General Update

It’s been a challenging yet highly rewarding month for us!

Despite the impact of COVID-19, we have achieved steady growth last month, acquiring 27,000+ downloads and 16,000 users. By the end of August, we surpassed more than $2M 24-hour trading volume.

We wanted to make our new website more informative, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. That’s why a new website has been released with lots of features. We endeavor to provide our users with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise.

We understand that users want to use the app from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, we released the new web app version, which allows users to get access from any devices without installing.


NFT Farming

We collaborated with NFTrade to launch a Roseon Finance NFT farm, a farming application where users can stake their $ROSN tokens to earn exclusive and collectible Roseon Finance NFTs “Roseon Kicks”. In a week, 73,413 ROSN tokens have been staked. [Full article]

The launch of NFT Farming is an important step to bring exciting opportunities to reward our $ROSN holders and community, and merge DeFi and NFTs in a new innovative way.

New Pool

Users now can farm to earn interest, with the flexibility to unfarm at any time. In August, we launched 2 pools:

  • MFO MoonFarm: Stake $ROSN. Earn $MFO
  • ROSN-BNB Pancake LP Staking: Stake ROSN-BNB LP. Earn $ROSN

We also open more Savings Pools with variable options so that users have more choices to deposit their crypto assets without risk.

Community Activities

In August, we organized lots of activities to attract and engage with users. Those activities not only help promote our projects, acquire new users, but also strengthen our community.

  • “Buy, Deposit and Draw” Campaign, which encourages users to buy $ROSN and deposit in the Roseon Mobile App, had 48 participants.
  • “Stake and Draw” Campaign, which encourages users to stake and earn rewards.
  • Many activities in the community to boost engagement, for example: #PlayToEarn every Monday, Weekly Active Event, Tip Bot, etc. [Full information]



Partnership is one of the backbone of Roseon. In August, we have partnered with:

  • MoonFarm, the CeDeFi hub for Multichain farming – the partnership will bring more benefits to our users by shaping #CeDeFi community, boosting adoption with valuable news and contents.
  • NftyPlay, Social NFT & Gaming Platform – the partnership to support our “NFT Moments” feature and their social platform.


September is going to be an exciting month for us with the release of Swap, our key feature which allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving the app. This feature will help us to become the all-in-one crypto management app, conveniently managing user’s crypto and digital assets and where they can make investments with attractive returns and low fees.

Lucky Draw will be integrated in our app in the upcoming month to bring more gamified experiences #PlayToEarn to our app users.

We will also upgrade the flexible farming to diversify investment options, and provide more attractive rewards.

And, many other product updates will be coming soon.

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