Roseon’s 2nd mini-game – Zombie Warriors, will officially start its beta phase on March 15th, 2022. Zombie Warriors is a type of hyper casual game that offers our users instant gameplay with its simple mechanics. Following our Engage-to-Earn principle, users only need a few minutes to finish a level and earn Rose Points – moving away from the long grinding hours that most P2E games require.

  • Testing period runs from March 15 th to March 31st, 2022
  • Only the Free Playable Character is available to use. 
  • Up to 20 levels will be released.

During the beta testing phase, we will also run the ‘Shoot Your Way to Success’. Users will compete for a separate leaderboard where the top users will share a reward pool of approximately 700 BUSD.


Creative Route

  • Submit screenshots, fan art, memes or any digital image content on social media. (1 point)
  • Share on social media (Facebook, Twitter or other SNS) any digital content with the hashtags #RoseonWonderApp #ZombieWarriors. Make sure that the settings are set to public. (2 points)
  • Create and share game video content on hosting sites (YouTube, Tiktok) with the hashtags #RoseonWonderApp #ZombieWarriors (5 points)

Competitive Route

  • Rush through the levels and aim for the top! Share a screenshot of your milestones while using the hashtags #ChallengeAccepted #ZombieWarriors #RoseonWonderApp
  • Level 5 (1 point)
  • Level 10 (1 point)
  • Level 15 (3 points)
  • Level 20 (5 points)

Submit your entries on this GOOGLE FORM.


The Top 10 Players each campaign week will receive the following rewards:

  • Top 1: 100$ BUSD
  • Top 2 – 5: 30$ BUSD/user
  • Top 6 – 10: 200 ROSN/user

Campaign Week: 15th – 22nd March, 2022

Announcement: Kick-off Announcement (15th March) – Closed Announcement (22nd March)

Reward Distribution: 31st March

Campaign Week: 23rd – 30th March, 2022

Announcement: Kick-off Announcement (23rd April) – Closed Announcement ( 30th March)

Reward Distribution: 31st March


  1. The campaign is limited to 1,500 whitelisted users only.
  2. Each user can only use a picture/video ONCE. Multiple usage will render the user disqualified.
  3. Each user can only claim the level achievements ONCE. Multiple submissions of the same level will render the user disqualified.
  4. Make sure to follow and complete all tasks required on the gleam campaign to be considered for the leaderboard.
  5. Any other fraudulent acts including, but not limited to the use of bots will render the user disqualified.
  6. Rewards will be sent directly to the users’ in-app wallet.
  7. By submitting any and all image and video materials to the gleam campaign, the user gives Roseon World the right to use said materials for marketing purposes in the future.


Google Play:

App Store:

Web app:



ROSEON WONDERAPP is a one-stop solution to all your crypto investments’ needs, available on Android and iOS. The WonderApp boasts a user-friendly UI for its features such as swap, bridge, yield aggregator, and managing the users’ digital assets. Its recently launched RoseonPad – a mobile-first centralized launchpad focused on new and emerging crypto projects.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

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