While many would consider blockchain primarily for financial activities, the technology has been tapped into other industries and uses. One of the areas that is particularly gaining traction is the gaming side. Blockchain games have become very popular due to their ability to include the unique financial features of the technology and at the same time provide entertainment.

Nakamoto Games is one such platform that is turning the tide with its innovative features. Roseon Finance is proud to discover this gem and is partnering up to help propel its services.


Play to Earn on Nakamoto Games

At first glance, Nakamoto Games seems to be just another run of the mill blockchain gaming platform, one of thousands that are popping up on the internet these days. But the platform is very different from other decentralized gaming ecosystems.

Rather than have one or a couple of blockchain based games that give people the opportunity to make money while entertaining themselves, Nakamoto Games is on a path to become the largest store of decentralized games. A place where anyone can join to play a plethora of games that are available. At the same time, the platform has a dedicated section for developers where they can launch their games on the platform. The concept is very similar to what mobile platforms such as Android offers on their Play Store.

Games on the Nakamoto platform are created on the Play to Earn (P2E) model. Unlike in traditional games where you have to pay to access premium content or advance in the story, the P2E takes the opposite direction with paying out to players as they progress in the game.

At the heart of Nakamoto Games is its native NAKA token that is used within all games. The more you play, the more NAKA tokens you can earn. The tokens can be used and collected from any games that will be hosted on Nakamoto. The tokens you end up spending on games for power ups or other features are collected in a pool and distributed among top leaderboards. In light of the decentralization concept, the token will also serve as a governing option where the token holders will decide the future additions and the direction of the platform.

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Roseon Finance

Made famous with its ability to offer crypto and DeFi services in a manner that is easy to understand and operate, Roseon Finance has been making waves in the industry. With a common man in sight, the platform carefully developed its all inclusive app that focuses on making it easy for anyone to enter the world of DeFi and cryptos.

The beautifully made app, with its soft color scheme and eye pleasing design is backed by a powerful engine that takes care of all the investments made. With expanding pools and more tokens being added into the Roseon ecosystem, the app has quickly become the favorite of many.

Roseon Finance also offers different investment schemes which are broadly categorized in two sections. People looking for methods to supplement their income but not having enough to make the big decisions can opt for a guaranteed return investment that sees a fixed interest being generated against their staked tokens. For the brave of heart, there are high return pools that offer a greater rate of interest, but carry risks of investment losses.

All in all, Roseon Finance app has been created to cater for every kind of person who wishes to partake in the crypto economic revolution.


Roseon Finance Meets Nakamoto Gaming

For many Roseon Finance and Nakamoto Games will seem to be totally different directions, with one on a mission to make it easy to make an earning through cryptocurrencies and the other platform dedicated to providing entertainment.

True to some extent, peeling the layers will reveal that both platforms offer the same financial freedom that is expected of any good crypto platform. Roseon gives financial freedom through investments and Nakamoto offers a whole new revenue source through entertainment and gaming.

With this synergy in mind, both platforms have partnered up. Roseon Finance will help Nakamoto Games to establish a community within its home ground of Vietnam, enabling players and developers both to access Nakamoto. In a leadership role for Vietnam, Roseon will be Nakamoto’s ambassador to the country.

Roseon Finance will also be hosting different staking pools for the NAKA token, each with a different payout yield.


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