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The registration for BNB Chain Web3 Accelerator Vietnam officially ended last week. Over a period of more than 2 weeks, around 150 teams joined the program. After a rigorous selection process, 10 teams were selected as winners at this stage. They will continue their journey for the next two months to compete for the September Star and October Grand Final places.

These 10 teams cover mainly gaming, infrastructure, lifestyle and DeFi sectors. To better showcase the 10 winning projects to our community and provide a chance for the winning teams to connect with each other, two events will be held in addition to our original online accelerator program.

On Sept.7, a demo day under the Vietnam Accelerator incubation stage for 10 winning teams will go live via BNB Chain youtube, Twitter and Binance live. Each winning team will be given 10 minutes for demonstration and Q&A;  

On Sept.9, an offline innovation meetup will be held in Zumwhere, Vietnam to celebrate all the winners and participants, introduce our sponsors, and our future plan in Vietnam. Please stay tuned for further details on how to participate in the event via our official Twitter @BNBChain. There will also be a lucky draw and giveaways for the online demo day.

During the meetup, our sponsors will present the significant support they provide to all the participants and winners. AWS will provide up to $10,000 worth of AWS credits and 1:1 technical consultation from AWS technical experts with top 10 winners.

From NodeReal, besides a 3 month-long Growth Tier for all participants to access the fastest API service including NFT APIs on BNBChain, top 10 winners will be additionally entitled to one-on-one consultations. Winners will also be invited to the NodeReal MeetUp Side event during Token 2049 Singapore.

CyberConnect is set to offer each participating project a month-long growth plan, and has outlined an incredible further 6 month growth plan for the chosen top 10 project.

Last but not least, CertiK has offered to deliver winning projects 24/7 on-chain and off-chain monitoring services for the eventual chosen winners. Alongside this they will also ensure a 3-month membership to Skynet and even a 15% discount on any ensuing security assessments.

1) Incognito Chain: The Privacy Marketplace For Crypto Assets

Incognito is a community-driven privacy project powered by thousands of decentralized validators.Existing solutions like Monero, Zcash, Grin, and Beam introduced their own version of cryptocurrencies that focus on privacy. Incognito takes a different approach, based on the premise that people don’t want a new cryptocurrency with privacy. What they really want is privacy for their existing cryptocurrencies: incognito mode for any cryptocurrency.

2) FOTA – Fight Of The Ages: a AAA Metaverse Gaming project Under the Hybrid of MOBA-RPG

Not only delivering the best 3D-game experience, FOTA also empowers its players to roleplay and make their characters exclusively theirs in this fantasy world. Integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre, players can real-time interact with their teammates in the FOTA Metaverse. Powered by Mixed Reality from Microsoft.

3) Planet Sandbox: The Ultimate Physics-powered TPS Sandbox Shooting Game

Planet Sandbox is a physics-powered NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories. Powered by the $PSB and $PULV tokens, Planet Sandbox has created multiple play-to-earn opportunities within their Metaverse.

4) Krystal: One Platform, All DeFi

Being players in the FinTech and blockchain industry for more than 5 years, Krystal team understands the barriers and pain points users face when navigating the DeFi space. To help combat such complexities, they developed Krystal, a one-stop platform to access all the favorite DeFi services of users. With Krystal, users can store digital assets on multiple blockchains, exchange tokens at the best rates, benefit from low gas fees and save/lend/supply tokens to earn interest.

5) Roseon World: One-stop, Mobile-first Crypto Earning app

Roseon World is a licensed, mobile-first one-stop crypto app with LaunchPad, Staking & Farming, NFT, and Game Center. It is an entire ecosystem covering developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. WonderApp, previously simply called Roseon App, is accessible via mobile (Android or iOS) and also via their web portal.

6) Metastrike: A Blockchain-based VR Role-playing First Person Shooter Metaverse

Metastrike is a blockchain-based, role-playing, first person shooter, metaverse game built on UnrealEngine and BNB Chain, with a collection of weapons for player to equip, upgrade level to complete mission and earn NFT & tokens.Players can have a gun collection,build map to fight and steal NFT from other players. Metastrike is a first-person shooter project that can be used as a basis to develop your own FPS project with any ideas. It includes many features essential for modern multiplayer FPS games, objects such as weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, game modes and much more.

7) Calamus Finance: A Decentralized Crypto Streaming Platform on Multiple Chains

Calamus Finance is a decentralized crypto streaming protocol that allows people to send/receive payments on any time basi, startup vesting or any transactions with enhanced security and transparency.


8) Ancient8:Democratizing Social and Financial Access in the Metaverse

Ancient8 is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and infrastructure layer for GameFi with a focus on community and software platforms. As Vietnam’s largest blockchain gaming guild, Ancient8 enables everyone to build and play in the Metaverse through scholarship, education, community, institutional-grade research, and blockchain software products.


9) Spinel Labs: Unlocking the Power of Decentralized Organizations

From outreach to the community, fundraising, treasury asset management, governance to investment and asset allocation for DAO members, Spinel Labs is DAO infrastructure that offers no-code tools and makes it easy to onboard communities onto Web3.


10) Orochi Network:  Verifiable Computation for Decentralized Gaming and Metaverse

Orochi Network is an infrastructure that provides verifiable computation for decentralized gaming and metaverse, among several other functions. Its Computation Layer functions similarly to a Decentralized AWS EC2 for game and metaverse to drastically enhance the gaming performance and process integrity. Orochi Network is solving the most challenging issues in this industry: the limits of computation, data correctness, data availability and scalability. Orochi Network allows expensive computation to be processed and verifiable with the zk-SNARK proof. Besides, it also provides new abilities for all applications to access real-world data directly from the runtime. It not only removes third-party trust permanently but also guarantees high performance and low latency. With Orochi Network, we can scale smart contracts execution and develop high-performance dApp for the first time.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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