Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is proud to announce the partnership with PolkaPlay ($POLO), Social NFT & Gaming Platform. Under the terms of the partnership, Roseon Finance will launch $ROSN Farming Pool, which allows users to stake $ROSN and earn $POLO; and POLO/BNB LP Dual Rewards Farming Pool to reward the community with $POLO and $ROSN tokens by providing liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Being the advanced and one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace, PolkaPlay is one of the ideal partners to work with, as we both share the same mission of developing the NFT marketplace by simplifying user experience. The integration of PolkaPlay into Roseon Mobile Application to support its “NFT Moments” feature will strengthen the platform to another extent. Users can capture their NFT moments and send to their friends, or sell to their followers. Additionally, Roseon Finance will host its NFT Collection and TikTok contents on PolkaPlay’s social platform.

About PolkaPlay

PolkaPlay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. An NFT marketplace for creators and users that offers advanced features like Rewards Hub, POLO staking, and more to the users for an amazing user experience.

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About Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks. Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app that is available on both Android and iOS and was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design. Roseon has its own utility token $ROSN, with a total supply of 100 million, which is used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services on its mobile app.

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