Roseon Finance was created with an aim to help the ordinary man get into the cryptocurrency world with ease and not worry about the complexities involved. This involves creating an atmosphere where not only the users are able to understand the basics but are given the most financially secure services ever.

The crypto world, however, is full of misinformation, from what are cryptocurrencies to misleading financial advice, scams and con artists. The meteoric rise of the digital coins has attracted people from all over the world and unfortunately, bad actors too.

This is where the partnership with FOMO Chronicles comes in.


FOMO Chronicles: Manga and Stories to Educate

FOMO Chronicles is a renowned NFT and storytelling platform that uses the Japanese style of graphics to create visually appealing Manga comics. Unlike the regular Manga with different and varying stories, the FOMO Chronicles revolves around cryptos, NFTs and DeFi in order to combat misinformation.

At the same time, the platform supports artists, projects and other platforms that are safe and protect crypto enthusiasts. FOMO Chronicles already has rolled out graphic manga novels that describe typical issues that crypto users, both new and experienced, face and the struggles they have to go through.

Each edition of the FOMO Chronicles is itself minted as an NFT and will be available for people to enjoy the beautiful graphics and a wonderful storyline. At the same time, the stories will help people to understand and educate themselves against the issues and malpractices that are rampant today.

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Roseon Finance: Cryptos for All

Roseon Finance is a platform that is dedicated to making cryptos accessible to all. The holistic platform makes it easy for people from all walks of life to take part in the crypto phenomenon through its user-friendly yield aggregator app.

With an interface that looks like any traditional app, Roseon Finance does away with the complex and confusing interface that many crypto apps have. At the same time, the team has developed a powerful crypto handling in the background that takes care of all the tedious staking and farming options.

Roseon Finance also has an NFT marketplace where people can buy and sell rare art and other items that are encoded in the unique tokens. The NFTs can be bought and sold to further create a revenue stream for Roseon users.


Roseon Finance and FOMOChronicles Partnership

What FOMO Chronicles offers and the services provided by Roseon Finance, though at first glance different, have a lot in common. Both are working towards making it easy for people to delve into cryptos, specifically NFTs and DeFi to establish a new stream of passive income for themselves. Roseon’s ability to make it easy and FOMO’s mission to combat fraud and misinformation is a match in this regard and both have benefits to offer each other – and ultimately their users.

To this effect, both platforms have announced that they are partnering up. The partnership includes a commitment by Roseon Finance through investing in the growth and expansion of FOMO Chronicles so that they can keep on producing high-quality content.

At the same time, Roseon Finance will also have a separate Manga storyline on FOMO Chronicles. The story will also include the official Roseon mascot which will be integrated with the FOMO Chronicles game.

To commemorate this important collaboration, we will organize FOMO & Roseon Finance Gleam Giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a free FOMOChronicles NFT. Winners will be selected from a pool of participants in the Gleam lottery, and each winner will also receive an airdrop of 3500 $OTAKU.

NFT Fans United

Like you, we want to do our part to one day see blockchain and NFT become as mainstream as the internet. But to accomplish this, we must weed out those who slow down this process due to selfish and malicious ambitions. Our partnership helps us to achieve this goal, while at the same time creating a series of valuable NFTs that also provide utility for those who hold them.



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