The decentralized gaming is taken to a whole new level with Moniwar as it connects NFTs, gameplay and DeFi in a single setup that offers players the chance to enjoy a beautifully crafted game with the added bonuses of obtaining unique tokens that can rise in value, and the ability to earn from playing the game itself.

Roseon Finance, the leading platform dedicated to bringing true financial freedom to people from all over the world has cherry picked Moniwar as its next partner. The all inclusive app team will be helping Moniwar in different aspects.


Sustainable Gaming with Moniwar

With an epic storyline that sees mythical creatures, from land, air and sea, merged with the ancient mystic stories of Greek mythology, fight in a battle of supremacy. The game creates a unique experience for players to enjoy the rich metaverse along with the ability to tap in DeFi to ensure that the game is more than just entertainment, but also a means of a revenue stream.

Using bleeding edge technology, Moniwar allows players to control their NFT based characters within the game and interact with other players, discover exotic items and explore the colorful metaverse. What’s more is that the whole metaverse is chain agnostic, allowing people from different blockchain ecosystems to interact and truly bring interoperability to the table.

Moniwar brings in a three pronged approach to its gaming that ensures that players are always hooked in the media rich verse.

The MOWA GamePad is a new blockchain based game financial system that allows developers to build games, helps incubate these along with distribution so that anyone with a great gaming idea can reach out to the masses.

The Moniwar NFTs can be staked in yield farms to allow for a steady revenue source and with in-game enhancement to the NFT items and characters, the more powerful and rare an NFT is staked, the more enhanced the farming experience is.

Moniwar also adopts the concept of GameFi, the combination of gaming and finances. Unlike traditional games where users have to pay for extra items, downloadable content and other things in order to advance in the storyline, Moniwar actually pays out its MOWA tokens in its Play to Earn gaming model. You actually earn as you proceed in the metaverse!

Along with its advanced gaming techniques and methodology the Moniwar team also ensures the game’s and its player’s financial security. Employing different models and tactics, the developers ensure that the game is free from bugs. Safe Auto Farming, Rising Price Floor and whale Shock Safety mechanisms ensure that no hacks or market manipulations can occur.

Moniwar will be launching its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on October 12. Whitelist is now open on

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The Roseon Finance Connection

Roseon Finance is a CeDeFi app that bridges the worlds of centralized and decentralized finance. The team behind the app was able to identify two key issues in the cryptocurrency market and the whole ecosystem of Roseon Finance has been developed to counter these very issues.

First, the DeFi and CeFi systems are worlds apart. One of the hardest things right now for people is to get on board from traditional banking to the world of DeFi and vice versa. With its CeDeFi approach, Roseon Finance makes it easy for people to join the crypto revolution.

Secondly, DeFi is different from CeFi. Innovative as it is, DeFi can be overwhelming for many people and that is a huge psychological barrier towards its adoption. Roseon developers have taken a traditional approach in this regard and the app has been designed to reflect legacy financial apps. From the user-friendly experience to the colorful and beautiful design, the app puts anyone, even those who have never used DeFi apps before, at ease.

To make it all the more feasible, Roseon Finance offers three different services. One is a guaranteed fixed income. This is primarily aimed towards people who don’t want to take the risks that cryptocurrencies are famous for and just want a steady source of income. For the people who want to live a daring life, Roseon Finance offers high yield products that offer much more income than the fixed interest model, but at the same time carries the risk of losses.

Lastly, Roseon Finance also offers people the ability to buy and sell NFTs, the unique tokens that have taken the crypto world by storm. Through its marketplace, people can trade, buy or sell the one of a kind tokens to supplement their income.

Roseon Finance and Moniwar

Roseon Finance believes that decentralization should never mean fragmentation. To this effect, the team is on the constant lookout for other platforms that are aligned with its strategic vision. Moniwar is one of these platforms and is the latest addition in the long string of strategic partnership programs of Roseon Finance.

Roseon has decided to help MONIWAR fast track its launch through the help of its other strategic Partner, Lavender. Lavender and Roseon will be supporting MONIWAR in different aspects of its development, including the upcoming MOWA token IDO.

After the IDO is complete, Roseon will integrate the MOWA token within its ecosystem and offer staking options. This will be further followed by a trading competition to increase the interest of gamers and DeFi enthusiasts alike, along with a lucky draw for a grand prize.

Keep checking out the Roseon Finance website to get details on the staking program, trading competition and the lucky draw.

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