Once considered only good for digital coins, blockchain has evolved a lot from the initial days and the concept laid down by its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has opened up a whole new financial concept that has enabled millions of people around the world to earn money, while the one of a kind NFTs have helped spark a revolution that is seeing digital art, music and now gaming items to be represented, traded and used.

The financial freedom movement that is Roseon Finance has always recognized the importance of the core concepts of DeFi and NFTs and this is why it has decided to extend its hands and partner this time with Defina Finance, a decentralized gaming platform that is dedicated to connecting the worlds of DeFi, NFT and gaming, all rolled into one single package.

How Defina Finance Works

Defina Finance is a unique blockchain game that combines the concept of DeFi and NFT, allowing users to fight in epic battles using a strategic card game.

The playable characters are called Heroes within the Defina game and are represented by NFTs. This means that each Hero is unique in itself with different characteristics such as health, power, defence etc. As NFTs, players can take part in the game by either minting their heroes or by buying them through the Defina marketplace.

Game modes include PVP Mining, PVP arena and PVE adventure. With the Play to Earn model, each game allowed players to not only enjoy battles but earn $FINA, the Defina’s native tokens, too. The tokens can also be used to stake in different pools and farm the rewards.

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Roseon Finance Opens up DeFi and NFT Doors

Roseon Finance is an all-inclusive app on a mission to bring the world of DeFi to the masses. The app has been specifically designed to make it easier for people, no matter if they do understand DeFi or not, to start their crypto journey.

The Roseon Finance App is created with simplicity in mind to ensure that people can easily understand what they are doing. With a few clicks, app users can instantly start their DeFi journey and take part in different stakes and pools to reap rewards. Roseon offers different profit schemes, such as fixed income (guaranteed interest) and high yield income pools (albeit with higher risks) and users are free to choose the one they prefer.

There is also an element of NFTs, with Roseon having its own dedicated NFT market for users to buy and sell the unique tokens for profits, or simply build their own collection.

All in all, Roseon Finance makes it easy and fun to earn from DeFi and NFTs.

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Roseon and Defina Finance Partnership

Roseon Finance’s continued mission to seek out promising and great projects led it to Defina Finance. Where Defina creates the perfect gaming scenario with NFTs and DeFi, Roseon Finance has the perfect user base that can propel Defina to the forefront of blockchain and NFT gaming.

The partnership comes with a host of benefits to both platforms and subsequently their users. Roseon Finance will primarily be offering its advisory services to Defina. Roseon has extensive experience in building beautiful environments and frontend user interfaces that can help Defina. Along with this, the different partnerships of Roseon has also exposed it to gaming, NFTs and DeFi beyond its borders and that can be potentially groundbreaking for Defina Finance.

With the possibility of connecting the NFT side, Roseon Finance and Defina Finance can take advantage of their respective marketplaces to open up new avenues for minting NFTs, including trading on their marketplaces. Perhaps Roseon Finance will even have its mascot, already very famous with its users, as an NFT on Defina. Only time will tell!

Roseon will also provide different token support to Defina and its $FINA token, including staking and even a double rewards program where one coin is staked with two different types of rewards. The details are not yet finalized so stay tuned for further information in the future.


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