Thank you to the community for your generous and ongoing support as Roseon prepares for the launch of its first IAO (In App Offering) on Roseonpad. 

As a pre-launch initiative and to thank the community, Roseon Finance and its affiliate Lavender Capital are offering Roseon users an exclusive opportunity to test the launchpad function through an ultra exclusive offering from a USD50,000 pool of ZomFi tokens at private sale allocation. All Roseon app VIP Level 1 users will be given a guaranteed allocation and will qualify for their allocation provided they are at KYC 2 and above and claim their allocation within the timeframe allotted.



Date November 24, 2021  

VIP Round starts at November 24th 2021, 09:00:00 UTC

Public Round starts at November 24th 202,  13:00:00 UTC

Pool size: 1,333,333 ZomFi Tokens 
Price: $0.0375 per token 
Vesting Schedule: 10% at TGE, 1-month cliff, and linear over 12 months
Allocation: All users VIP 1 and above will have a guaranteed allocation.
KYC Requirement: Yes, only users who are KYC 2 and above will qualify 

ZomFi Private Sale comes with 2 rounds.

Round 1 is the VIP round where VIP 1 and above users are given guaranteed allocations and will claim their allocation within the timeframe allotted.
Round 2 is the Public round where any leftover allocations from the first round get distributed on a first come first serve basis.

VIP Round (Allocation Round)

VIP 1 to VIP 5 users who are at least KYC 2 level are given a guaranteed allocation as outlined in the below table.
Pool Weight is used to calculate the amount of available tokens for each level of VIP.
The higher the VIP level, the higher the pool weight and the more tokens can be purchased.
Your VIP level is indicated in your profile page in the app.
All unsold tokens from Round 1 will be carried over to Round 2.
For details on Roseon VIP system and how users can achieve higher levels, please refer to our website.
Level Guaranteed Allocation Whitelist Requirement Pool Weight
VIP 1 Yes No 5
VIP 2 Yes No 10
VIP 3 Yes No 30
VIP 4 Yes No 50
VIP 5 Yes No 80


If the pool has 100,000 tokens $ZOMFI, and we have the size of participants:

5 VIP 5, 10 VIP 4, 20 VIP 3, 50 VIP 2, 100 VIP 1

The combined of weight will be: 5*80 + 10*50 + 20*30 + 50*10 +100*5 = 2,500

Each share (ticket) can buy: 100,000 / 2,500 = 40

Each VIP 5 can buy: 40*80 = 3200 token

Each VIP 4 can buy: 50*40 = 2000 token

Similar to others VIP level

How to become VIP users


Public Round

Any leftover allocations from the VIP Round will be carried over to the Public round. This round is open for all users who have completed at least KYC 2 and will remain open until all tokens are sold.

Project Information

Project Name: Zomfi

Key Metrics provided by the Project:

Private Sale Price 1 $ZOMFI = 0.0375 BUSD
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) November 24th 2021, 09:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) November 24th 2021,  13:00:00 UTC
Sale End Time (UTC) November 24th 2021, 16:00:00 UTC
1st Claim (UTC) December 3rd 2021, 20:00:00 UTC
Initial Market Cap $416,250
Initial Token Circulation 8,325,000 $ZOMFI


The Game

With an open-world environment, ZomFi is a 3D blockchain-based game that takes zombie pop culture to a whole new level. In this action and shooting game, the protagonist (you!) fights off waves of zombies in a post-apocalyptic earth, shooting through the undead to survive. As players progress, the zombies get stronger and come in larger numbers. The progress also helps players rack up experience and upgrade their weapons. With 5 different levels of weapons, each level is rarer than the predecessor. With two distinct categories of gameplay, users can either play the game in different modes (hordes, boss fights, events, or fighting off other players) or simply roam the game, scavenging for ammunition, weapons, health packs or coins. The coins and in-game items (as NFTs) can be sold or exchanged in the marketplace.

Please refer to the Zomfi website for the full details, including their whitepaper. Website:

.Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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