In late June 2021, Roseon Finance introduced the VIP tier system wherein users holding specific ranges of tokens are categorized into different tiers. Each tier received varying benefits, including bonuses on pools & farms, discounts on fees, and when RoseonPad was launched, the allocation for the IAOs (Initial App Offering).

Aside from a personal badge (VIP rank) on your user profiles as proof of your support to the Roseon ecosystem, VIPs also enjoy several benefits:

  • Access to all of Roseon’s ecosystem services
  • Discounts on fees
  • Tiered loyalty bonus rewards on pools and farms
  • Tiered allocation for VIP2 and above on RoseonPad
  • Access to Private Sale
  • Early access to Roseon products and partners

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year this 2022 that the Water Tiger signifies, our VIP Tier system will be roaring with its new update.


Upgrade #1: Shorter Holding Requirement

One community FAQ (frequently asked questions) would be about “how long should we hold the tokens for VIP tiers to be reflected?” Roseon’s requirement has undergone a few changes already. Initially, the condition was

holding minimum tokens for 30 days, and the VIP Tiers will be updated on the 1st day of each month“.

A second update was made to:

hold minimum tokens from the 1st of the month until the end of the current month, and VIP Tiers will be updated on the 1st of the following month“.

We made the holding period and VIP validity shorter to 15 days on this update. Users’ VIP level is now determined based by the following condition:

Average ROSN holding for the last 15 days. VIP levels will be calculated on the 1st and 16th of the month and will be valid for 15 days”.

Upgrade #2: Added VIP Tiers and Benefits

Aside from adjusting the required token holding, we will also launch two additional VIP tiers to recognize our significant investors. A summary of the VIP levels, requirements and benefits are shown in the table below.


VIP Required $ROSN Savings & Farms APY Bonus Withdrawal Fee Discount Launchpad Weight Rose Point
VIP 1 <5,000
VIP 2 <10,000 +2% 10% 10 10
VIP 3 <15,000 +3% 20% 30 25
VIP 4 <20,000 +4% 30% 50 50
VIP 5 <50,000 +5% 40% 80 75
VIP 6 <100,000 +6% 50% 100 100
VIP 7  100,000+ +7% 60% 130 130


About Roseon World

Roseon World is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web (WonderApp), and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

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