It may be more known as ‘couples’ season’, but Valentines isn’t only about lovers – it can also be celebrated for all those whom we love.

🌹🎁 Flowers and Gifs are momentary…

🍴📷 Dinner dates has mostly been for Insta pics…

📿💍 Jewelry can be a good investment but not everyone can afford…

What if we tell you that you can win an Exclusive Valentines NFT just by playing a mini-game FOR FREE!


Roseon WonderApp’s Spin2Win NFT reward will be an Exclusive Valentines NFT from 13:00 UTC, February 13th to 13:00 UTC February 18th.

  • A total of 100 Exclusive Valentines NFT will be available.
  • Go to Spin2Win on Home screen. 5 Roses are required for each spin. Roses are earned freely from our Engage-to-Earn (E2E) program. You can read more HERE.
  • The users who spin “Free NFT” will be the one who receive our Exclusive Valentines NFT
  • Upon winning a Free NFT from the spin, take a screenshot and share on Twitter.
  • Use the hashtags #HelloRoselynn #RoselynnNFT #Valentines and tag @HelloRoselynn on your post.
  • Make sure to follow Roselynn @HelloRoselynn on Twitter.

We will contact all winners who win NFT on February 19th to distribute the reward. The NFTs will be distributed to your external wallets.



Roseon WonderApp is a licensed, mobile-first one-stop crypto app with a LaunchPad, Staking, Farming, NFT Marketplace & a Metaverse GameFi Experience.

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