Let’s challenge Real Players on 1v1 Online Battles.

Zombie Warriors is a Free-To-Play shooting puzzle game that addicts those who like physics, shooting, puzzles. The game has attracted thousands of players on the Roseon App. Zombie Warriors PvP Public Beta version has just been released, and will certainly be even more attractive than the initial one. This time, Roseon will host the Zombie Warriors PvP Championship with extremely attractive rules and prizes that you can’t miss.

Wanna join the event? 👇👇

Make sure to complete the registration before: September 21st, 03:00 PM UTC.

We will select the top 50 players who have the highest scores to participate in the event. The more tasks you complete, the higher chance you will get the ticket to join the next round. Invite & challenge your friends to earn more scores.

⏰ The Championship Event will start from September 22th, 13:00 UTC to September 27th, 14:00 UTC

🎁 Reward pool

  • Top 1: $500 Free Trial, 500 Rose Points, 1 Special Lootbox NFT
  • Top 2 $400 Free Trial, 400 Rose Points, 1 Special Lootbox NFT
  • Top 3: $300 Free Trial, 300 Rose Points, 1 Special Lootbox NFT
  • Top 4: $200 Free Trial, 200 Rose Points, 1 Common Lootbox NFT
  • Top 5: $100 Free Trial, 100 Rose Points, 1 Common Lootbox NFT

PvP Championship Tournament Rule

The championship is divided into 2 rounds: the group stage and the final round

👉The group stage: from September 22nd, 13:00 UTC to September 27th, 13:00 UTC

The group stage is the competition of the top 50 players in Zombie Warriors PvP matches for the top ranking. Top 5 players with the highest score in the group stage will enter the final round.

👉The final round: from 13:00 UTC – 13:30 UTC on September 28th.

The group stage is the competition of the top to find the best player – master Zombie Warriors

Term & Conditions

  • Roseon reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing any signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.
  • Roseon reserves the right to cancel or amend the Campaign or Campaign Rules at its sole discretion.

Download Roseon Mobile App

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=roseon.finance

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/roseon-finance/id1559440997

Web app: https://app.roseon.finance/


About Roseon

Roseon is your one-stop crypto lifestyle app with LaunchPad, DeFi and Play-To-Earn Games. A few days back, we got selected as one of the Top 10 stars in BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam.

Roseon is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web, and soon, with our very own metaverse. Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

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Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Litepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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