to young generation and young generations are very hyped by technology and investments right now.

Let me share a bit about our updates for the community segment. We will pull a lot of users to the community with the support from BNB promotions support. There will be a lot of Community activities during the next 2-3 months, especially during the World Cup time. Community team will work closely with Marketing Departments to monitor and create as many events as possible. Users are advised to spend more time to get rewards from the community. Free tokens, NFTs are just small rewards. Users will get a bigger prize if they get special NFTs in the whole collection (like the World Cup collection). Users may have a chance to get huge prize at zero costs based on their contribution to the community.

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