Once, there was a time of harmony and balance between the worlds of magic and humans. The creatures born of magic and elemental power worked hard with the mortal races, teaching them to create fire, control the weather, and heal injuries. The mortals were short-lived but could build and adapt to anything. This time was an era of peace and wonder, but all good things must come to an end.

The mortal humans grew to covet the creatures’ nearly eternal lives and their unlimited connection to the sources of magic. In their search for power, humans found an ethereal marrow in the creature’s bones called Maribor, allowing them to control magic. The magical creatures did not react well to this perversion of their powers and waged war on the humans and other mortals. The war led mortals to hunt down even more magical creatures, almost close to near extinction. The once vibrant and peaceful land grew chaotic and dangerous, no longer safe for neither mortals nor magical creatures.

A century has passed and although the war is still waging, some factions who are against the war have sprouted. A small faction who are taking refuge in a forest is where a peace-loving elf fell in love with one human refugee. Roselynn was born from forbidden love. The lovers stayed hidden because hybrids are hunted more than the purebloods. Their love was true, but their story didn’t last. The human perished in one of the skirmishes while protecting their forest. Roselynn fought with her father and saw firsthand the effects of war. She swore on her father’s deathbed that she would be the catalyst for change. She wants to create a haven where hybrids, magical creatures, and mortals could live in peace – marking another period of harmony and balance. ‘My parents were able to set aside their differences and found love’ is what Roselynn repeated like a mantra for her goal.

Roselynn and her companions persisted through the adversity by using her swiftness, courage, and magic. Founding a land just below the human realm, she managed to create a utopia of peace and wonder – a refuge to those wishing to escape the chaos and destruction of the war. To honor her achievements and leadership during the battles, the citizens named the utopia after Roselynn – Roseon WonderLand.

Thanks to her half elvish blood, Roselynn’s reign as the first ruler of Roseon WonderLand was long and prosperous. Many years have passed, the WonderLand flourished, travel to other lands and even to space was made possible. Roselynn adopted a new name, [email protected], to keep up with the changing times. Still living with the promise to her parents, [email protected] advocates peace and one day hopes to live peacefully with humans and mythical creatures.

With Roselynn’s campaign for peace, the Roseon WonderLand has gathered several magical creatures and humans alike to live and prosper. As the landscape of WonderLandis vast, from mountain ranges, to forests, down to the developed land where humans have built a castle. Each area is inhabited by creatures working together in harmony.

The Ironforge Mountains is where trolls and dwarves coexist as they both share affinity with the earth. While the trolls remained within the mountains to protect the previous stones (Farms), the dwarves on the other hand, built Ironforge City as their homebase. Innately crafty with their hands, the dwarves are the ones in-charge of refining the precious stones found by the trolls into marketable gems and alloys (Swap)

The World Tree sits just on the edge of the WonderLand. It is where the peace-loving Fairies reside to protect the wonderful art from the olden days to the present (NFT Gallery)

The center and heart of Roseon WonderLand would be the Casledom. Most humans and hybrids reside here as they don’t have an affinity with nature unlike other creatures. Not including the city of dwarves, the castle and town is where you’ll see most of the modern development. There are various notable focal points of the city

  • Tavern – where missions, bounties and points are distributed (Rose Point System)
  • Bank – anyone can store their wealth (Savings)
  • Wheel of Destiny – warriors can test what theri destiny gives them. They will be rewarded with stones and assets based on the results. (Spin2Win)
  • Fortune Cookie Store – where warriors can try their luck and see what it gives them. (Lucky Draw)
  • WonderLaunch – despite its front as a thrilling roller-coaster, don’t be deceived by its looks as this ride also serves as a portal to other locations which only opens on a time-limited basis (Launchpad)

Although we have the WonderLand as the symbol of harmony and coexistence between races, there are still areas filled with hostiles that threaten to shake the peace within Roseon WonderLand.

Originally a resting place for the brave warriors who fought during the war, the Cemetery – became a danger zone because of a magical alliance who wanted to ruin the peace. These magical creatures used dark magic to turn the corpses into Zombies. Anyone who dies within the mist of the Cemetery will also end up sharing the same Zombie-fied fate. The Castledom usually issues missions to exterminate and mitigate the numbers of these creatures so they don’t pose a threat to the peace. (Zombie Warrior Games)

The biggest known enemy are the goblins in the barren lands of Goblin Fortress. As goblins reproduce at a fast pace, they usually conduct raids to the outskirts of WonderLand to steal resources and sometimes even kidnap some citizens to hold as hostages, or even worse, as a food source. Reconnaissance missions are issued at the Tavern whenever hostages are being held. Warriors would often bomb some of the parts of the mountain to open-up the caves where goblins usually hide.

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