Roseon Finance gives financial freedom through investments and Nakamoto Games offers a whole new revenue source through entertainment and gaming. To celebrate our partnership with Nakamoto Games, Roseon Finance has listed $NAKA token and would like to introduce the Savings & Farms, and Lucky Draw program for our users.

“NAKA Lucky Draw” pool has limited staking time but has a great lucky draw rewards pool. Users also can enjoy savings with $NAKA or farms with $ROSN to earn $NAKA rewards daily. Details of each program are as follow:


Activity 1: $NAKA Lucky Draw


  • Subscription Period: 0 AM (UTC) October 20, 2021 ~0 AM (UTC) October 24, 2021
  • Term: 7 days locked
  • Prize Pool: 3000 $NAKA for 5 winners

* Participants must deposit at least 10 $NAKA

Winners Announcement

  • Winners will be selected after the pool ends
  • Rewards will be distributed in 24 hours after the winners list is announced
  • The prize will be sent to the winner’s in-app wallet
  • Roseon Finance reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately

Activity 2: $NAKA Savings

Roseon Finance and Nakamoto Games users can deposit $NAKA into our new savings pools to earn more $NAKA with fixed rates.

  • Term: 30 / 90 / 180 days locked
  • Fixed rate: 20% / 30% /40% respectively for each locked period option above


  • No early unstaking, the principal and earnings will be transferred to the balance once the term completes.
  • All deposits are locked in and earnings begins at 00:00 AM UTC

Activity 3: New Farm

ROSN holders can enjoy earning extra $NAKA tokens if they deposit their $ROSN into NAKA Farm for 60 days.

  • Deposit $ROSN to earn $NAKA
  • Minimum Deposit: 50 ROSN
  • Term Option: 60 days
  • Total Rewards: 66,667 $NAKA
  • Start Date: 9:00 UTC, Oct 21st
  • End Date: 9:00 UTC, Dec 20th


  • 0.2% fee is applied to an unfarming within 72 hours since the last farming order.

How to Deposit tokens into Roseon Wallet

1. Firstly, you need to download Roseon Mobile app:

2. To register your account, kindly refer to this Instruction.

After you register your account, you will be required to complete the Security Authentication by providing your phone number or enabling Google 2FA Authentication on your account as well as completing your Identity Verification of at least KYC Level 1.

After all this is done, you’re ready to start using the Roseon App. If you would like to increase your weekly withdrawal limitation, kindly complete KYC level 2 or above.

3. Deposit tokens into your Roseon personal wallet:

  • Go to Wallet -> Choose $NAKA or $ROSN depending on your deposit choice.
  • Click Deposit, you will receive a deposit address for your personal $ROSN/$NAKA wallet. Kindly read the important notice and required network (BEP20, ERC20). Sending your tokens into any wrong network or address may lead to permanent loss.

4. Deposit your tokens into savings / farming pools:

  • Select your preferred NAKA savings / farming pools in the “Savings” or “Farms” section next to Wallet section
  • Click on the pools box to enter pool details and the deposit section.
  • Kindly click on the “!” symbol next to the pool name to read the information of the pool (fees, start date etc.)
  • Type the amount you want to deposit and confirm.

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