Roseon Finance began with the mission of bridging the opportunities that both CeFi and DeFi can bring into one application. We launched and focused on a mobile application for easy access to our users – both on iOS and Android. Anyone can enjoy the features as long as they have a device to connect to the internet. On the go, anytime, anywhere. Roseon Finance has released several successful elements such as the Savings & Farms, Swap, Bridge, VIP Systems, Minigames, and just lately, our very own launchpad – the RoseonPad. The year is about to wrap, but Roseon Finance is just getting started.

Roseon at a Glance

Following the token generation event (TGE) last May and the official mobile launch in June, Roseon Finance has come a long way.

  • Listings – After the TGE on May 14, 2021, $ROSN became available for trading on Pancakeswap. Less than one (1) month later, Roseon was listed on KuCoin – one of the top tier crypto exchanges. To provide additional liquidity and access, $ROSN was listed on in Q4 and subsequently on MEXC in Q4.
  • Mobile Application – Roseon Finance took advantage of the increasing market share of mobile devices compared to desktop/laptop, and focused on being mobile first, releasing and developing application with this principle in mind. Since its launch in June 2021, the Roseon App already has more than 53K+ downloads with matching 1K+ 5-star reviews both from iOS and Android users.
  • Due to the pandemic lockdowns especially in Southeast Asia that occurred since Q2, P2E GameFi rose in popularity causing a higher demand for mobile games. Roseon affiliate Lavender Capital launched its venture capital and incubation arm during this time to support new GameFi and NFT projects. The synergies brought about by this were strong, and further enhanced the ability for Roseon to expand its product offering to provide staking and farming programs exclusive to Roseon such as Nakamoto Games, PolkaWar, and Zomfi program. This also fueled the development of Roseonpad – the first-ever mobile-based launchpad which also successfully launched November 2021.
  • We expect a continuous rise of mobile users, especially with the 5G development partnered with various companies’ ever-progressing hardware technology, and this coupled with crypto adoption, will ensure that Roseon has a bright future ahead with significant opportunities to capture.

Thriving Community and Partners

Roseon Finance definitely wouldn’t reach where it is now without its ever-growing community. With the recent MEXC and listing garnering more than 10M votes – it goes to how much the community supports the project. As of December 2021, our active users has already reached:


  • Roseon: 65K+
  • Lavender: 11K+
  • Guildsquad: 4K+


  • Global: 21K+ (Top 398th out of 15944 English groups)
  • Vietnam: 3K+ (Top 332th out of 1210 Vietnamese groups)

To sustain the interest and support of the community, Roseon Finance comes up with weekly activities such as:

  • Buy/Stake and Earn
  • Learn and Earn
  • Game Nights
  • Various partner project-related campaigns
  • Q&A with the CEO/Founder

Just this quarter alone, we also held some seasonal events like:

  • Trick or Treat
  • Happy RoseVember

Roseon also keeps at least three (3) weekly AMAs on its calendar to keep the community updated with the projects on the market, not only about GameFi but other use cases such as commerce and finance/banking.

With every successful business, support needs to come from both the community. Its partners and investors also need to be made and maintained. Roseon Finance now boasts more than +30 partners/investors that will walk with us towards our goal in the future.

Plans into Action

In five months since its launch, Roseon Finance has completed what it promised and more. Some of our most significant updates on each month:

  • May – Seed, private and public sale (IDO); TGE; locking liquidity pool on PancakeSwap
  • June – official app launch including savings and yield farming; built connection with various cyber-security partners
  • July – release of the VIP-tier system, dual-rewards farming, and more token listings; launch of the Ambassador Program
  • August – web-supported application (; first-ever Game Night and Q&A with the CEO for the community
  • September – launch of Lucky Draw feature, brand new UI; introduction of the GameFi Hub (now GuildSquad)
  • October – listing on, go-live of the Swap feature, completion of the DeFi roadmap, and introduction of new critical developments for GameFi, launchpad, and metaverses.
  • November – release of the RoseonPad with the first GameFi project – Zomfi, selling out in just 8 seconds; while the second project – Torekko, sold out in under 1 minute.

A very Merry Christmas

Aside from the already mentioned updates and milestones, Roseon still has more surprises to look forward to:

  • Launchpad – DopeWarz and Solchicks IAO concluded on the 1st week of December. However, there are still a large number of projects lined up for the RoseonPad to be launched in the coming weeks:
  • Partner-centered campaigns – Our first campaign for December is the $WNDerful Rewards for our GameFi partner – WonderHeroes. We will soon announce another partner campaign for the recently successful IAO on our launchpad – DopeWarz. As more projects get released on RoseonPad, our users can expect that there will be corresponding campaigns that will help you grow your portfolio!

As Roseon Finance continues its development for the GameFi and metaverses, more wonderful features will land on the application. Bookmark it. Remember it. Definitely look forward to it.


Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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