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As a mobile yield farm and staking mobile platform, our goal is to bring innovation to staking and farming, our vision is to simplify your crypto experience. Roseon Finance is proud to launch our first Liquidity (LP) Staking program to help with new projects increase token demand, token application and token liquidity.

What is Liquidity Staking?

Liquidity Staking is when a Liquidity Provider “LP” stakes its liquidity to earn additional rewards, often referred to as “LP Staking or Farming”.

What is a Liquidity Provider?

On PancakeSwap, an LP deposits liquidity into the (ROSN/BNB) pool, an LP token is minted and given to the LP. For every trade involving the $ROSN token, LP providers earn a 0.17% trading fee. To add more incentives to liquidity providers, LPs can sell, transfer, or stake their LP tokens elsewhere for additional rewards.

Benefits for LP providers when stake LP tokens:

      • LP providers can earn the trading fees for providing liquidity on PancakeSwap
      • LP providers can stake their LP tokens to earn additional rewards on Roseon Finance
      • LP providers can double their earnings with dual rewards on Roseon Finance

Benefits for Roseon Finance

      • Roseon benefits from the increased community involvement, increased token demand, increased token usage and increased liquidity. All of which is positive for the $ROSN token value.

This is the innovation behind Roseon Finance’s LP staking program, liquidity providers can now stake their LP tokens in Roseon Mobile to earn dual, yes, double rewards. This week, Roseon Finance is pleased to announce its newest LP staking with dual rewards program to support the ROSN token liquidity and give back to its loyal community members.

ROSN/BNB Pancake

      • Pool Size: 5000 ROSN/BNB LP
      • Deposit: ROSN/BNB LP
      • Subscription Period: July 15th (0 AM — UTC) — July 22nd (0 AM — UTC)
      • Term: 120 days locked
      • Total Rewards: 15 $BNB and 30,000 $ROSN

User Guide

2. Add liquidity to ROSN/BNB Pool on Pancake

      • Type the amount of token you want to supply, click Supply and Confirm Supply.
  • Go back to your MetaMask wallet, click on Assets, scroll down and click Add Token.
  • Paste this token contract address: 0x5548bd47293171d3bc1621edccd953bcc9b814cb
  • Click Next and Add Tokens.
  • Now you will be able to see your LP tokens in your MetaMask wallet. Remember they are BEP20 tokens, for the Binance Smart Chain

3. How to farm your ROSN/BNB LP tokens in Roseon App to earn dual rewards

  • In Roseon App, copy or note down your ROSN/BNB LP address
  • In Metamask, send your ROSN/BNB LP token to the Roseon LP address
  • In Roseon App, click on Invest and click Farm on ROSN/BNB LP Pool
  • In Roseon App, enter the amount that you want to farm, click Farm

*For iOS users, please refer to this article: Roseon Mobile Bug Fix for LP Tokens for iOS


  • To participate in the Roseon pools, users stake their tokens within the app before the start date/time.
  • Once deposited into the pool, the tokens will be locked for the entire term. Rewards are accumulated and claimed at the end of the term.
  • 5% Management Fees (APR) are deducted from rewards, staked tokens and rewards are distributed back to the users
  • All deposits are locked in and reward earnings begin 00:00 UTC +7 after the subscription period. The reward will be distributed 24 hours after the pool ends.

Download the Roseon Mobile App

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About Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance ($ROSN) is a mobile yield aggregator that manages your crypto + NFT portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks. Acting as the gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app that is available on both Android and iOS and was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design. Roseon has its own utility token $ROSN, with a total supply of 100 million, which is used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services on its mobile app.

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