What is INO (Initial NFT Offering)

Initial NFT Offering (INO) is a new type of crowdfunding platform in which the NFTs are sold at the early stage of the project for a stipulated period.

INOs allow projects to raise funds by listing a set of NFTs or an NFT collection on a Launchpad. Usually, these are limited edition NFTs focused on scarcity to make them more attractive to investors.

INOs promote community building as well. By buying an NFT in an INO, the buyer purchases a scarce NFT of a limited collection, providing them with acceptance in a small community. It’s easier with NFTs to recognize each holder than with a fungible token.


How to participate

There are 2 rounds for any INO projects:

  • Allocation round usually for users who have level 2 to level 10 VIP-tier, and whitelisted users who participate in Gleam campaign. 
  • FCFS round (First come first serve round) for all Roseon users who complete KYC (Sumsub or from KYC Level 2)

Identity verification (KYC) is required for all users who would like to join any INO projects at RoseonPad.

  • Download Roseon Mobile app: LINK
  • Buy $ROSN at PancakeSwap | Gateio | Kucoin | MEXC or Fiat and Swap features on the app
  • How to upgrade your VIP level? Kindly read here: LINK
  • Apply for Whitelist level at Roseon Projects page: LINK
  • Users register for KYC Sumsub at Profile -> Identity Verification (1-5 days)

* Complete Identity Verification at Profile and complete requirements for whitelist at Roseon LaunchPad web page at least 24 hours before Sale is live.


Step 1: Log in and select INO Project

First and foremost, kindly note that RoseonPad happens only in Roseon App and is not available on Roseon website. If users cannot log in Roseon app, kindly ask for support at our Telegram channel or send email to our support team: [email protected].

  • Identity verification (KYC) is required for any participant. Go to Profile -> Identity Verification (1-5 days)

Head over to RoseonPad page in Roseon App. You can find all INOs, including upcoming, live and completed projects and you can find all the up-to-date information about upcoming INOs, too!

Users can see the list of Upcoming and Live NFTs at the RoseonPad page in Roseon App. Upcoming sales are shown in the “Upcoming” section, users can read descriptions of the project.

Live-for-sale project appears in the “Live” section and begins at the “Get ready” stage. You can click on the project to see details of Project INO information including NFT Price, Session Supply, Tier Allocation.

Live-for-sale project has four stages: Get ready -> Allocation -> FCFS -> Completed.

Users are allowed to buy tokens during the “Allocation” round and “FCFS” round solely. Purchased NFTs will be claimed automatically at the 1st Claim (UTC) time and following vesting date.


Step 2: Deposit currencies into wallet balance

We recommend users to deposit buying tokens into your wallet balance at least 36 hours prior to the start of an INO. If there is any error or pending transaction, we can support you immediately before the INO starts.

It depends on supported currencies of each project so users must deposit BUSD, USDT or BNB etc to buy NFTs

🔸 The Guide for Buying and Depositing Tokens into Roseon Wallet at here. https://youtu.be/hlJz0hTQjgA

🔸 You can also use Fiat and Swap function to get the fiat currencies.

Kindly choose the correct network to deposit tokens into your personal wallet address in Roseon app. After you deposit your balance will be updated, make sure you deposit enough tokens to buy INO.

Step3: Buy NFTs

  • Allocation Round: Only users in Whitelist or have level 2 to level 10 VIP-tier can buy at Allocation round. We will have specific quantity allocated to each Tier, which will be included in each project’s article. The higher level of your VIP Tier, the higher chance you can buy NFTs. For example, there are 50 VIP 4 but the Allocation can be 40 NFTs for the whole VIP 4. 
  • FCFS round is for all Roseon users who complete Identity Verification. All unsold tokens from the Allocation round will be carried over to FCFS round.
  • Each user can only buy one NFT per order. There will be no limit or limit on the number of order during INO, depending on projects.

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