Good day everyone! When I heard about cryptocurrencies, some millionaires sharing their crypto journey really piqued my interest. Of course, I’m not expecting to make that much money from cryptocurrencies because crypto is hard, but a little is not impossible. I’m a newbie who gets nervous around complicated things, so I’d prefer something simple and easy to use. That’s when I came across the Roseon App, and my crypto journey then simply began from there.

First, I am not a risk taker, so I never spend money I really need on investing in something new, in this case it’s crypto. Moreover, advice from many experienced people was to use your idle funds, or money that you can afford to lose. Thus, I created a budget which was a line-item accounting of all my income and expenses, then ran it through the 50/30/20 framework; consequently, I have a fund for investment.

Next, it’s time for research. We have to know what we are investing in, right? We cannot win a game if we do not know its rules, which is especially true in this unregulated market. The first piece of advice I received was not to believe the hype. Do not put your money into crypto Ponzi schemes, especially if you are new to investing. Prices for cryptocurrencies are volatile, and a new investor can easily be crushed by this volatility. To determine whether projects have potential, we must thoroughly read the prospectus and analyze the companies. Did this help me evaluate well in the first place? No, but educating ourselves will be beneficial in the long run. Another piece of advice I got was to time the market to buy low and decide how long to hold. If you intend to hold for a short time, buy at the lowest possible price; if you intend to hold for a long time, low or lowest price makes little difference. For example, buying some token at 0.2 or 0.1 is not important if it will increase to 2 after 2 years; however, it is important if you only want to hold it until it reaches 0.4; thus, buying at 0.1 is definitely more beneficial.

Then, after conducting research and consulting experienced individuals in the field, I started with the Roseon app. I believe it is the best place to start a crypto journey because the UI/UX design is so great and straightforward. I was quite impressed when I discovered this app, and it’s always fun to try out the app’s features. Regarding investing, various savings pools with fixed APRs of up to 200% are the most secure. It’s similar to depositing money in a bank and then getting interest on it. With this, I could figure out what I’ll get after a certain amount of time which is usually 180 days or 90 days. Farming pools are another option, but they are riskier because the APR is variable. You still earn interest, but the token price that time may be higher or lower than before. Previously, there were not many farming pools with well-known tokens; instead, they only had pools of projects with which they had partnered. Now, thanks to the Beefy integration, they bring more appealing pools with coins such as USDT, BUSD or BNB to users, which I greatly appreciate. The lucky draw is another appealing feature. It’s the same as staking, but you’ll be entered into the lucky draw. As an example, consider the HDV lucky draw: I staked 1HDV, which I didn’t have to buy but obtained through the Spin2Win feature, and then won 200,000HDV which were $80. Isn’t that incredible? Even I myself can’t believe it.

The things mentioned above are not even the most enjoyable aspects of the app. If you like to play games, or even if you don’t, like me, you can’t miss out on the play-to-earn games of this app. But first, you may want to earn some free Rose points by completing KYC and daily check-in. I remembered I got 50 Rose points for completing KYC, 1 Rose point per day for checking in, and 4 more points if I check in 7 days in a row. I use those points in Spin2Win to get some random rewards, and if I’m lucky, I might get some tokens. I also play games to gain Rose points. There are currently four mini games available: Spin2Win, Zombie Warrior, Goblins Attack, and Bobblehead Ball. Zombie Warriors is my favorite game because it’s entertaining. I just need to adjust the angle of the shot so that it hits the zombies and instantly defeats them, allowing me to win the level and earn points. Of course, there are challenging levels, but completing them is always rewarding. I’m not very good at controlling characters or fighting in Goblin Attacks, so I always lose. If you like fighting games, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Regardless of the latest game released recently, Bobblehead Ball, it irritated me at first because it’s so difficult to win, but now I can’t stop playing it since it’s so thrilling. Thanks to a variety of ways to earn Rose points, I often save them up to buy NFT loot boxes to get characters to win some levels. Level 67 of Zombie Warriors, for instance, cannot be completed unless you have a special character with explosive bullets; the Roseon team has even created a campaign to assist users in completing level 67. Furthermore, as they recently conducted a voucher survey on their Telegram community channel, I believe they will include some Rose point utilities such as redeeming gift cards, vouchers issued by their partners, or vouchers to purchase their merchandise. I am really looking forward to it.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency is a relatively new field, so there are certain risks. To minimize losses, we must prepare ourselves with knowledge before entering the field. Hope your crypto journey will be interesting and fun. Just start carefully and slowly as I have done with the Roseon app. On your mark. Get set. Go!

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