General Update

This is the first full month for Roseon App and what a month it has been! The success of our app has been very positive and since its launch on June 2, 2021, we have garnered approx 5000 users and with a total TVL of 2M. We also listed on Kucoin to provide additional liquidity to our token. Whilst the market has not been performing particularly well, we remain optimistic and remain focused on delivering on our roadmap which is ahead of schedule.

Staking Programs

To date, we have launched 5 pools for $ROSN, BNB and MATIC tokens and all were fully subscribed. These programs offered APY as high as 170% and were from 1 month to 2 months in duration. Our users have asked for an even longer term $ROSN staking program and this will be introduced in July 2021.

$ROSN Staking on Rage.Fan

We partnered with Rage.Fan and launched an NFT Staking Reward Program where $ROSN holders can participate in the world’s top leagues like ⚽ UEFA EURO 2020 and Basketball NBA Playoffs 2021 and earn rewards. [Article]

Dual Rewards

Roseon Finance is excited to announce its newest, single token staking with Dual Rewards Farming Program. This program allows stakers to earn dual rewards, in their project tokens + $ROSN tokens. Roseon recognizes that following any IDO and DEX launch, new projects face the following problems while the team builds its product according to its roadmap timelines :

The Roseon dual rewards farming program allows investors to support these new projects and hold their new project tokens whilst at the same time to be rewarded while they patiently wait for the team to build its product. [Article]

New Listings

Roseon Finance recognizes that with thousands of tokens whizzing around in the crypto sphere, it can be a very daunting task for users to analyze and assess all the options and decide which offers the best investment potential whilst minimizing risks.

Roseon is proud to announce that the platform now supports 5 additional cryptocurrencies within its mobile app, LINK, UNI, CAKE, ADA and DOT. [Article]

VIP Program

The VIP program is a way of rewarding our loyal token holders by boosting their rewards when they participate in our Savings, Farming and future developed products. The program consists of 5 VIP levels, where each level requires a larger amount of $ROSN token holdings than the previous, see full article.

Kucoin Listing

On May 8,2021, $ROSN listed on Kucoin and held a trading competition to share $30,000 in $ROSN. The competition took place over a course of 7 days. $ROSN token achieved an average daily volume of $1.29M.

Community & Partnerships

The team remains active, here were some of the community activities and partnerships that took place in June:

Ambassador Program

We launched an Ambassador Program and the response exceeded our expectations with 45 members and counting. The program is designed exclusively for Roseon enthusiasts around the world who want to promote our project in their communities.

Ambassadors will play an important role in adding value to Roseon Finance by bringing our project to more people and will have an opportunity to become a leader of your community by being creative in helping to build and engage your community as well as taking the initiative in providing feedback, contributing to ideas, and making suggestions on how to grow the community and have priority access to the latest news about Roseon Finance. [Article]

Revised Roadmap

Roseon is well ahead of schedule in its roadmap journey. We recently revised our roadmap to reflect upcoming initiatives which will include a Polygon integration and Multichain integration within Q3 this year for our mobile app.

Perhaps the most exciting change is that the team is now also working on a Launchpad — Roseonpad — scheduled to be launched later this year. This will allow Roseon users to participate in special offerings for project tokens which are not widely available. This launchpad is being refined and will be integrated with our VIP tiering such that high tier members will be able to receive higher allocations relative to other VIP tiering bands.


Susan Pham recently joined Roseon as its newest member leading our communities. She began her journey in the field of financial services application and has 5 years of experience in business, partnerships and market development for fintech and blockchain companies.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of other exciting initiatives underway and the team is delivering and meeting our timelines and roadmap milestones ahead of schedule. We believe the market is in a temporary downturn though Roseon is well positioned with a strong product, strong partnerships and strong supporters that position us well. We believe in the long term prospects and opportunities and remain committed to continue to innovate and bring new products and services to our users in line with our mission.

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