Digital characters or avatars using computer graphics (CGI) is basically what a Virtual Influencer is. Added with its personality and quirks, however, it goes way beyond having just a simple avatar online. In our article – Virtual Influencers: The Future of Marketing, we discussed that one of the advantages of virtual influencers is how easy brands can manage them for their campaigns. No more need to consider flights, lodging, or even food! Having a photoshoot or commercial shoot can be done behind a computer. 

Models and influencers nowadays are faced with the decision – go human or virtual. Following the rise of web3 and various metaverse projects, more and more decide to go virtual. On-chain and off-chain brands have also welcomed the idea of virtual influencers. Decentraland was the location of the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW2022). Avid fans of real-world fashion weeks (think of Paris, Milan, New York, Miami, etc.) were piqued by this unique event. In early July, RTKFT’s Clone X NFT holders were given 3D renders of their NFTs. They also announced that the holders can use them for whatever purpose they want – using these characters for Virtual YouTube (VTuber) is included. 

Roselynn became our official Virtual Influencer as announced last February 2022. Even before this announcement, she’s already worked with notable projects such as MetaStrike and Space Falcon for NFT collection collabs. She can also be purchased as one of Billionaire Plus Metaverse’s NFT playable characters.

This coming July 25th, join Roselynn in the first-ever live interview with a virtual influencer on blockchain space. She will also have three (2) successful, beautiful ladies working in the blockchain.

Ms. Myrtle Anne Ramos is the founder of Block Tides and the current CEO of a gamified and open-internet metaverse Place War. She works as an advisor for many blockchain and tech companies.

Ms. Agnes works as the Business Development Manager of the upcoming MMORPG metaverse – Koakuma. Currently, you can download a demo version of their game to for the public to explore their world of Laria.

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