To celebrate the partnership with Flourishing Capital, Roseon Finance has listed $AI token and would like to introduce the Trade & Draw and New Savings Pool.

Users can enjoy savings with $AI or trade $AI and grab the chance to win $2,000 in $AI. Details of each program are as follow:


Activity 1: $AI Savings Pool

Roseon Finance and Flourishing Capital users can deposit $AI into our new savings pool to earn more $AI with fixed rates.

  • Term: 120 days locked
  • Pool Limit: 1,500,000 AI
  • Fixed rate: 35%


  • No early unstaking, the principal and earnings will be transferred to the balance once the term completes.
  • All deposits are locked in and earnings begins at 00:00 AM UTC

Activity 2: Trade & Draw

Roseon Finance and Flourishing Capital users can join Trade & Draw and grab the chance to win $400 in prize token.

  • Total Reward: $2,000 in $AI
  • Campaign Period: 8 AM UTC, Oct 22nd – 8 AM UTC, Oct 26th
  • Participants are required to trade AI token and must maintain a trading volume above $1,000 USD in order to be qualified for the lucky draw at the end of the campaign
  • 5 lucky winners will be randomly selected based on the trading volume, the bigger it is, the more chance for users to win. Each will win 400$ in prize token.
  • Please note that trading volume means total token buys + sells.

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