Polygon—the layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution has one of the top GameFi ecosystems in the current network. QuickSwap is an AMM similar to UniSwap built on Polygon (formerly MATIC).

Highlights of QuickSwap:

  • Easy to use: QuickSwap is a Uniswap fork so its usage is simple and intuitive.
  • Low cost (almost zero): Since QuickSwap is built on Polygon (Ethereum Layer 2), its fees are relatively low, approximately 0.3% for Adding Liquidity.

See the guide below on how to join any $token1- $token2 LP Quickswap Farming Pool in Roseon App. To do this, you must add a balance of $token1, $token2 and $MATIC in your Metamask wallet (Polygon mainnet).

1. Add Polygon mainnet to Metamask

As Quickswap works on Polygon mainnet, you have to add Polygon mainnet to your Metamask wallet. Go to Settings -> Networks at Metamask.


2. Prepare balance of $MATIC (for transaction fee) and balance of a pair of tokens for LP farming.

  • Deposit some $MATIC from exchanges to Metamask balance to pay for future transaction fees.
  • Buy $token1 and $token2 using Quickswap or buy and send them from centralized exchanges.
  • Click “Import tokens” in Metamask to add $token1 and $token2 required in LP farming pool, to your Metamask wallet (Polygon mainnet).

* You can find the Polygon mainnet contract address of any token at https://www.coingecko.com/ or https://polygonscan.com/

Example 1: ATK-WETH pool

Example 2: PYM-USDT pool

3. Add liquidity to create LP token

  • Go to Pools -> “Add liquidity”, use the contract address of $token1 and $token2 to find them.
  • Then add the balance of $token1 and $token2 to create a new balance of $token1-token2 LP. *Switch to Matic network if you are using other networks like BSC or Ethereum network.
  • $token1-token2 LP represents your liquidity contribution of $token1 and $token2 to the farming pool, and it has a specific contract address in Polygon mainnet.

Example 1: Create ATK-WETH LP https://quickswap.exchange/#/add/0xF868939Ee81F04f463010BC52EAb91c0839eF08c/0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619

Example 2: Create PYM-USDT LP https://quickswap.exchange/#/add/0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f/0x0bd49815ea8e2682220bcb41524c0dd10ba71d41


4. Add $token1-token2 LP contract address to your Metamask

  • You can find the contract address of $token1-token2 LP at https://www.dextools.io/
  • Choose Polygon network https://www.dextools.io/, then use the contract address of $token1 to search for the contract address of $token1-token2 LP at Quickswap (not Sushiswap).


  • Pair ATK-WETH LP contract: 0x59213df839990c599073ba69923bb91ad5a70a7c
  • Pair PYM-USDT LP contract: 0xd236ca19caa7f8ed19797a5fff7e89e256674904
  • To see the new balance of your $token1-token2 LP, you have to copy and add the pair contract address of $token1-token2 LP to your Metamask wallet.

5. Send those $token1-token2 LP (displayed as UNI-V2 in Metamask) to your balance in Roseon app

  • Head to Roseon app, choose Wallet -> Deposit -> $token Quickswap farming pool -> Copy address
  • Go to Metamask again, send your $token1-token2 LP to deposit address in Roseon app
  • Go to Farms -> $token Quickswap farming pool -> Confirm your deposit.

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