Roseon Finance is proud to announce a prominent addition to its team. CEO and Founder of GD10 Ventures, Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran has joined Roseon Finance as an advisor, bringing his vast experience in crypto capital ventures to the DeFi and GameFi yield aggregator app.

The good doctor is an accomplished man, with many achievements under his belt. A recognized academic, he has multiple medical degrees from the esteemed King’s College London, including his PhD. A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Ratneswaran is an early crypto and blockchain adopter, giving him a unique insight into the industry and the potential it holds.

Though he is famous for his crypto activities, perhaps the most famous one is his GD10 Ventures, a capital investment firm that has worked with many top blockchain and crypto projects such as Cryptoblades, ChainGuardians and Cryptomeda, helping the operations to establish effective marketing strategies and campaigns for growth. Over his advisory career, Dr. Ratneswaran has helped several firms and has guided over $50 million different successful fundings, showing that he has the right set of skills for the high tech sector such as blockchain.

The Dr.’s onboarding in Roseon Finance as an advisor couldn’t be at a better time than ever. Roseon Finance is seeing massive adoption and expansion, thanks to its moves to make strategic partnerships with various DeFi and GameFi platforms. Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran’s experience in growth hacking through marketing is just what Roseon Finance needs right now. His skills will not only come in hand for the yield aggregator app but also the partnership it makes, extending the influence and expertise of the expert to these partner platforms.


GameFi, Roseon Roadmap and Dr. Ratneswaran

Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran’s experience in the crypto sector, especially with his experience in blockchain gaming platforms, and connections to the banking sector and trading gaming equity investment funds, is aligning perfectly with Roseon Finance’s new roadmap.

Roseon Finance has recently made several plans to reorient the app. GameFi, the next iteration of crypto application, has gained momentum in 2021. A combination of online gaming and DeFi, it is expected to grow larger than the current DeFi market. To that effect, Roseon Finance has already announced its new roadmap, which includes:

  • RoseonPad: A token launchpad for upcoming games for their native in game tokens and NFTs
  • Rose Points: A point based system designed to reward loyal users.
  • Game Store: Hold, buy and sell partner gaming platforms’ NFTs and other assets.
  • Play2Earn Game Center: Play different mini games and earn rewards, directly from the Roseon App.

For details and updates to the new roadmap, check out our previous announcement.

About Roseon Finance

A yield aggregator app designed to make the lives of crypto enthusiasts easy, Roseon Finance is all about ease of operations and handling cryptocurrencies and simplifying the complex world of DeFi and GameFi.

Cryptocurrencies have brought the power of financial freedom to the masses, but yet the adoption rate remains low since the economic and financial system is alien to many people, who have lived their whole lives within the confines of fiat-based economies. Roseon Finance makes it easy for people with little or no experience in handling cryptos or DeFi by offering a mobile app that has a simple interface. Users can select their choice of investment (fixed savings through staking and variable through farming).

Roseon Finance has changed how people interact with cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned to learn more as we explore ever more methods to make cryptocurrencies globally accessible to the public.

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