Getting Value from $ROSN with OpenDAO’s Stablecoin Minter on BSC

OpenDAO’s Stablecoin Minter is a powerful DeFi tool that allows you to unlock the value inherent in a variety of assets while earning more of those same assets in the process.

It’s simple!

Stake ROSN in the vaults to mint USDO → Supply USDO alongside ROSN at a high native APY → Lend USDO to earn → Repay to unlock collateral. EASY!

Details Below


→ How To

→ About USDO

→ About Roseon

→ About OpenDAO

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[STEP 1] Go to


{1} Asset Selector: Allows you to change the asset

{2} Quick Links: Takes you to buy, add liquidity, and staking sites for the selected asset

{3} Your Info: Very important information about your position and assets

{4} Stablecoin Module: Stake, Mint, and Lend! This is where the action happens. See more below.


[STEP 2] Select ROSN

⚈ Need some ROSN? Buy here!

List is always growing

[STEP 3] Stake Asset

⚈ Click “Approve” and confirm in your wallet.

NOTE: For first time stakers, there will be TWO Metamask transactions — one to stake and another to enable collateral

The staking options should be active (highlight pink) by default

⚈ Enter the amount you’d like to stake, or click the “% or MAX” buttons

⚈ Click “SUBMIT”

You can disable collateral minting with the toggle above the submit button on the right

⚈ Your collateral is staked, and you can now start minting


[STEP 4] Mint USDO

⚈ Choose the top center tab — “Mint USDO”

⚈ The “Mint” subtab should be automatically selected

⚈ Click “APPROVE” — Confirm in walle

⚈ Enter the quantity

⚈ Click “SUBMIT” — Confirm in wallet

⚈ NEW squeaky clean USDO! Cha-ching!

Hey USDO Holder!

With your newly minted USDO, you can supply liquidity to various LPs to earn trade fees. Once you’re an LP, stake in the auto-compounding farms to earn more.


NOTE: DO NOT exceed your “Mint Limit” + Remember that changing market prices may affect your limit too! DeFi wisely!


[STEP 5] Add USDO + ROSN to a Liquidity Pool

This is how we get more of your favorite asset!

Let’s start by adding $ROSN and $USDO to the Liquidity Pool.

⚈ Follow this link here to PancakeSwap or…

⚈ Click the “ADD ROSN-USDO LP” button on the site.

⚈ You will now being earning fees whenever anyone uses the pool to go back and forth between ROSN and USDO! But don’t stop here!


[STEP 6] Auto-compound LP Tokens for a High APY

Follow this link here to our partner Omni Consumer Protocols, or…
⚈ Click the “STAKE ROSN-USDO LP FOR XXX% APY” button on the site.

Approve, Confirm, Deposit All, Confirm!

⚈ Approve and Confirm in Wallet

⚈ Deposit All!

⚈ Congratulations!

Your USDO and ROSN LP position is now auto-compounding, earning more of itself and reinvesting itself every 24 hours!

What does that mean?

❇️ No more daily rewards harvesting
❇️ No more wonky **** coin rewards
❇️ Yes, more APY!


[STEP 7] Lend USDO

This is a great option for those who want to put some stable coins to work! Probably after having been active in the pools for a while, or during a bear market!

⚈ Choose the top right tab — “Lend USDO”

⚈ The “Lend” subtab should be automatically selected

⚈ Enter the quantity

⚈ Click “SUBMIT” — Confirm in wallet

⚈ Start to EARN!



USDO is an over-collateralized multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, thereby making stocks, real estate, crypto currencies, and nearly any real world asset a viable candidate as collateral for minting it.

One by one, assets are being added as approved collateral for minting our stablecoin, and over the next year, we can expect to see larger, more illiquid, and more ‘tangible’ assets added to our platforms.

Of course, USDO is also jam packed with utility and is available for use across a growing number of platforms. Read more here.

Welcome. You’re early!

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ABOUT Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) operates an easy-to-use launchpad, aggregator, wallet and swap application, that allows users to stake and yield farm. Its mobile yield aggregator manages users’ digital assets and acts as the gateway to DeFi, providing services across its multiple products and features including Roseonpad, a launchpad focused on new and emerging gamefi and NFT projects. Roseon had completed its original roadmap ahead of schedule and has added new key strategic developments to incorporate #GameFi and #Metaverses into its application. Roseon is available on both Android and iOS with the $ROSN utility token used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services.



OpenDAO (OPEN) is the home of the multi-collateral over-collateralized stablecoin, and we serve as a bridge for real-world assets to cross over into the growing DeFi infrastructure.

The goal is to bring more value into the space by providing exposure to real estate, stocks, and more… all in a uniquely permissionless and seamless manner.

Real world industries’ business models will be completely transformed as a result of our success.

Join our Telegram if you haven’t already!

Written by OpenDAO Team

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