Roseon Finance continues its efforts to provide the best of cryptocurrency and DeFi services to its users. This time around, the all-inclusive and easy to manage DeFi aggregator has teamed up with Flourishing Capital to harness their advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that ensures you get the best possible crypto exposure.

Along with blockchain, certain cutting edge technologies like AI are hailed as the 4th industrial revolution. These are fundamentally changing the way we live today and combining the powers of these two is inevitable. This is why Roseon Finance is partnering up with Flourishing Capital as it allows the already holistic Roseon app to give more benefits to its users.


Flourishing Capital: Stay Ahead of the Market

Let’s face it, we are humans. We require sleep, food and can only work for so long before we are tired. Even at the top of our game, we can only do so much due to our limited physical and mental abilities. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is very different. A complex collection of machine learning and synthetic neural programming, it can operate 24 hours a day, reach out and get a far greater input, crunch the numbers faster than us humans and is able to make better predictions.

This is the very reason that Flourishing Capital has made use of AI to give its users the crucial edge they need in a crypto and DeFi market that never sleeps. Taking in over 100 data points from an array of centralized and decentralized exchanges, the AI analyzes different market conditions, past history, patterns and other indicators to predict market conditions and automatically adjusts the users’ crypto portfolio to ensure maximum ROI possible.

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Roseon Finance: It’s All About the Users

Roseon Finance believes in not only making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone but in the best way possible. This is the driving phenomenon behind its evolution from a simple wallet service to now an ever-expanding holistic app. The Roseon Finance App is as easy to operate as any traditional finance one, letting practically anyone start their crypto journey within only a few minutes.

Roseon makes it possible for its users to leverage DeFi, with both guaranteed minimum returns or high yield options by staking, farming and investing in different pools. While a Roseon user interacts with an easy and pleasing interface, the app takes care of all the complexities behind it. This means the users are free from the stress of understanding and navigating the DeFi landscape that can be too strange for many.

This has allowed people from all walks of life to take a plunge in the crypto and DeFi sector and start generating profits passively, creating a whole new income source.


Roseon Finance and Flourishing Capital Join Hands

Flourishing Capital is all about leveraging AI to capture the best that the crypto market has to offer in a neat and continuous manner. Roseon Finance strives to offer ever new investment and profit-making opportunities to its users. This naturally means that both platforms have a lot to benefit from each other.

The partnering gives a number of opportunities to Roseon Finance app users, such as staking $AI to earn more $AI and $ROSN to earn $AI rewards.

Apart from this, $ROSN token holders will be able to partake in a dedicated vault that will be created by the Roseon Finance team. The vault will integrate the top-notch AI services of Flourishing Capital, allowing users to use the already progressive portfolio manager that will now be able to use the deep learning mechanism of Flourishing Capital AI to invest, trade and stake user coins according to their preferred risk profile – all without the need of the people to worry about on how to go about and manage their portfolio.

Furthermore, the AI will constantly rebalance the portfolio to ensure that Roseon Finance users’ investments have maximized profit potential while reducing the market exposure risks to as low as possible.

The AI works in a deep learning model, where it learns over time. As more users join the vault and more market data is collected by the AI, it will make even better predictions. This means that as time passes, users will be having a safer exposure to the different DeFi and trading markets with ever more profitability chances.



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