Please take time to read this article carefully if you are interested in participating in upcoming RoseonPad IAOs.

On November 8, 2021, Roseon Finance launched a special VIP Campaign for 2 days to give new Roseon app users an exclusive opportunity to upgrade their VIP level and experience the benefits of Roseon app VIP status.  Amongst the benefits of the VIP levels is access to RoseonPad project offerings without the need to whitelist.  This VIP campaign was extremely successful with the pools filling up quickly and many new users being upgraded to VIP 2 and above.

As the Campaign lasted for only 2 days, we recognize that many new Roseon supporters were not able to access the opportunity.  Given the voice from the community and the high demand from new users to be able to access VIP tiers,  Roseon has decided to extend the VIP Trial campaign, allowing ROSN 180 day pool stakers to access VIP tiers up to November 23, 2021, thereby accessing RoseonPad offerings without the need for Whitelisting.

Roseon App – an explanation of the current VIP system

The current VIP levels are determined based on the minimum ROSN token holdings from the last day of the previous month for the previous 30 days. This means every 1st day of each month, the system will scan your ROSN balance over the past 30 days in order to determine your VIP level.

Detailed Example:

Scenario: A brand new user starts to stake 20,000 ROSN on November 15th, 2021 for 180 days with no ROSN holdings prior to November 15th, 2021.

Explanation: The system will scan the user balance on December 1, 2021 and determine the minimum number of ROSN tokens over the prior 30 days (November 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021). Since the user only held ROSN in the app from November 15th, there are balances of nil during November 2021 period and so the user will be assessed a VIP level based on zero tokens.

On January 1, 2022, the system will once again scan the user balance and determine the minimum number of ROSN tokens over the prior 30 days (December 1, 2021 to December 30, 2021). Since the user held a minimum 20,000 ROSN tokens in the app from December 1 to December 31, the user will be assessed a VIP level based on 20,000 tokens. At this time, this equates to VIP 5.

Special VIP Campaign – extension to November 23, 2021

As there are a number of new projects which will be launched on RoseonPad in November and December 2021 including Zomfi and Metastrike, Roseon wishes to give new Roseon App users the opportunity to gain VIP status immediately without the need to wait for 30 days. This campaign is designed to ensure new users are afforded the full opportunity to gain VIP status before the first Roseonpad project launch, whilst ensuring fairness to all existing VIP status holders including those who have already staked in the first VIP campaign.

The details of the VIP campaign 2 is as follows:

At 15:00 UTC November 23rd, a snapshot will be taken of users who have staked in the 180 day ROSN savings pool.

All users who have staked the following number of ROSN tokens in the 180 savings pool from November 10th, 2021 to campaign end will access the respective VIP level, gaining access to Roseonpad without need to whitelist. Please note that only those at KYC 2 level and above will qualify.

VIP Level ROSN Tokens staked in ROSN Savings Pool (180 Days) 
1 <5,000 ROSN
2 <10,000 ROSN
3 <15,000 ROSN
4 <20,000 ROSN
5 20,000+ ROSN

The new VIP levels for users will be calculated and implemented in the system within 24 hours after campaign close. 

All users including those who joined in the first VIP campaign will be eligible to participate. However, users who already hold VIP status can upgrade their VIP status only through new deposits into the 180 day pool outlined above. To clarify, if an existing user is already VIP2, they must deposit 20,000 ROSN into the 180 savings pool to gain VIP 5 status.

We trust this program is welcome, providing ample time for new users to act should they wish to access VIP levels and participate in Roseonpad project launches without whitelisting.


VIP tiers and levels were originally designed to reward long term supporters rather than short term entrants and Roseon does not intend to change this principle in the short term. This also applies to Roseonpad as well – those who hold Roseon VIP levels will gain access to promising projects in Roseonpad without whitelisting. Those that do not hold VIP 2 and above are required to whitelist.

Roseon has lined up a number of exciting new projects for Roseonpad to be launched in the coming weeks. Get your VIP status before November 23, 2021 to ensure your access to these opportunities as a Roseon VIP!

For more details on Roseonpad and the benefits of VIP levels in Roseonpad, please refer to the following this article

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