To celebrate RoseonPad’s first launch, a special VIP trial campaign is being announced to give new Roseon app users an exclusive opportunity to upgrade their VIP level and experience the benefits of Roseon app VIP.

The results are counted until 07:00 UTC on November 10th.

Roseon App – current VIP system

Roseon believes in giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the launchpad IDO. The current VIP levels are determined based on the minimum ROSN token holdings from the last day of the previous month for the previous 30 days.


Special VIP Trial Campaign

To provide the opportunity for new Roseon App users the ability to join the RoseonPad IDO without the need for Whitelisting, a special VIP campaign is introduced, allowing new Roseon app users to gain VIP levels without need to wait for 30 days. The program has been carefully designed to ensure a balance between giving new users an opportunity while ensuring fairness to existing VIP status holders. Please note KYC 2 continues to be required.

At 07:00 UTC, November 10th, we will take a snapshot of the 2 existing ROSN savings pools within Roseon App.
– ROSN Savings 45 Days
– ROSN Savings 180 Days

All users who have staked the following number of ROSN tokens in the Savings Pools will access the respective VIP level, gaining access to the Roseonpad IDO.

VIP Level ROSN Tokens staked in ROSN Savings Pool (45 Days or 180 Days)  
1 <5,000 ROSN
2 <10,000 ROSN
3 <15,000 ROSN
4 <20,000 ROSN
5 20,000+ ROSN

After 07:00 UTC on November 10th, the VIP level will be calculated in 24 hours.
VIP level will be valid until the end of Dec 31st in UTC.

After this campaign period, VIP levels will be reseted and calculated based on current VIP criteria (i.e, the minimum ROSN holding from the last day of the previous month for the previous 30 days. VIP will be valid from the first day of the current month to the next 30 days).


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