General Update

The first week of November is coming to a close, marking another month full of flurries of activities here at Roseon Finance. If you have been reading our blog you are well aware of the different activities we have been involved in to make sure that you, our precious users, get the best of the crypto world.

A gateway to everything crypto, Roseon Finance prides itself on offering complex services of the decentralized world in a way that it is easy for users to not only understand but invest in world class products with profit ratios much better than our competitors. Our last month has been aligned with this strategy, with each update and new service reflecting it. But exactly have we been doing in tha last month? Let’s look at how the Roseon Finance team has been helping you.

Monthly Recap

October has been a good month for Roseon. Honestly, all the months have been, but October holds a precious place. Speaking of growth, our TVL is also in line with this and has reached a whopping $10 million.

One of the biggest feedback we received from you, our users, was the lack of the ability to exchange one asset to another and that got us thinking that this service should be available within our app. So we decided to do just that and added in a swap feature.

The Roseon Finance app has also gained momentum, with more than 40,000 downloads and 20,000 active users.

Mainstream Crypto Exchange Listing

While we do understand that DEXs are a very important part of the DeFi and GameFi community, we felt that a lot of our patrons are still relying on centralized exchanges. $ROSN was put up for a community vote on and with your confidence in our token, we won the competition and are listed on one of the largest mainstream crypto exchanges!

Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, Our New Advisor

As we venture into the depths of the crypto sphere and make ever new partnerships, we felt we needed an expert in the area. Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, the CEO and Founder of GD10, is the man we sought and he has agreed to be our new advisor.

A man of many talents, the medical practitioner is known more for his keen eye on different crypto projects and helping people invest in platforms that deliver exceptional services and generate good money. With Roseon Finance aggressively expanding and making partnerships all over the world, the Doctor is what we really need.

Updates in the Roseon Finance App

In line with our mission to bring the world of crypto within a single app to our users, we have had several updates done to the Roseon Finance app, including:

  • A new farming pool for the top GameFi platform Axie Infinity.
  • New Savings and Farming pools for our new partner platforms, Nakamoto Games and Flourishing Capital.
  • An overhaul of the Roseon App design, making it, even more, easier to navigate and integration of new and updated services such as swap.

Roseon Campaigns

We have set up different limited time offerings and services as a part of our continued campaigns:

  • Buy & Hold: Our first campaign in Buy & Hold gave the chance to win up to $7,000 to whitelisted users. If you missed it, keep checking out the app and blog for new campaigns.

  • Carnivals: Take part in different pools and trading competitions with our partner platforms’ tokens to win prizes. We have already had huge success with Flourishing Capital and Polkawar Finance.

New Partnerships

Our affiliate and partner network continues to grow every month, with October seeing Lavender pair up with us to delve into the GameFi sector. Latest partnerships include play to earn decentralized games such as Blockchain Monster Hunt, H3RO3S, Moniwar, ERTHA, Chimeras, Don’tPlaywithKitty, Cryowar, Wonderhero, Moo Monster, Moniwar, Defina, Nakamoto Games and ChumbiValley.


One of the most significant updates to our app has been the RoseonPad, a GameFi launchpad that helps upcoming gaming platforms launch their tokens and NFTs and allow interested Roseon users to get in early.

Games launched through RosenPad can be played by our patrons using the tokens and NFTs they buy. The play to earn concept means that the more game they play, the more they earn in game tokens, which they can then use to buy game upgrades, evolve their NFT based items and characters or even exchange the earned tokens for others or sell them in secondary market for money, creating yet another income source.

Our upcoming launches include ZomFi and MetaStrike.

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