Before applying for any course or university, we’d often hear statements like ‘Follow your dreams’ or ‘Choose a career that will get you rich’. This might be the outlook majority has, but life is full of surprises. As for me, I am Elle, a senior university student and about to graduate this year. I am currently employed at Roseon as an Administrative Associate and Social Committee Manager. Can you guess what I studied in university? Communication? Public Relations? No. I major in English Linguistics and specialize in Teaching Methodology. Sounds fun, right? Who knew I would work in the crypto and blockchain industry instead of being a full-time English teacher? But I’m here, in Roseon – a technology company in the crypto and blockchain industry. Then, how am I doing here?

Let me first walk you through our office. We have a kitchen on the ground floor, which gives me a homey feeling. At lunchtime, we frequently eat and talk together, and we occasionally organize birthday parties for our members here. Moving up to the first floor, our CEO’s office is to the left, and Admins’ office space is to the right, where I sit and work. The second floor has two rooms, one of which is a multi-function room where our members could nap or hold meetings. We also hold our English class and social events there. The other one is the Business Development and Marketing Room. On the third floor, there is an Art Room where our talented artists and designers work, as well as a Development Room where our excellent developers work.

I started working for Roseon last April 1st. My very first project was organizing the company’s one-year anniversary trip. We went to Mui Ne and stayed in three beach-front villas. We had many activities together, such as team-building activities, dancing, singing and drinking nights that strengthened our bonds and brought us closer together. It was an incredible experience for me. That was the first time organizing a big event so I made mistakes. However, instead of being sad or demotivated, I was grateful to have chances to learn from them. I learned how to communicate with all the members so that no one would lose track of what’s going on during the trip. I also realized that we need to have a better schedule fixed with the driver so no one has to wait for long.

Recently I’ve been working on connecting with university student clubs and youth organizations. We want to make blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to young people, and we want to add great value to the young generation by sharing knowledge of various topics such as blockchain, crypto, technology, fintech, and even marketing. We are currently planning a podcast episode with RMIT Vietnam Fintech Club, which I am very excited about. Keep an eye out!

As I mentioned before, I have a background in English teaching, so I am in charge of teaching it to staff who want to improve their skills. We hold English classes at least once weekly at the office, usually every Friday afternoon.. There are about 8 students, and we always have a good time while studying. I believe the best way to learn something effectively in the long run is to make the process as enjoyable as possible. I reckon it’s quite successful because students desired to increase the learning hours from 1 hour to 1 and a half hours. I’m overjoyed because I can help people to improve their skills and see them become more confident in communicating in English every day. In addition to English class, we have gym sessions every Monday and Thursday. We decided to do this because of the positive benefits exercise brings. According to many studies, regular exercise can boost self-esteem, improve mood, help relax, and lower symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. We are concerned about our employees’ mental and physical health. I also organized a painting activity in which we painted 3D models of our virtual character, Roselynn. Anyone who feels the need to unwind can go to the multi-function room and paint one. What’s more, monthly I organize a birthday party for our beloved members to celebrate the day they came to this world. Also, sometimes we go out for dinner gatherings and karaoke to have fun together. This is how we serve our members. We believe that investing in our members and providing good service to our employees is crucial to the growth of both the employees and the company.

Just like plants grow well when the soil is wet, I believe dedication is what keeps us growing.

That sums up my life at work. Joining Roseon represents a turning point in my life. I do not know what I want to be or will be in the next two years, but for now, I know that I am following my heart and taking small steps towards a happy and meaningful life (and stressed out too haha). And at our company, I have been given opportunities to work with dedicated people, learn new things, challenge myself, and grow as a person.

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