The advent of decentralized ecosystems by blockchain was heralded as the next version of finances, economics, and trading, especially with the ability to exchange assets without the need of middlemen. Second-generation blockchains like Ethereum enabled different platforms to create their own versions of tokens and use them in their ecosystems. Over time, other blockchain systems with similar services arose. This is where the current problem lies.

Decentralization today comes with fragmentation, unfortunately. Thousands of coins and tokens running on different blockchain systems are not compatible and therefore, cannot interact. To trade between two tokens of different ecosystems, traders are forced to use centralized exchanges, which defeat the purpose of having decentralization.

Mobius Finance is an advanced decentralized trading platform that overcomes this issue through the issuance of derivative assets, creating synthetic tokens that represent the original in a 1:1 ratio, allowing anyone to issue these derivative tokens on the trading platform, regardless of the original chain.

With Roseon Finance dedicated to making it a breeze for anyone to start their crypto and DeFi journey, the platform has shown a keen interest in the offerings of Mobius Finance and has teamed up with it.


Mobius Finance

Mobius Finance achieves chain agnostic derivatives through the issuance of synthetic tokens in its ecosystem, known as mAssets. The mAssets can be collateralized through the use of its internal stablecoin, the moUSD. The creation of mAssets isn’t limited to crypto tokens. Anything that can be traded, including off-chain financial instruments such as stocks and commodities, can be tokenized and a derivative asset created this way.

In the long run, Mobius Finance will be able to offer multiple collateral services, enabling users to use different assets to collateralize and issue derivatives within the trading environment. To counter the risk involved in market instability or other unforeseen circumstances, Mobius will be employing a built-in auction clearing mechanism that would liquidate pools and burn the synthetics and sell off the collaterals to ensure there is liquidity available at all times. This will be further ensured through the use of price oracles that will ensure that prices of derivatives are always matched against their underlying assets, ensuring zero slippage.

While Mobius believes that the use of the Ethereum ecosystem is the best option to reach out to the maximum of users possible, it does understand that the current network is too slow and transactions expensive to make it feasible. To that effect, Mobius Finance will be deployed on the Ethereum second layer solution, the Polygon Network. Polygon is an independent blockchain that works on top of Ethereum, offering extremely fast transactions and carries a near to zero transaction fee, making it the perfect choice.

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Roseon Finance and Crypto Outreach

Roseon Finance is driven by its core aim to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrencies and enter the realm of a whole new innovative finance mechanism. Making DeFi, NFTs and all crypto services available to the masses, the app achieves this function through the use of a traditional user interface that many people are used to. The eye-pleasing app is designed to make people comfortable and not get overwhelmed with the different options and complexities of crypto investments. At the same time, all of the tedious actions are taken off the hands of the users and handled by the app at the back end.

Roseon Finance team understands and knows that there are risk-takers and people who would only prefer to play it safe. To this effect, the app offers two different investment methods, one with a guaranteed interest payout for the people who just want to open up a new line of passive income, while there is a high yield option for risk takers that offers much more income against the investment, but runs a higher chance of price fluctuation.


Roseon Finance and Mobius Finance Partnership

With its mission of bringing in more tokens and coins that show the potential of growth and eventually offering profits to its users, Roseon continues to make partnerships with different platforms and integrate their tokens in its staking pools.

The Mobius Finance derivative trading platform is the latest addition and Roseon Finance is proud to announce that users will be able to stake in $ROSN/$MOT pools to farm yields. Details of the staking pools will be announced soon.



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