In recent times, the concept of Play to Earn (P2E) has risen and turned the gaming industry upside down. Where traditional games require players to pay for premium services or buy in-game items, the P2E works in a reverse model, where players actually earn while playing the game.

Chumbi Valley is a rich role-playing game based on blockchain that allows players to explore the enchanted and mysterious forest. Using the P2E model, it allows people to take care of the magical creatures and work together towards exploring the expansive forest and earn in-game items.

Roseon Finance sees potential in the gameplay and the rich environment that is backed by a powerful storyline. $CHMB, the native token powering the game offers a whole new money-making avenue to players and this is aligned with Roseon’s mission of financial freedom. With both platforms offering the same concept, in the end, Roseon Finance and Chumbi Valley are shaking hands to team up.


Chumbi Valley: Own, Play, Explore, Battle

Chumbi are virtual creatures that inhabit a forest and are spiritually connected to it. They reside in the Chumbi Valley and with magical powers at their command, love to explore and maintain the beauty of the forest. Each Chumbi is represented through an NFT and players can take part in different battles (with other trainers’ Chumbi or wild and corrupt Chumbi). Each battle will increase different stats of the Chumbi and as the levels increase, it will become more powerful.

The Chumbi can also be bred. With initially 8 types of Chumbi, specific types can be mated to create the next tier of Chumbi which are more powerful.

The whole economy is powered by its $CHMB token. A deflationary token, players will earn this as they progress in the game. Deflationary tokenomics mean that over time, the $CHMB value will increase, increasing the wealth of the players. The $CHMB can also be used to purchase different powers and other Chumbi on the marketplace.

Another feature of $CHMB tokens is the governance option. Chumbi Valley is just not a game, but it offers ownership to players. While the developers will be making updates to the ecosystem and gameplay, it is the users who will give proposals and vote on which one to implement. The more $CHMB tokens a player holds, the more voting power he or she has.

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Roseon Finance: Freedom to Earn

Over the past decade, cryptocurrencies have proven again and again that they are an excellent investment vehicle with the power to give more returns in the long run than any traditional commodity, asset or investment.

However, technological understanding is a key barrier to adoption. Complex wallets, understanding the concept of DeFi and farming is not a cup of tea for everyone. Roseon Finance understands this and this is exactly what is driving its core mission to make it easy for the public at large to get on board the crypto revolution. This is achieved through its carefully crafted mobile app that is designed with an average person in mind. People can worry less about how to understand the complexities and can get straight down to investing in different tokens to start earning and creating a revenue stream for themselves.

With three services on the offering, there is something for everyone on Roseon Finance’s app. A savings option allows people to invest and earn a steady income. DeFi farming offers a greater profit, but with variable percentages. Lastly, the Roseon NTF marketplace allows people to buy and sell digital art represented through unique tokens.

Roseon Finance and Chumbi Valley Joining Hands

With its Play to Earn model that pays out $CHMB tokens, Chumbi Valley gives its players entertainment and a novel way to make earnings. This fits perfectly with Roseon Finance’s agenda of making crypto earnings a reality for everyone.

Taking this to the next level, Roseon Finance and Chumbi Valley have decided to join hands in a partnership that will benefit both users of the platform. Roseon Finance has tapped into its vast network of other partnerships and one of its affiliates Lavender is investing in Chumbi Valley to support growth. At the same time, Lavender will also offer advisory services including compliance, marketing, and related strategic guidance.

With the $CHMB airdrop just around the corner, Roseon Finance will also launch a staking program for the token. Details will be shared soon.


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