Ariel was just like any other teenager. A young woman from an average background, she wanted to be a success in her life. In college, she was just like any other girl. She made friends and studied hard. In her spare time, she would hang out with her friends or go shopping to try out the latest fashion trends.

While her friends were able to spend money, Ariel couldn’t. You see, Ariel came from not a strong background. She didn’t have much money to spend. In order to pay through college, she worked in a restaurant in the evenings. Sometimes she got sloppy and made mistakes, suffering the anger of the patrons.

Why? Well after the long day in college, it was hard to concentrate on the job. Worse still, she had only the nights available to study – and she studied hard. After a long day in college and working, she would be dead tired. But she persevered and her efforts paid off eventually.

She graduated successfully. Soon after, her friends wanted her to join them on a trip they were planning to celebrate their achievement. Unfortunately, her financial position still remained the same and she couldn’t go, despite her best efforts to save the money. Her budget just didn’t allow her.

One day, she chanced upon Roseon App and was introduced to the world of crypto, DeFi and passive earnings. She downloaded the app and checked out the different savings and investment options. She was immediately hooked. The Roseon App was unlike anything she had seen before. Easy to use interface, connecting the world of CeFi and DeFi, immediate onboarding, tons of options to create a whole new source of earning caught her eye. With the intuitive interface, she was able to learn the ropes in no time and delved into the DeFi sphere.

Ariel kept on working hard and started investing her savings in the Roseon App. As the months passed, she started breathing a sigh of relief. Her investments had started to generate a passive income that helped her finances. With her mind now less on worrying about money and savings, Ariel was able to concentrate on her professional life. She was smart and soon became one of the most successful women in her country, setting up her own business as an entrepreneur.

Her success knew no bounds and with the help of Roseon Finance, the money she saved was spent on essential things. Starting from the littlest of items, she was soon able to buy her own scooter, which helped her to move around and meet with different clients, helping her business grow even further.

One year down the road, her dream came true: she bought her very own dream apartment. Today, when she looks back at her life, she reminisces on the struggles she had and thanks to Roseon, she is now able to live the life she always wanted.


“Your money can work for you, while you’re sleeping
You can take your income to the next level”
Composed by @iamfemilight

Ariel is just one of many people all over the world who have been able to take advantage of the financial benefits Roseon Finance brings with its holistic crypto savings and investment options.

Do you have a story similar to Ariel’s? Let us know!


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