Roseon Finance is a DeFi platform and mobile yield aggregator that helps users manage their crypto and NFT portfolios, and now, they are getting even deeper into the NFT realm. We are happy to announce the launch of a Roseon Finance NFT farm, a farming application where users can stake their $ROSN tokens to earn exclusive Roseon Finance NFTs. These collectible NFTs come directly from the Roseon development team, allowing users to earn a collectible piece of Roseon Finance history.

The Roseon Finance NFT Farm

Roseon Finance has made three distinct NFTs available, all with varying quantities and rarities, exclusively earnable through the staking of $ROSN tokens in the Roseon Finance NFT Farm. The three available NFTs will be the Roseon Dynamic, with 400 copies, the Roseon Legacy, with 200 copies, and the elusive Roseon Revolution, with only 50 copies in existence. Each user will be able to claim a maximum of 5 NFTs in total, so make sure you start staking as soon as possible to optimize your chances.

Users will claim these NFTs through the nROSN token, a synthetic and non-transferable token that can only be used to purchase NFTs within the Roseon Finance farm. Each user will earn 5 nROSN per day for each 1 ROSN they stake. The Roseon Dynamic NFT clocks in at a price tag of 300,000 nROSN, with the Roseon Legacy and Roseon Revolution NFTs sitting at 1,500,000 and 3,750,000 nROSN respectively. The more ROSN a user stakes, and the longer they stake, the more likely they are to gain enough nROSN to claim the NFT of their choice. The Roseon Finance farm also comes with a two-week token lock-up period, meaning once you stake your $ROSN tokens, you will not be able to unstake them for 14 days.

With the release of this announcement, the Roseon Finance NFT farm is now live, so ROSN holders can start staking today and earning these exclusive and collectible NFTs!

About Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks. Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app that is available on both Android and iOS and was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design. Roseon has its own utility token $ROSN, with a total supply of 100 million, which is used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services on its mobile app.

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