With the final quarter of this year finally started, we at Roseon Finance look back and realize that we have come a long way in a very short time. At the start, we were a small group of people with a dream to create the best crypt experience possible and your trust in our abilities is a testament to achieving that dream.

Even with the crypto market having no significant movements, Roseon Finance has continued its momentum and In the last month, we have made significant leaps, both in terms of what we offer and you, our honored users. A lot is going on that is already implemented and we have a ton load of work ahead of us. Let’s recap a few significant achievements of the last month.


The App Itself

Aligned with our mission of making it easy for everyone to enter the crypto market and enjoy the financial freedom it brings, we have kept our app and services updated. Our strategic partnerships with different platforms continue to make our presence stronger and in the last month, we had connected with not one, but two GameFi platforms. A part of our affiliate network, HeroFi and 2CrazyNFT are two very distinct decentralized gaming platforms with rich storylines and entertaining games that will keep you busy for hours. Our Roseon users have been able to gain access to the tokens through our high yield pools for both tokens.

Apart from that, the app has been redesigned. Already tuned to be easy to use, we made further cosmetic changes to help people with no DeFi experience to start their crypto farming and savings without any delays or confusion. On top of that, we have also introduced a Lucky Draw offering to start our migration towards a GameFi experience for our valued users.


Our team has been heavily involved with different DeFi and GameFi platforms and have made many strategic partnerships. Gaming Finance, or GameFi, is the next major iteration of crypto ecosystems and we have teamed with decentralized gaming platforms such as Chumbi Valley, Moniwar, Nakamoto Games, Defina and 2CrazyNFT.

Even with the rise of GameFi, we haven’t forgotten that DeFi still is a large market and we have continued our strings of partnerships at that end with Flourishing Capital, FOMO Chronicles, SHopNext, Bettery and Mobius Finance.

One of our most significant partnerships is with Lavender, a blockchain-focused venture capital firm that helps different blockchain platforms achieve their dreams. Lavender has recently raised $3 million in private funding and is using the funds to further its cause. Roseon Finance and Lavender have set up the GameFi Hub Community, a group of firms and individuals who work together to test and check out different potential GameFi platforms.

October Fest

October is becoming a very exciting month for us as we are introducing some major changes and news regarding Roseon Finance. Our $ROSN token has been successfully listed on the crypto exchange Gate.io, where you (our users) voted in competition and with the majority behind us, you can now trade $ROSN on the exchange.

We have also recently released an updated Roseon Finance app that now includes a token swap feature, allowing our users to swap tokens within the app. This creates an on stop solution for all your crypto needs.

We will also be launching our trading competition with a number of our GameFi partners. You can take part in it and win up to $12,000 in token rewards, right inside our app!

The State of Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance continues to make waves and the statistics speak for themselves. With over 35,000 downloads, our popularity is simply going one way: up! With new downloads come new users and we are proud to say that there are more than 19,000 active users that are using our savings, farming and NFT marketplace options.

Stay tuned as we bring in more in the month of October!


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